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Contrary to what Mal believed, the year slid on by at a rather normal pace.

In the late fall, around a month after the battle, Mal was approached by Sabine, who asked for the king to keep his promise while Anders fought against him.

"You said you'd restore life in my forest," Sabine said and bowed, "I only ask for that."

Anders laughed. "But Your Majesty, if we give Mistpeak our money, we'll lose it all. However, if you use Mistpeak the way it was meant to be used, as a mine, then we could rake in a profit. The cold winter season is almost upon us and the Mistpeak Mountains house, who knows how much, coal. The kingdom will flourish, and the Mistpeak Dwellers will have jobs and earn money! Which would you rather do, waste money on unemployed civilians or have them come up with their own money."

Anders had a good point; the Dwellers should make their own money...But Mal promised Sabine.

Mal stood up and nodded towards Sabine. "I shall fulfill my promise to Sabine and his people."

And the trials continued throughout the year. Anders offered an intriguing argument while each person Mal made a promise towards, fought back. In the end, Mal always granted the wish to the person he promised and slowly, the kingdom's treasury began to thin out, leaving just a sack of gold left near the corner; not nearly enough to fund the Kingdom if the Darkness destroyed everything.

But it was too late to think of earning more money.

A year after Logan's sentence, everyone gathered in the War Room. Outside, the world had darkened and lightning tore across the sky. Mal was hunched over a map, tracing the edges of each city. Natara and Oscar stood off to the side, dressed in royal armor as well as everyone else; including Logan.

"What's the plan, Your Majesty?" Oscar asked and Mal shook his head.

"I don't know."

Logan raised his eyebrows in disbelief. "You had a whole year to plan a battle...And you neglected it?" he asked and Mal sighed heavily.

"I know," he muttered. "I failed, okay? I was overcome by the requests of the people of Albion."

"It isn't that bad though," Walter cut in, joining Mal's side. "I mean, think of it; for the last few months, Albion has flourished into a better kingdom than it was with one year ago. Mistpeak Dwellers have food. The Orphanage in Bowerstone has been restored. Workers in the plants no longer slave over twelve-hour days. The accident rates have decreased and more children have parents to return to. Not to mention, after this fight, Aurora will no longer live under terror. Even if this battle isn't won, we still succeeded."

"But what about the money," Kai brought up. "Last time I checked, the sack of gold that had the remainder was gone."

Mal looked up. "What?!"

Kai nodded. "Yeah! It's like it walked out of the treasury and went to a bar to buy more ingredients for a certain butler's beer."

"You spent the remainder of the money we had...On beer?" Mal growled. "When this battle is over, I am going to kill you, Kalaba!"

"Not like he'll already be dead," Oscar scoffed.

"Oscar," Natara muttered warningly.

"On the bright side, there's a ton of Kalaba Whiskey, if anyone wants some," Kai added quietly and Mal slammed his hands on the map.

"Out! Now!" He commanded the butler. Everyone looked just as surprised as Kai. No one had seen Mal act this way before. "Get out and don't come back until this war is over!"

"Your Highness..." Walter began, but Mal turned on him.

"Do you want to go sit outside too?!"

"Take it easy, Mal," Natara cut in, and Mal shook his head.

"The kingdom is doomed!" he shouted. "And you're not the one who's going to get blamed for it. It'll be me!"

"If anyone should get blamed for the kingdom's destruction," Logan began, "it won't be you, Malachi. We all knew this day would come. Whether we win or not, we'll still fight. We are not halting because the king forgot to take his nap."

Mal knew Logan was just teasing, but he still lashed out towards his brother. "Haven't you screwed everything up enough?"

"If I haven't turned you into a brave warrior, then no," Logan retorted. "Mal, who made the mistakes here, you or me?"


"And who's going to be responsible for those mistakes?"


"And who brought Albion back to its feet?"


"And who will fight one more time to keep Albion there?"

"All of us."

"You're not alone, Mal," Natara spoke up and she walked to his side and gripped his hand. "You were never alone to begin with."

"Quite," Jasper agreed from the corner. He had decided to leave the Sanctuary so he could assist in planning for the war. "Sir Walter and I were by your side the whole time."

"And we're not leaving," Walter added and placed his hand on Mal's shoulder. "Not until we're dead, at least."

"And even before I made my mistakes," Logan said, "I was by your side. You were never alone and you never will be."

Mal bowed his head, taking in the silence.

He remembered the night his father died, the only night he felt like everyone had left him. When things got worse, Logan was there to pull his little brother back onto his feet. After Logan went corrupt, Walter took charge of taking care of Mal, as well as Jasper.

"We've got a war to fight," Mal said after the short silence and the others smiled in relief. They weren't done just yet.

Natara decided to set out the battle strategy.

"Obviously we're short on time," she said as thunder boomed in the background. Nervous glances were shared across the room, but she kept going. "So, we're just going to charge right in. Mal, does the Darkness have drones?"

"Drones?" Mal asked and Oscar cut in.

"Minions," he said. "Like with Logan, he had his soldiers."

"Oh, yeah!" Mal recalled and shook his head. "He has metallic birds and bronze knights. He also has this power where he can cause pillars of black ooze to come up from the ground."

Natara nodded slowly. "And are they easy to defeat?" she asked and Mal semi-nodded. "I dunno about the birds, but the knights have a weak point on their shoulder. Lightning is the best killer for them, but I think a sword might work as well. Or possibly a gun."

"So...Just beat the living crap out of the birds then," Walter asked and Natara nodded.

"I believe that's the plan."

The castle shook as another wave of thunder rolled across the sky and a bolt of lightning struck down, near the castle gardens.

"We'll all stick together until we reach the center of the Bowerstone Old Towne. Once we arrive, you chose a partner and branch out," Natara continued and she stood straighter. "And if we die today, we die as heroes."

The rest of the small army nodded solemnly. They knew no matter what, one of them, at least, was going to perish today; but who? Most bets were set on Logan.

It wasn't long after the king was adorned in his armor that the team charged out onto castle grounds where they were instantly met by the warriors Mal had talked about; the bronze knights. Mal looked towards Natara and she smiled, as if this war was just a game. It was really, but just like the old games Mal played as a child, there was always a loser; whether it be the Darkness itself or one of Mal's men.

Mal was the first to take down a knight. Electricity surged through the gauntlet and shot towards the first knight in a bright, whitish-blue light. The knight exploded and the others kept persisting. Natara ran towards the second, her sword drawn and she pounced upon it, driving the blade deep into the shoulder blade. The knight screamed in agony before blowing up.

"Not as hard as I thought," Natara panted, watching the other soldiers fight off the knights. Walter seemed to be having a more difficult time that the others. He sliced through the knight's bronze armor, and it kept moving forward, unfazed, and raising the deadly scythe. Walter kicked the knight back and threw his sword towards him, Luckily, the older soldier was a great aim and the sword buried itself in the knight's shoulder.

Once the knights had been cleared off the castle's property, the army charged deeper into the battle, re-entering the old field in which they had fought the battle that won over Albion. It was much worse here; so much worse.

Bodies of the warriors who had fought bravely against Logan's army, and now the Darkness, lay on the ground, blanketed by the slimy, black ooze. Even innocent children and mothers rested in the streets, their eyes darkened by the ooze. Mal stopped for a moment to catch his breath and keep his heart from stopping. These people were dead...Because of him. Though the others warned Mal not to blame himself, it was hard not to. So many of Albion's citizens were dead already, and the battle had just started. Mal wondered if this is what is was like for Maria, the kind Aurorian lady who had suffered through this pain for a decade.

"Mal, duck!" Natara called just as the king returned to his senses. He fell to his knees instantly as Natara threw her sword. It struck a knight in the soldier and he combusted. She ran to pick up her sword before helping Mal up. "You can't daze out on us," she reminded him calmly. "I know it's a difficult scene, but we're nearly there, Mal. You can do it."

He nodded, still unsure of the whole situation. He had always been unsure. He was unsure of taking the throne, of keeping all of those made promises...Horrified of seeing Albion fall again, because of him. He understood how Logan felt during his reign and his eagerness to give up the throne. Mal was almost tempted to do the same, minus the whole, "Screw Up Albion" part.

The army continued to fight their way through the crowd of knights. The only one having any trouble was Walter, but he tried not to show it. Even when a knight kicked his feet out from under him and threw his scythe downwards—thankfully Walter was able to dodge in time—Walter fought back just as hard.

The knights were cleared off once more and just before the team moved on, a familiar screech rang out. It was like nails on a chalkboard; the army fell to their knees covering their ears and cringing every time it rang out. The large, falcon-like creatures were made entirely of gold, with ruby eyes. Their talons, Mal guessed their main weapon, were sharpened to a razor-sharp point. Their hands were crafted of spiraling drills, also with deadly sharp points. One bird landed upon the ground and shrieked before charging towards Natara. She looked at Mal, panic apparent in her hazel eyes, and said, "Fire."

Mal nodded and charged his gauntlet for another surge. The bird got closer and closer to Natara as she shakily raised her sword to defend herself. Mal had to wait until the bird was right in front of Natara, and directly across from him.

Ten feet...Five feet...Two feet...

"Mal!" Natara called and Mal reared up and tossed the growing ball of fire from his hand, towards the golden bird. It made contact before Natara got hurt, thank goodness. The bird fell sideways, half of it's body melting away, revealing steel gears and springs. The bird shrieked again and charged towards the second Hero King, this time, but its legs fell from underneath it.

The birds filed in to attack, but soon left, scared that they would become a puddle of gold, just as most of their friends had become, thanks to Mal.

More knights charged in before the team could move anywhere. They were able to tear through the wave quickly and make it into the town square just before another attack was made.

"I'll be with Oscar," Natara announced and Oscar smiled faintly.

"And I'll go with Walter," Mal continued and nodded towards Natara. "Good luck."

"You too," she replied and they went out on their separate ways, Mal wondering if he'll ever see her alive again. Maybe he should have said something...

You've fallen into my trap...Hero King!

"Oh no," Mal muttered and the Darkness laughed cruelly.

I cannot be concealed, Malachi. I am everywhere and I am in everyone. I was in your brother, I am in Natara...I'm even in Walter. And believe it or not, Hero King of 'Lightness'...I am in you.

More of the golden birds shrieked above, but they didn't dare touch the ground beneath them. When any bronze knight spotted the prince, they scurried away, whispering in an unknown language.

"What's going on," Walter asked and Mal shuddered. A crack of lightning appeared in the sky and thunder boomed. "Why are they all leaving?"

"We're getting close," Mal replied. "The Darkness is somewhere around here."

They found themselves on the docks, a harsh wind whipping through their armor, stinging revealed skin. An Aurorian ship swayed lazily in the churning sea, but that was about it. Everything was silent.

And then...Everything went dark.

Well, semi-dark at least. Mal could barely make out his surroundings, but knew where he stood and if Walter moved beside him.

"What the hell is going on?" Walter questioned and looked upwards.


Mal frowned and looked upwards to see if he could find the Darkness's mouth, or something that would clear up the fact that he wasn't going completely insane. "Walter, we have to go."

No reply.

Mal quickly faced the soldier and gasped. A long, worm-like creature, similar to the one Mal had 'killed' in the Aurorian cave, was tipping Walter's head back, a razor-sharp pincer caressing the old man's throat. Walter looked horrified, more horrified than he had ever been before. Mal didn't blame him.

The worm-thing looked towards Mal and he finally saw a face, made entirely of a crushed human's skull. In the eye sockets, a fire glowed. The worm-thing smirked before reciting an old prophecy;

You must fight alone. You will ALWAYS be alone. When it comes down to the final fight, you will be betrayed by your closest friends. Your armies will crumble underneath my wing.

And with that said, the worm slit open Walter's neck and slowly dissolved into a black ooze, slipping into the new opening in Mal's friend's neck.