Mark and Lexie – Forever Entwined

Note from the writer: After being incredibly disappointed by Lexie's death at the end of season 8, I find myself wanting to rewrite their ending. I'm new to writing fanfiction, but not new to writing. I'd love feedback from people (especially regarding length… is it too long to want to read? Too short?)

An alternate look beginning with episode 8x22

Some days you wake up to one reality, and go to bed to another. This had been one of those days for Mark Sloan. That morning, Mark had been having breakfast with his darling daughter and his eye doctor girlfriend. He offered bacon, and rather than accepting she had bluntly raised the stakes, blurting out "we should have a baby." The unexpected proposal from Julia left him speechless, and those five little words dominated his thoughts for the rest of the day.

Why shouldn't I do it?Mark found himself questioning. Everything seemed perfect on paper. He wanted to settle down, get married, and expand his family in a more traditional sense. Yet something was holding him back. It was the same thing that always held him back when he felt like he was really moving on in any permanent way. Lexie.

He knew he'd never loved another woman as much as he'd loved Little Grey, and wasn't certain he ever would. Could he really commit himself to Julia in such a lasting way knowing that he loved her less than his ex? Or was he simply allowing saner heads to prevail by moving forward with a woman who actually wanted what he wanted? Lexie had made it clear… repeatedly… that they were over. So in the morning, Mark resolved to go home after work and impregnate Julia.

However, by lunchtime, he was still thinking about Lexie. The excitement he'd hoped to generate by forcing his mind to decide once and for all was entirely absent. Instead, an anxious feeling churned in his gut, killing his appetite. Clearly, telling Lexie he'd let her go and actually meaning it were two entirely different things.

By evening, the desire to win Lexie back had become so strong it felt like he would choke on his words if he didn't say them. He'd tried this before, and he knew it was a long shot, but he'd never be able to look back to this decision without regret if he didn't try one last time. She was his soulmate, however inconveniently, for better or worse.

He found Lexie standing outside in a light drizzle, sending a text on her phone. "Lex?" He said, capturing her attention. The moment her gorgeous dark eyes met his, he knew he had made the right decision. "I'm still in love with you. I know I promised to let you go, but I can't move on without knowing for sure that you still want me to." His tone was warm and full of emotion, his blue eyes practically drowning in the pair belonging to his love. "Julia's great. She wants everything that I want, but all I can think of is that I want it all with you. I want my babies to be yours. When I wake up in the morning, I want to roll over to see you. I'll even wait to marry you until you're done with residency if that's what you want. But Lex, if there's any chance… even if it's one in a million… I'll take those odds."

(Let me know if you'd like to hear Lexie's response in Chapter 2 – I promise these two will have a happily ever type ending and I won't resort to emotionally torturing people like Shonda. Haha)