The story of me

this story starts out with me Victoria bloodlust

I am 5'6 long black hair flawless pale skin god like beauty yadda yadda yadda

ya right im not a beauty concidering the women I saw in Asgard

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I was best friends with Loki, Sif,Thor etc. then I was sent to Midgard/earth for reasons I don't know.

I remember Thor , Loki, sif and the gang negotiating with Odin to let me stay not even Loki and his silver tong worked. he refused even Heimdall looked sad to see me go.

that was ten years ago I am now a 21 year old woman still with full warrior training living with the famous nick furry on his aircraft. I am to be apart of the avengers when they get together. I have met all the people who are to be apart of the group. some were alone the line i was there: I met Banner, Stark, rogers Romanoff and Barton.

about five months ago
I was in a small town on my way to my next mission. when i saw my childhood friend i stayed with him, Jane and the others for a few days. Thor got me caught up to time in Asgard. he told me his father had died and he was exiled and how Loki was on the throne. i went back with Thor and confronted Loki after the battle with the destroyer and seeing Sif and the warriors three. Loki was surprised to see me. when Loki smiled at me Thor was astonished Loki has not accusaly had a smile like that since I left. after the fight right before the bifrost was destroyed I was pushed in and went back to earth a really bad landing with a fractured wrist.

I am friends with most of the to be avengers.

today I am in the training room with my enchanted sward and unlimited daggers jamming to music and moving to the beat. when red came in with a file in her hands. she handed it to me i stopped the music with the little hologram phone pb made for me. and opened the hologram file and looked at it. it had the names and info on all the avengers on it. then red started to talk

"hey vica we will be going to take down Loki within the next 24 hrs" my breath hitched in my throat. red obviously noticed

"why do you look like a puppy about to be kill after being beaten senseless for months when anyone says his name or anything that relates to him" i went back to my cheery self and looked her right in the eyes

"Natasha it is history now something happened 10 years ago before shield found me in the middle of a desert making cactus's explode with a twitch of my hand" I said with a chuckle. she looked at me with a face that only reminded me of a elder sister then she smiled looked down with her own chuckle

" it will never end to amaze me how nice you are to everyone and hide the fact that your dieing inside" this time she looked me in the eyes

" i have to get back to training" I said well starting up my music again. she crossed her arms and said

"I cant believe that outfit still fits perfectly and in perfectly intact after 10 years" I took out my sward and daggers and looked at her

"its magic" I said and thru a dagger at a moving target knowing she would never understand what happened 10 years ago nobody could.