The Crieghton family

The family who is destined

To fight for the war

The Civil War, that is

Jethro, the youngest, is

The one who can save the world

Gettysburg was tough

A long, two-day, bloody (as it seems) battle

The Union wins

But the war still goes on

Antietam is worse

The war that killed thousands

Seems like victory?

Nope, the war still goes on

Jethro is the person

Who supports President Lincoln

Writing letters to him

Supporting his ideas

The tragedy struck, however

When Lincoln was killed

Before this, the troops surrender

All the slave are freed

Jethro did his job

He even gets some time off

At least from working, that is

Studying is more important to him

Yes, my friends

The war is done

The slaves are finally freed

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