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The waves calmly rolled in from the sea, breaking against the shoreline, before returning to the ocean. Green hair waved in the wind, as Beast Boy lay back on the rocks, looking up at the quickly darkening sky. The sun was slowly fading away to the west, the last rays of sunlight reflecting off the Tower's windows. Beast Boy glanced at the steel structure, before casting aside his thoughts, and lying back down. The stars peeked out between the hazy layers of clouds, and Beast Boy smiled, instantly picking out several constellations. He traced them with his fingers, before he turned his head, feeling the slight motion of Raven's teleportation. He smiled slightly, before turning back to the sky. She slowly approached him, settling down against the rocks and crossing her legs.

She was near silent, her breathing muffled almost. Beast Boy took a glance at her, but could only see the side of her face, and the fringes of her purple hair. He sighed softly, and she glanced at him now, her violet eyes calm, serene, and certainly beautiful. The stars flickered on above them, providing the only illumination. Beast Boy slowly slid his hand over and took hers.

She reciprocated, lacing their fingers together. It was a rare moment, and not one Beast Boy was willing to let by. He edged closer to her, and she gave him another sidelong glance. He gestured to himself, and she nodded slightly, copying his movements. Soon, they were both on their backs, side by side, watching the stars. Beast Boy turned his head, facing her. He could see her eyes shift across the sky, and he could see a smile forming on her lips. She turned her head, watching him, watch her.

He smiled, and she returned it. He then took a chance, twenty seconds of insane courage, and leaned forwards, his lips gently brushing against hers. She gasped, out of surprise, but she didn't turn away. He pulled away, lingering, and finally broke the silence, "Raven…you're really beautiful you know?" She blushed, and shook her head slightly, before standing. Beast Boy stood with her, while she spoke, "Let's go back to the Tower. We've got a long day ahead of us."

Beast Boy nodded, and took her hand, as they navigated their way back. Overhead, the stars smiled upon them, as meteors began to streak across the sky, casting reflections over the ocean. The constellations seemed brighter than before, almost alive. All Beast Boy could remember was her presence, as she opened up to him just a little more.

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