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She remembers when gun shots were heard and there was panic in the streets. People would worry to just go outside at night and sometimes they didn't even want to go outside during the day time. She remembers this day vividly because that was the day Commissioner Gordon made the happy announcement that the crime rate had reached an all time low.

The news came when she was cooking up some tasty lasagna for her loving husband who worked late sometimes at the shop. It never surprised her that although Gotham was so advanced in technology there was still a place for small time shop keepers, mostly to get mugged but still. All that time he had walked home and she couldn't believe that the reason he was dead was because of the Bat.

That's when she started to see things in Gotham differently. There was something wrong about the Batman. That idiot needed to be taught a lesson. He couldn't just go around killing loved ones and get away with it just because he saved the city from when Joker poisoned the water supply, or when Scarecrow poisoned the water supply, or when Killer Croc poisoned the water supply. Geez Gotham should have much better control on their sanitation departments. None of it mattered though; all that mattered is that the Batman was a murderer and nothing more.

She was standing near his grave site. She always visited but she never made the mistake he did. She was always armed now. It wasn't hard living in a city like theirs. For all that Batman had done to reduce the crime rate it was still easy to get a hold of firearms. While she was walking home, the sound of breaking glass came from across the way.

Gotham's First National Bank was being robbed. Well that wasn't new but the face behind the crime was. She only saw a back of a brightly colored suit and some blue hair running off with more than anyone had ever gotten away with. Yeah where was the Batman now. Not paying attention, she took a wrong turn and didn't realize that the ruckus of the robbery had caused the traffic to get out of control.

She gasped and tried to move out of the way just as a cop car came and sped toward her. 'To help Gotham's citizens indeed' she thought. Bracing herself for the worst, she cringed and hoped that it would knock her out completely. That way she wouldn't have the memory of all those people staring at her while she was on the ground.

Before she had time to brace herself she realized that she was in the air. Frightened she heard a collection of voices from down below.

"It's a bird"

"No you bonehead, it's Batman's plane"

"It's superman!"

That's when she looked around and saw who it was.

"No" she yelled "It's Captain Marvel!"

He chuckled slightly. "Yes Ma'm I'm here and good thing too you were just about to be hit Miss"

"Call me Belinda" she said showing a small smile.

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