His Sister

There was nothing he could do. Sealand was not a Nation. Now that everything had been flipped upside down, there was nothing he could do to help.


"...!" he called, struggling to run over to where she was. Looking down at him with those eyes which reminded him so much of Berwald, she hugged him. "... you're going, aren't you?"

"... ... This is what Tino taught me to do for friends. This is what papa..." Pulling back from him, her words faded away as she stared into the distance. He swallowed, staring up at her.

"You'll come back, right?"

Everyone else seemed to be disappearing into this abyss. Even his stupid brother was gone. Sealand was not a Nation. There was nothing he could do to help. All he could do was stay out of the way. Oh, why could he not have been able to do something? For Sweden, for Finland, for Latvia... for England?

She was not that much older than him. At least, she did not look that much more older. She grew up so fast, while he did not grow up at all.

"..." she said, face as straight as ever. She looked back at him. "You're my little brother."

It was just the way she said it. Peter tried to keep the tears from his eyes. He was old enough for that at least, right?


She kissed him on the forehead. "... Goodbye, Peter."

And only a few years ago he did not want her here.

"When is papa coming back?"

It was not the first time that Peter had asked this question and he realized that he must be slightly annoying by this point. He could not help it, he could not wait for Berwald to return. Now that he was part of a family (even a hesitant one at that) he would rather have it be together than apart. Not that Tino quiet saw it that way. Tino was a bit slow, Peter thought. Then again so was Berwald. The both of them were perfect for each other.

Tino stopped putting away the dishes only long enough to move him off of the counter. "Five o'clock, I told you," Tino reminded him gently. The fact that Tino seemed to know it was a reminder was embarrassing, but Peter was a bit more irritated by the fact that the Nation was so calm about it all.

"It'll be the first time in two months!" he exclaimed, cheeks puffing out slightly. "Why don'tcha sound more excited?"

"Maybe when you have lived as long as I have, you'll understand a month or two really is not that long," Tino responded simply. Peter pouted.

"So time means less now?"

Tino frowned, looking down at Peter thoughtfully. "No... that's not right. It is just you learn to accept some things and not waste your time worrying about things that have to be."

If this was how Finland just accepted things, Sealand did not like it that much. "Right..."

Tino smiled at him, as he always did, and shooed him out of the kitchen. "Why don't you take Hanatamago out? The both of you get so restless when cooped up and I want to start up dinner now."

At the very least there was that. Finland wanted to prepare something for Sweden. It cheered him up almost instantly, almost as much as knowing that Berwald was coming home today did. Peter nodded and rushed off into the other room, most of his previous irritations and anxieties forgotten in lieu of the permission to go outside. Finland was always so much more strict than papa was about those sort of things.

"Hana! Com'on, we're being kicked out!"

With ears perked up, Hanatamago followed him outside.

This story will tie into Destroying Alfred.