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Chapter 08


Beast Boy was lounging on his bed, surrounded by piles of spent pizza boxes and dirty laundry. For whatever reason, his door had refused to close, and he'd spent the last ten minutes staring at it, willing it to close. He was too late, as Raven waked by his room, getting another foot past the door before pausing and turning to face him. "Beast Boy, honestly, I don't know how you haven't died yet. Your room is horrendous." She said in absolute disgust, before turning on her heel and walking in the direction of her room. Beast Boy continued to stare at the door, his face hardening into a mask of determination.

He walked over to his door, and engaged the manual handles, forcing it closed, before he turned and faced the mountain of filth, "What a daunting task…"


Cyborg was standing against the counter in the kitchen, when there was a loud, muffled bang, followed by voracious cursing. He turned and faced the door that led into the hallway, recognizing Beast Boy's voice. He stepped away from the counter, and towards the door, his enhanced hearing picking up the chaos on the other side of the sliding door. He sighed, and shrugged, passing it off as BB's usual behavior, before returning to his previous task.

Raven stepped from her room, heading for the common room to make tea, when a tantalizing scent caught her attention. It drifted down the hallway, and she turned, following it. She paused when she got to Beast Boy's room, noting that his door was wide open, and smell originated from there. It reminded her of Sandalwood… and a beach with rolling waves. Not Beast Boy's room.

Her curiosity and senses equally piqued, she peered around the door frame, and dropped her book. His room was spotless, absolutely spotless. The floor was vacuumed, his bed was made. He'd somehow managed to get rid of the endless piles of trash that used to occupy the space, and if one didn't look hard enough, it was almost as if the window wasn't even there. Beast Boy had his head underneath his desk, picking through the last remnants of dust, when he caught sight of her.

A sharp intake of breath and moment of cursing later and he was standing at the door, "Hey Rae…ven. I was just finishing up…" He said, his eyes betraying a nervous jitter. He stepped to the side, and she stepped inside, taking in the room. For once it actually looked like a room, a real one, "Beast Boy…" She said, barely able to comprehend. He shuffled his feet and looked down, "First impressions are the most important, but I was hoping you'd give me a second..?" He looked at her hopefully, and smiled slightly when she turned to face him. She nodded, "Alright… just keep it this way." His smile widened, "You got it Rae!" He glanced at her, "…ven." He quickly added, but she waved it off, "I'll let it slide…for now."

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