Jelly: Another Place

This is my first time ever writing a Fanfic so don't be too harsh! It's only short but feel free to leave a review and I may carry this on if people actually like it :)

Chapter 1

Staring contently at the Polaroid Tilly had just handed to her; Jen felt like sky had just fallen on top of her. The constant worry and paranoia about the student destroying her career, the anger in which she felt when the rumours began, the way she jumped the gun and fired all her frustration at the teen when really she only had herself to blame. When Tilly was around everything else seemed to blur with only her in focus. Even when she was teaching a class with her in, her attention was drawn away from the other students to the girl's ocean blue eyes, her perfect porcelain skin, and her naturally plump pouted lips which made it even harder for Jen to concentrate. She looked over it again and again hoping that the image would change, wishing that her feelings towards her would disappear but knowing deep down that it was completely impossible and the truth was that she was falling in love with her. Constantly battling with her head and her heart, trying to figure out what is right was beginning to take Jen over the edge. She knew what she wanted but knowing she couldn't have it without losing everything she's worked so hard for over the years pained her. Seeing the way she craved her in this captured moment made her realise she couldn't just erase her from her life. Reality had hit. It wasn't Tilly she couldn't trust, it was herself.

It had been a few weeks now since the pair had spoken. Tilly made no contact with her teacher during her art lessons and made sure that she quickly darted out the door before Jen even had the slightest chance to grab her attention. Avoiding her seemed the only option she had to try and block out the sheer turmoil she was feeling inside. Having to sit and listen to Jens sweet, soothing voice express her passion for art, having to look at her teachers gorgeous figure in her cute quirky dresses with the short romantic glances they awkwardly shared each lesson was beginning to tear Tilly apart leaving her with a permanent ache in her heart. However Tilly would not be able to avoid her forever as in a few days time, the art class were scheduled to go on a trip to Crosby Beach to help inspire them before their upcoming exam, one that it was compulsory to attend and being led by the person she put so much effort in to avoid- Jen. A thousand excuses ran through Tilly's mind to try and escape going back to the place where she first fell for the teacher. The time where things were uncomplicated, conversation flowed easily, the passionate embrace they shared together where their lips met for the first time. A place in which Tilly once had one of the happiness memories of her life, now seemed to be turning into a nightmare.

The night before the trip fell. Tilly lay in bed thinking about the day that followed and the actions she was going to take. "Should I pretend to be ill?" "Should I just not turn up?" she thought knowing that Maddie and George would be on her case so it simply would not work. After hours of deeply thinking and playing out different scenarios in her mind of how to handle the situation, Tilly came to the conclusion that she was going to go. She had shown Jen weakness many times before when she desperately tried to win her heart and was hit with one of her "I can't do this" speeches followed repeatedly by rejection. Well not this time. The redhead was determined to show Jen that she was no longer going to fall into another one of her mind games, no longer going to run after her every time she walked away, this time she was going to turn her back on Jen once and for all as she just couldn't cope with the heart ache again.

The next morning came, only to be awoken by the brightness of the morning sunlight escaping through the gap in-between her curtains, Tilly awoke. Quickly seeing the time, she jumped out of bed realising she had been so distracted the night before she did not set her alarm and she was late. Shoving her clothes on, quickly washing her face and brushing her teeth, she grabbed her bag and made her way to college. Glancing down at her mobile she noticed many missed calls and messages from Maddie asking "Where R U? Hurry up!" Tilly really didn't want Jen to think she couldn't cope with the situation, she needed to be there. Eventually she arrived at the college gates and luckily the coach had not yet set off, she had just made it. Her sense of relief was soon to be shattered though as she stepped on the coach to realise that almost all of the seats had been taken up except for one... next to Miss Gilmore. Desperately searching for another seat to escape to, Maddie caught her attention at the far end of the coach and she hoped that she saved her a seat. Throwing a desperate stare at Maddie who had now realised the situation could do nothing as she shrugged and rolled her eyes at Mr Keeler, who was next to her watching over the rowdier bunch of students sitting at the back.

Tilly had no choice but to take the last seat next to the person she spent hours carefully planning the night before to avoid today. Slowing lowering herself in to the seat, Tilly awkwardly sat down next to Jen as the coach set off to the beach...