Falling for a Lioness by Sindragonv2 aka Sindragon

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This story has a romance between A Human and a Animal if you don't like that stuff don't read it. You be warned!

Main love parings: Stuart(oc)x Nala

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If you see a first person view in the story this will be Stuart who is talking, thinking etc.

A young Human boy is ,with his friends to set up a restaurant, also to find out what cause the destruction of his family. When things get crazy, than Stuart could ever think off.

Warning Death in this Chapter

Chapter 9 The Fallen

As the Hyenas had gone out of sight,I then turn to look at the bloody battlefield. It was littered with dead body's of the Hyenas and Lioness. There was about 20 dead Hyenas,5 dead Lioness and 2 Lion cubs. It was a sad lose of life,as I then heard some loud noise above my head. As I then look up to see,a large group of Vultures circling around the dead animals. Looking for their next meal,while some of the Lioness attacked any Vultures .That try to make a meal of their fallen Sisters. I hated those creature so much,they were scum of the Pride lads.

I then heard Nala snaring at one Vultures,who was getting too close to the dead Lioness body's. While I moaned in pain as Zira came over to clean my wounds,it was the best she could do. Till we got to see Rafiki. As I used rest of my clothes,to stop the bleeding from the bite and claw marks on my body. Zira herself had token a few whacks and some deep cuts,over her body. While Nala had been very luckily as well,as the other cubs had been. They had not suffered any injury's,from the Hyenas attack.

Sarabi was looking for any other alive Lioness,as she gave a prayer to the dead Sisters she found. While she was looking at the dead Hyenas with disgust. As Nala saw her mother of the ground by a few injured Lioness. She jump over the dead body's,as she started to cry seeing the badly beaten body. Of her mother,who smiled seeing her cub. Happily to see she was still alive, unlike her fallen friends.

"Momma your hurt." Nala said crying seeing her mother injured body.

"Shhhhhhh it ok darling it just facial wounds. I be ok, I'm just glad you're safe." Sarafina said softly to Nala,as she started to nuzzle her.

As Nala and Sarafina had their mother/daughter moment,as the other surviving cubs went to look for the mums or aunts. Nuka ran over to Zira who was cleaning one of her Sister wounds. After she finished cleaning me up,the Lioness wounds. While giving a quick nuzzle,before telling him . To go and help his aunts,with the injury's to the others. As she thought of the battle,and those disgusting Hyenas. Who had killed some of her Pride Sisters.

"Why did Taka let those Hyenas in!. He knows that, this would happen." Zira said in a dark tone,as tears fell down from her face.

Zira then heard Nuka mews knowing it from anything. As she turn around to see me and the alive Lioness carrying. Their fallen Sisters,while I help carry some of the dead cubs back. With Nala and the other alive cubs,helping too.

"Everyone let go,and give our fallen family members. Our respect to them,an their final resting place." Zira said in a sad tone, as we gave her a nod of approval of her words.

When we started on the long walk back, while I thought on. How these Lions were more and more like Humans. On how the behave, about their dead family members. While we were walking a few animals ,try to nick one of the dead cubs. But were quickly ran away,as Lioness who were not carrying the dead. Chased after them with pure rage, how dare they try to eat their dead family members.

It had token us about 1 hour to get back to the Pride lands,while we then rested at a large strange tree. As I then heard Zira let out a powerful roar,causing Rafiki to appear out of the tree.

Rafiki came down to hug Zira,who hugged back before doing the same to the other Lioness. As he look sadly look at the dead cubs and Lioness. Before saying something in a different tongue that I had not heard before. Ne next wave his stick about ,I guess to start the funeral for the fallen family members.

End chapter 9

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