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"Okay, be safe Miss Honda," Yuki said as Tohru left to go to her part time job.

Tohru smiled, "Of course Yuki! I'll be home at 11:00!"

He smiled back as she walked out the door, but he could tell that the smile didn't quite reach his eyes. Akito's threat was still on the front of his mind…


Yuki collected the books from his desk as the bell rang, signaling the end of the school day. Tohru wasn't in his last class, so he usually just met up with her at home.

Because the house was secluded in the woods, he had to walk along some isolated paths on his way home. About half way to the house, he noticed a looming figure up ahead that was blocking the path. He froze in fear when he recognized the person.

"Hello, Akito," Yuki greeted him dryly. He was terrified to see him, but figured that formalities might delay finding out what sort of trouble was in store for him.

Akito smirked, "Why hello, my dear Yuki." He stepped closer to him. "I just met the most interesting young lady that seemed to be headed toward the same house that I allow you to stay in."

Yuki's eyes widened as he thought of Tohru meeting Akito. He was capable of such despicable things… He didn't want to imagine what he could have done to her.

Akito chuckled. "Don't look so worried, I didn't do anything to her. At least not yet."

Yuki broke out of his daze and glared at Akito. "Don't threaten her! She didn't do anything wrong!" he shouted.

Akito narrowed his eyes at Yuki. "Oh yes she did, Yuki," he growled, "I don't believe anyone asked me permission for her to stay with you. A mere human has no business with us. She poses a threat to everyone in the Sohma family."

"But she would never-"

"Silence!" Akito commanded as his hand slapped forcefully along the side of Yuki's face. Yuki fell to the ground and covered his cheek with one hand as he peered up at Akito's intimidating stance. Akito continued menacingly, "I will not have you going behind my back, Yuki. You will make her leave by the end of tomorrow, or your friend will face severe consequences."

Akito walked away in the direction Yuki came from, leaving Yuki on the ground to contemplate his threat.

*End Flashback*

Yuki watched through the window until Tohru was completely out of sight. Akito had threatened him yesterday, and today was the deadline for when he had to get Tohru to leave. He just couldn't do it though… She had nowhere to go, and if Yuki was being honest, he couldn't stand the thought of her leaving.

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