To simply put it: Enkoy! Err...enjoy!

He's scared

He's sad

He's worried

About his

Life all

Cause of


He had gone

To a hippie house

Where he decided

To just have fun

But then he regrets

What he had done

He had met a

Travel agent

'fore he went


He had seen

Spiders in his


He saw blue,

Yellow, and red

Steaming at him

And he wanted

To have ten

Children which

The doctors

Say it's a

Risk to

Have a child

Cause they

Could have

Mental problems

Or physical

LSD may

Ruin your life

It will take your

Memories away

But even worse

It kills your

Brain cells

So never do

LSD, it will

Ruin your


This poem was based on the book "That Was Then, This Is Now" by S.E. Hinton. I had only written the second, third, and part of the last stanza, while a friend of mine wrote the rest as part of an assignment.

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