Hey everyone! I did mention that I was starting a new story and I just wanted to get some insight. Is this something you would be interested in reading?

For this story, I'm planning a bunch of action, sword fights, and even some fantasy. The story is a combination of Lionsgate's 'Fable 3' and EA's 'Cause of Death'. Since I don't really want to make this a crossover, mainly because I like staying around the Cause of Death boards, this will only reside on this board. But keep in mind, Fable 3 doesn't belong to me; it belongs to Lionsgate. Also, I would like to state that I do follow the Fable 3 plot and I do use some lines, but really, the only line that is totally from the game is 'Teach Me To Be A Hero.' The rest is made up on the spot and I am taking out a few of the 'enhancements' that Fable 3 does offer, mainly because it is a game and some things, such as teleporting to the Sanctuary, just doesn't seem too realistic.

There are mythical creatures in this story, such as Balverines, Hobbes, Banshees, Sand Furries, and Hollow Men. I will explain each of these as I get to them.

I suggest you do play Fable 3, though. It's similar to Sims, I guess you can say. You go on quests while following a story line. Your choices do effect the outcome of the game. You can also have your own families and adopt children, as well as have them. It is rated M for violence, sexual themes, and horror scenes.

The plot of Fable 3, 'You play as a Prince (or Princess) who must defeat their older brother, who has sent the mythical land of Albion into peril.'

So, basically, I just decided to throw Cause of Death characters into the mix and you end up with Fable of Death!

This story will take awhile, I can guarantee it! The game takes two days to finish if you play non-stop, so of course, the story will take awhile.

((Let me also remind you that I am still new to writing action scenes. :) ))

I might as well end here. Tell me what you think and if you'd like to read more. The future chapters will be MUCH longer, just to let you all know. Thanks and enjoy!

Fable of Death

Once upon a time, there lived a Hero King, who ruled proudly over Albion, a lone country separated from the rest of the world. Now, this country had been in turmoil several times before the Hero King took control. Whether it be the gruesome Balverines or the murmuring Hobbes, Albion was always in danger.

The Hero King fought many battles in his youth, even destroying the king who had ruled before; an evil man named Lucien. However, this brave hero wasn't alone. He had the help of a blind seer who gave him insight about his quests and assisted him with problems.

"And do you know who the Hero King is?" an older man asked as he sat before a tiny prince.

"My daddy!" the prince replied happily. His sandy hair barely reached above his electric blue eyes. He reached for his wooden sword, attached to his back and whipped it out. "Teach me to be a hero, Sir Walter!"

Sir Walter chuckled. His voice, similar to the prince's, was thick with a British accent. His once dark hair was now streaked with grey. A scruffy beard dominated his chin and he held a large sword with him at all times; the sword nearly bigger than the young prince himself!

Sir Walter was a large man who worked under the rule of the Hero King, though he had become more of a father figure to the prince, Malachi Fallon. Walter was also part of the royal guard, and set to be Mal's guardian.

"Teach me to be a hero," was a phrase Walter constantly heard from the young prince, and every time he had to turn Mal down, due to age, he assured him that they would start training when he reached 13. Little did they know that Mal would desperately need the training right as it was given to him.

On the eve of his 13th birthday, the Hero King fell ill. He called his two sons and Walter to his bedside as the last hours drew near.

Logan, Mal's older, more clever brother, bowed before his dying father. "Father...There must be a cure down in the village. Let me fetch it for you," he said, but the Hero King shook his head.

"I've lived an eventful life," the king assured hoarsely, "and I'm ready to finally rejoin your mother. Logan...I need you to take rule over our kingdom. I need you to make sure harm never finds its way into the peoples' life."

Logan seemed taken aback, but nothing more than that. He nodded slightly. "I shall do my duty, Father," he replied quietly and bowed once more.

Walter gently nudged Mal to the king's side and he smiled weakly. "Malachi," he said. "Come...Don't be shy."

Mal stepped towards his father and also bowed. "What shall I do, Father?" he asked nervously. The Hero King chuckled and closed his eyes as he spoke.

"My son...Theresa informed me of the power you hold...You are my successor..."

"But Logan is king..."

The Hero King chuckled once more. "Not to the throne...But to the people. You are their hero, my son. You will carry on my legacy."

Mal's eyes sparkled. To be Albion's Hero; that was all he ever wanted.

"Yes, Father...I will!" Mal bowed again. "Thank you, Father."

"Logan," the Hero King replied slowly, "Please take your brother to his room and stay there until Walter comes back. You both are very good kids and I know you'll carry on my legacy, just as I started it."

After the Hero King had passed and Logan (at age 17) had been crowned, Mal began his training, delivering swift blows to Walter, who blocked them easily with his sword. Gradually, the prince exceeded in battle while King Logan traveled about the world. It wasn't until weeks before Mal's 17th birthday that things went horribly, horribly wrong.

Well, almost everything.