Not all Wounds Heal

Chapter 12:
The Return to Jasper


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Emily's POV:

I wake up to hear Adams rough breathing. I cannot believe I managed to get Adam as my boyfriend. I feel sorry for Humphrey though, I just left him after I made it obvious that I liked him.

I stretch my neck to look around and I see Kate and Humphrey laying together at the back of the den. I think Humphrey will be just fine.

Adam starts to stir as he wakes up. He opens his eyes and I am caught in a mesmerizing gaze in his brown eyes. We don't pull away until I hear stirring coming from Humphrey.

"Ow!" he yelps, when he tries to get up. Everyone jerks awake. "Sorry," he apologizes to every one. His wounds must be hurting more than we thought.

Kaelyn walks over to Humphrey. She unwraps the leaves and checks on his wounds. I look over and notice Salty staring at Kaelyn. I lean over to Adam. "What is he, some kind of love sick fool?"

He leans to me. "You looked just like that, sometimes even worse." he chuckles and I playfully hit him.

We are on the road to Jasper, expected to arrive by noon. I can't wait to get there. From what Humphrey told me, it should be a very nice place.

Kaelyn checked up Humphrey, and assured us that he will be fine.

Humphrey's POV:

There is pain everywhere. I cannot move without anywhere hurting. I still try to act strong for Kate. I don't want her to think that I am a wimpy Omega, that I can be strong at times.

We finally make it home. I am so excited. I did not think I would be back.

After accepting the fact that all of the wolves in my pack are staring at my wounds, we make it to the Head Alpha's den.

Eve runs up to Kate and hugs her. "I'm so glad you made it home safely." she then looks over to me. "Oh, you, not so much."

"What happened?" Winston asked.

Kate rubs against me. "Humphrey's runaway wasn't in vain. He fought his uncle, who killed off his entire pack."

"You took down Malachai?" Winston asks, clearly looking surprised."I don't even think I could have done that."

"I wouldn't say I won by much. I almost died from blood loss out there." I say, trying not to steal all of the glory.

"Well, it's good to see you back. And besides, you have to be here when Lilly returns in a few days."

"Yes sir, wouldn't miss it."

A Few Days Later

"I can't believe I missed Lilly's arrival." I yell to Salty, as we sprint over to the valley. It will be kind of weird though, seeing my best friend Omega as an Alpha.

I arrive just in time to hear, "...failed miserably. Wouldn't kill a thing. This wolf is an Omega and will always be an Omega. Worthless." from the alpha trainer.

Lilly carries herself differently though. As if some of the training actually worked. She doesn't look phased by any of the insults thrown at her. The Lilly I used to know would have broken down by the first ridicule statement toward her.

This is bad. I finally realize it now. The western pack will allow me and Kate to be together, but the Eastern pack will not stand for the Alpha-Omega pairing.

This isn't good.

This means war.


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