Chapter 2: Adventure in Italy

The next morning, Scorpion was having a peaceful breakfast until Sub-zero and Smoke appeared.

Sub-zero: "Well, here's our new member."

Smoke: "You're enjoying your place in the team?"

Scorpion: "To say the truth, I do."

Sub-zero: "That's good."

Scorpion: "Is this some kind of joke?"

Sub-zero: "Listen Scorpion I know we had our differences, but now we're in the same side so, we're cool?"

Scorpion thought about it for a second while Sub-zero was offering him his hand.

Scorpion: "Deal."

Sub-zero: "Welcome to the defenders brother."

Scorpion would never believe that his nemesis will become his friend and his brother.

Smoke: "So, they say you and Mileena are like…you know."

Scorpion: "Well yeah, and if you're trying to make any funny jokes about it, I'm gonna rip your head off."

Smoke: "Seems fair."

Sub-zero: "Hey, I know what we can do to have some fun, what if we make a contest?"

Scorpion: "A contest about what exaclty?"

Sub-zero: "The contest is eat some beans, the one who can make the biggest fart ever, the winner gets 50 $."

Scorpion: "I'm in!"

Smoke: "Me too!"

Meanwhile, in the other room of the jet, Mileena and Kitana are having a little chat.

Kitana: "Well my sister, I gotta say I'm really proud of you."

Mileena: "Thanks sis…..but for what are you proud about?"

Kitana: "o_o; …..Anyway, I heard that you got a boyfriend."

Mileena: "Oh right! Guess who is?"

Kitana: "Umm, is it Baraka?"

Mileena: "Nope."

Kitana: "Reptile?"

Mileena: "Keep trying."

Kitana: "I give up, c'mon tell me who is it!"

Mileena: "Well…it's Scorpion!"

Kitana: "Your boyfriend is Scorpion?"

Mileena: "Yep."

Kitana: "That's great! I believe you see now that the appearance it's not important, what is really important is how you look like from your heart."

Mileena: "Yeah, thanks to him I see that now, you know he's just amazing! He's kind, handsome, strong and a total gentleman."

Suddenly, an explosion was heard inside the jet, when Mileena and Kitana rushed to the lunch room of the jet, there was a green mist, then Sub-zero and Smoke got away from the mist almost without air.

Sub-zero: "Dude! What the hell?!"

Smoke: "Your farts are nukes, man!"

Scorpion: "Ha-ha! I won! Pay up suckers!"

While Sub-zero and Smoke were paying the 50 $ to Scorpion Mileena and Kitana were looking at them.

Kitana: "Are you sure he's a real gentleman?"

Mileena: "What can I say? He's full of surprises."

Later, the team assembled in the main room of Johnny Cage's private jet and of course there were rooms inside because the jet was huge, Raiden announced his warriors about their next mission.

Raiden: "My warriors, we are arriving to the location of our next mission we need to find an ancient medallion of the dragon it contains the map of one of Shao Kahn's former bases, if we can find it we might have a possibility to attack against the forces of evil."

Scorpion: "I bet we'll be able to have more chances if we divide in groups of two."

Stryker: "That's a great idea, we can cover more ground."

Jade: "And we can find the medallion sooner."

Raiden: "Very well, may the elder gods watch over you."

Then the defenders were divided in these groups:

-Kung Lao and Nightwolf.

-Jax and Sonya

-Smoke and Jade.

-Johnny Cage and Kabal.

-Sub-zero and Kitana.

-Scorpion and Mileena.

As the defenders approached to Italy, they started their search for the medallion, while the rest was looking for it around the city Scorpion and Mileena decided to check inside the museum of ancient history until they found the basement of the museum.

Scorpion: "I bet the medallion is somewhere around here."

Then Scorpion approached to a door that seemed to be locked for years.

Mileena: "Are you sure about this Scorpy? Maybe there's a trap behind that door."

Scorpion: "A trap? Where did you get that idea?"

Mileena: "You never watched a movie right?"

Scorpion ignored the commentary and proceeded to open the door and for his bad luck the door was full of old stuffs from the museum and they fell right on Scorpion, the whole scene was like a cartoon.

Mileena: "Well, what were you saying?"

In the whole pile of stuffs Scorpion only showed his right hand pointing at Mileena.

Scorpion: "My girlfriend or not if you say anything about it you're gonna pay!"

Of course he said that sarcastically.

Meanwhile Sub-zero and Kitana were watching from the rooftop in case someone in the streets had the medallion for some unknown reason.

Sub-zero: "So are you doing okay princess?"

Kitana: "What does that supposed to mean?"

Sub-zero: "Uhh…I mean I know you used to be with Liu Kang and now that he's evil, you're doing ok?"

Kitana: "I…I was but I really don't want to talk about that."

Sub-zero: "Sure I understand."

And while Kitana was looking somewhere else Sub-zero was mentally cursing himself, what a comment to start a talk.

Back inside the museum, Scorpion and Mileena were still looking for the medallion and while they were walking through a hallway they spotted many doors.

Mileena: "What do you think there's behind these doors?"

Scorpion: "I really don't know and I ignore it."

During their walk Mileena stopped to see behind her and Scorpion was gone.

Mileena: "Scorpion?"

Then she spotted some noises and light inside one of the doors of the hallway, she handed her Sais ready for battle as she was slowly getting close to the opened door, when she entered the room the only thing she saw was Scorpion playing an X-box 360.

Mileena: _0;

Scorpion: "Hey sweetheart! I found Halo 3 in this room."

Mileena putted her Sais away and she hit Scorpion in the head.


Mileena: "Because you had me worried you jerk! Besides we have a mission to complete."

Scorpion: "Fine, fine but I'm taking the game with me."

Mileena: "Fine."

Suddenly they heard something behind the main gate.

Unknown voice: "Hurry up! We don't have time!"

Scorpion: "Wait a minute, I know that voice."

Mileena: "I recognize it too."

Scorpion: "Ready for some action Mileena?"

Mileena: "I thought you'll never ask Scorpy."

The end of chapter two.