AN: Nothing much to be said here...basically my interpretation of the movie (Especially Ashitaka's motives and image. To me, he's actually wiser than he seems. Also somewhat very determined) Inspired by the song "Prototype" by Chiaki Ishikawa from the Gundam 00 soundtrack (And the English fandub by geekymcgeekstein on Youtube) If you've never heard it before, I suggest listening to it and read its translations, or at least listen to the fandub. The lyrics are awesome.

Princess Mononoke belong to Studio Ghibli and Hayao Miyazaki, as do the characters.

Young, Free Soul

To see with eyes unclouded by hate

Such a simple thing to do, isn't it?

Yet you're torn by your own cruel fate

As you try to hide your feelings

Searching for answers, that's so far beyond

Even with your face as cold as stone

Don't you ever feel empty inside?

For what are you fighting, boy? Why do you still believe?

Don't you even realize that you have fallen down?

Young, free soul, this war doesn't call for you

Even with your gaze fixed ahead, you can't fight the turmoil that's holding you back

The demons of your rage are starting to devour you

In spite of it all, you stand your ground, indifferent to the obvious irony

Silent whispers and gazes

Are shadowing your every step,

Fogging your heart with uncertainty

But nothing is truly pure

In this slowly decaying world

Hiding under a mask of tranquility, they persuade you to fight for their cause

But you can hear the faint cries, pleading to an idle force

Driven by rightfulness, you chose to fight by their side

Young, free soul, your heart doesn't belong to reality

You're just dreaming of a way to end this hell, sacrificing every pulse in your lifetime

But as they start to open their eyes, they find themselves surrounded by ruins

In the end you stand alone, caught in a neverending battle of beliefs

But that's the reason why you're a true hero

On the day you crossed paths with her,

You can't help but secretly wonder

How can the clashing of different worlds inflict pain so deep and unhealable?

Nevertheless, you keep on seeking for a brighter tommorow

Hoping to share your alternated lives is never a sin

You then abandon your fears, you have nothing more to fear

Young, free souls, amidst a sea of everchanging possibilities

With every tear and blood that you shed, you promise to end this war

The darkness that's been plaguing you like a curse

Starts to lift itself up, as you run with the wind

As daybreak reveals itself, a new destiny begins

Reviving what had once withered and died

Seeds of rebirth witness your victory

As you swear to never let go this hope that strengthens you

This bittersweet ending that opens your way to the future

And that's the reason why you're a true hero and criticism would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and please be easy on me. I'm new to and I'm not a native English speaker, so sorry for the grammar and spelling mistakes.