I've been writing lyrics for years, now is the time I go and find the singer, a right voice that could match up with this songs...

Walking down the street in the city that the young boy's last travelling place. Len heard from the neighbourhood that if you walk to the beach near here, you will met a blonde hair girl singing for the old folks there. Blonde hair rush to the seaside to meet this angel that they are talking about. Looking around the seaside and sigh, he couldn't find the girl. He really want to meet her, he really want to hear her, he just wants, he has no reason.

As the heartbroken boy turn to go back, a song appeared in his ears. Following those sweet tone of the girl, he walk into a hunt. Her voice's sweet, warm, like an angel, yet, sad. 'What a rare voice' the boy though. There, a blonde hair girl surrounded by old folks, she's singing in the middle of them. Her long silk hair tied up in a ponytail with a white ribbon, she's wearing a plain white dress with no sleeves. Her skin's as white as snow, hair shine like gold, lips as red as blood, and heart as pure as white. Her eyes shine like diamonds'colour.

He found it, his singer, his dream came true. As the voice fade away, claps filled the air, she bowed to them and smile as bright as a sun. Then, she met Len's eyes, waving at him as he blush like tomatoes.

" Hey, are you new here? " she said kindly." My name's Kagamine Rin!"

She looks like the dream princess that every boy plead for . She could use her beauty and makes any men fall for her. Before the boy daze in his fantasy, he was snap by reality. He has to make it quick, he has no more time, he will disappear any time. Quickly, he took out a piece of paper and past it to the girl that's in confuse.

" Sing, please, before I have to go.." he plead to the blonde.

" I will die any second now, so please, sing, before I regret leaving.." tears started to role on on the blonde's cheek.

The doctor said that he suffer cancer and can only lived for 3 months. He has used this 3months finding the right voice for his song. And now, he found it... He wants to hear it now. He's getting worse day by day

" ... This is your last wish is it?" she smile sadly as she reads Len's mind.

" Please.."

Rin just silent herself as she stare at the stranger that's pleading at her. She know that face, she saw it before, it looks so much like her dead brother, Rinto. Without wanting to doubt his request, she open her mouth as she hold the paper.

She sang, with all her heart, she understand this song. Tears rolling down her soft cheek, she look at the weak boy. He fell on her, she caught her, but didn't stop singing. Len's eyes became heavy, he can't move his body freely. This lyric that he wrote to his beautiful mother, Lenka. He wrote it after the passing of his mother.

Rin understand this feeling, the feeling that lost someone you dear so much, so much. She knows that this prince like boy put so much effort on this lyric, he must really love that person like the way she did to her brother. She sat on the floor slowly and put the stranger's head on her lap. Singing as she caressing his blonde hair. Len look at her, with a single grateful smile, he went to another world. He's no longer there, his skin became pale, his lip became white, and he didn't move.

" Sleep peacefully, stranger, and thanks for the lyric"