Haha yeah, I'm re-doing this story. I just recently realized how much I loved this fic - Deidara's/Sasori's personality (even though they're on the verge of being Mary-Sue), the fluffiness, the smut, the clicheness, almost everything! So yeah, I decided to edit it.

I think the updates should be rather frequent, but no guarantees~

Chapter 1

Deidara was standing in front a huge, ancient looking building with a big sign that read "Hidden High School". A road that seemed to be at least a kilometer long lead through an enormous park-like front yard, ending in front of the faraway front door.

There were loads of students outside, gathered in clusters varying in size. Deidara couldn't help noticing the awful silence that followed him as he passed the groups, nor the curious stares that made him feel like some endangered species. He ignored them determinedly, keeping his gaze down right in front of him.

Unfortunately for him, the difficulty level of that mission rose frantically when he noticed a bunch of noisy teenage students in front of the front door, unintentionally and accidentally blocking his way. Deidara rolled his eyes when he saw them. Great, now he had to interact with people.

Since none of them was looking in his way, he tried to get through them by muttering "excuse me". Just as the two words had spilled from his lips, he realized it had been an obvious mistake, although while thinking it over it later on, he still saw no other way out.

Deidara sensed numerous pair of eyes looking down at him, when he'd come to a stop between the two boys at the head of the group. The whole group of boys turned in his direction, most of them having a superior look on their faces.

They all seemed frozen in time, no one saying anything. Deidara didn't see it as an omen; maybe they hadn't heard him? Following that naïve idea, he decided to repeat himself, feeling completely certain that there wasn't much that could go wrong.

Obviously, as he realized later, the smartest move would've been to leave right then and find someone to give him a ride home. Stealing a car was a reasonable idea as well, compared to what he was about to do at least.

"Please, let me pass," he said in a low voice, going with the polite speech for starters.

The tall gray haired guy in front of him started to laugh obnoxiously, doing a pretty good job at pissing off the blond. "Eat shit, new fucker. Learn the fucking school rules first."

Had it been only that one guy, Deidara would've grabbed his shirt and shoved him out of the way. Unfortunately, it was eight against one, the odds clearly not being in his favor. Deidara had no idea how the hell he had managed to break the rules already, without having even entered the school building yet.

"If you let me through, I will be able to get the list of rules from the principal," Deidara suggested with a fake smile, deciding to give politeness one more chance.

A dark-haired boy next to him, with a seriously scarred face, chuckled. "No, you see," he explained, bending forward so he was on eye-level with the blond. "He meant the rules that count."

With a jolt of surprise, Deidara realized that all the people who had been staring at him before in the front yard, were now watching even more intensively. It was the same time that he understood he'd run right into the lap of the local badass bully-group. He wanted to face palm himself for not realizing it earlier. Better late than never.

Deidara had thought about this before, though - what role would he take when encountering people like these. The humble apologizing one who would try to avoid them as much as possible, the wannabe macho willing to join them, or the defying rebel? While this situation was seriously testing his patience, it also made up his mind. There was no way he'd be looking up to guys like this, he'd be better off dead. Ironically, this could've exactly been the case.

To both, the audience's and the badass group's surprise, Deidara started to laugh. It was a quiet chuckle at first, but gained volume, until he was shaking all over his body. Calming down, he wiped away the tear that had appeared in the corner of his eye. With a wide grin, he looked up at the stunned guys, his smile vanishing the exact moment he started to talk.

"I don't know whose rules you're following, and to be honest, I don't give a single shit either," he spat, leaving behind all possible traces of humbleness and politeness. "I'm playing according my own rules." He paused for a moment, staring in the eyes of the silver-haired guy. "Now, if you'd be so damn kind, and just get your superior asses out of my way, I could go find the headmaster of this damn shit."

Deidara was well aware that he was playing with fire, but he didn't really care. If they decided to start a fight, they wouldn't be able to kill him just yet and that was all he cared about.

Two redheads from the back of the group stepped forwards, one of them having piercings all over his face, the other looking almost normal, a wide smirk on his face. "Looks like we have a new hot head cheerleader candidate here," the almost-normal one spoke.

Deidara frowned, but didn't take offence. He would've been utterly frustrated, had he not been so used to being mistaken for a girl. "I'm male, asshole."

A blue-skinned boy in the group made an overly dramatic face, theatrically mourning a great loss, some of the others laughing at his acting. Deidara clenched his fists, desperately trying to hold himself back from smacking all of their retarded faces. No, he wouldn't attack first, his excuse would be self-defense.

"Yeah, to become a cheerleader, there isa limit on how flat you can be," the "normal", scratch that, "asshole" redhead quipped, looking at Deidara with dark brown eyes, a playful glint gleaming in them. Deidara found the shine kind of hypnotizing.

"Are you going to let me through now or should I come back during your naptime?" Deidara asked sarcastically, taking a step towards the insulting redhead.

"A little moody now, aren't we?" the boy smirked, taking a step forward as well. "Are you on your period?"

Oh, come on, that's the oldest one in the book, Deidara rolled his eyes and looked away, then swirled back, aiming a punch straight in the redhead's face. He was so fed up with that arrogance that he really didn't care about breaking the rules on the first day anymore. He just wanted to smack that pretty face of his.

The redhead dodged easily, aiming a punch in Deidara's stomach, but missing as the blond had already retreated out of his reach. A familiar smile that always came with a challenge flashed on the blond's face when he looked into his opponent's mud-brown eyes. The other members of the group backed off a little, giving him the confidence it would be a one-on-one battle.

"So, you want to fight, blondie?" the redhead asked, not being able to hide how much this amused him. Straightening up, he took a few steps down the road, approaching the blond with confidence written all over his face.

Deidara wasn't scared. "Anytime."

He dashed forwards, ready to throw a punch, but turned around when the redhead dodged it. Left in a position with his back at his opponent, before the wannabe badass could take advantage of it, he swirled his foot around, making the redhead fall down. In a nanosecond, he was on top of him, straddling him, grabbing his shirt and yanking it forward.

"What now, playboy, ah?" Deidara spat in his face. "I don't find you so tough now. What are you gonna do? Call for those other assholes? 'Cause you couldn't handle me by yourself? Coward!"

Deidara quieted. His expression turned confused at the redhead's calm face. He still looked confident, almost relaxed, despite the position he was in. Which meant he had a plan, a secret triumph.

Deidara held him tightly, so there'd be no way for him to shake him off, drilling into his stoic eyes. What are you being so confident about, bastard? he wanted to ask, but thought better of it. Racking his brains, he tried thinking his way, to see the situation through his eyes.

What could've possibly…?

Realization thundered through him in a cold bolt when he felt something softly stroking his thigh, slipping into his pocket. He had no time to react as a small clay bomb, designed to create mainly smoke, was whipped out and set off.

Deidara fell backwards onto the ground, covering his mouth and coughing into his palm. He couldn't open his eyes and tried to make his way out of the smoke by fumbling, when something icy wrapped around his wrists, pulling him up off the ground.

Having trouble breathing, he struggled to free his hands, but his attempts were futile. Whatever it was that had trapped him, seemed to be made of steel.

The smoke started to clear a little, or maybe it was Deidara floating farther from it, but soon he was away from the cloud, leaving it between him and the schoolhouse. Between him and the bullies.

His eyes cracked open and he peered up at his hands. They looked like... strings, wrapped tightly around his arms, keeping him imprisoned. How the hell…?

A low chuckle made Deidara snap his head towards it. There, right on the boarder between the cloud and clearness, stood the Redhead the Asshole in all his pretty glory, gazing at the blond with dreamy eyes that soon turned sadistic.

"Feeling trapped?" he snickered as he neared in an even, calm pace. His one hand was reaching out and Deidara saw where the strings around his arms led to. They were connected to the redhead's fingertips.

"Asshole," Deidara hissed, resisting the urge to spit in his face.

Moving so close that his lips almost touched the blonde's ear, the redhead whispered, "With you continuing like this, it'll be your asshole on line."

Deidara felt all color drain from his face, but he kept his voice strong when whispering back, "You'll be dead before something like that happens."

The redhead chuckled, running his finger up Deidara's cheek and kissing his ear softly, "That's what they all say."

"SASORI!" a voice bellowed from within the smoke. The redhead stopped molesting the blond's ear for a moment, cupping his cheek and touching his nose with his own. His smile was sweet, coming to a contrast with Deidara's dreadful grimace. "We're leaving. Now."

Sasori pecked the blond's lips, like a lover kissing goodbye, and slowly pulled away. He turned on his heel, releasing Deidara from the strings and dropping him on the ground. The smoke had cleared, the six boys in a cluster waiting for Sasori. Fuming, Deidara watched Sasori join them and troop away.

Deidara was left on his knees and hands on the ground. Gritting his teeth, he stood up, brushing the dust off his jeans. Damn fucking motherfucking assholes. I hope you get hit by a car, or better yet, fives trucks, and die a very painful death. He grabbed his bag and pushed in through the front doors, trying not to think about all the people that had just witnessed the incident.

Walking inside the school, searching for the headmaster's office, he noticed that in spite of the building's outlook, it looked completely normal from the inside. The only thing that irritated him was that there was no map, nor could he spot any signs that would lead him to his destination.

Deciding to stop, he let out a loud sigh, leaning against a wall. He ran his hand through his blonde hair, scarping his bang back in frustration. It fell back in front of his left eye, looking a little rustled.

"Hello! You must be Deidara." A female voice made Deidara look up, finding a smiling pink-haired girl standing in front of him. She was wearing a red uniform dress and had her hand stretched out. "I'm Sakura. Ms. Tsunade sent me looking for you, predicting you'd get lost."

Deidara gave a small nod, shaking the girl's hand and pushing himself away from the wall. "Yeah, she got that right."

The girl chuckled, motioning down the hallway and for the boy to follow him. She led Deidara through about five corridors, turning corners at unexpected times. Finally, they arrived in front of a wooden double-leaved door, with a miniature sign that read 'Principal' on it. It looked as though it was meant to be so that people wouldn't find it easily.

"Here we are," said Sakura. Without knocking, she entered, Deidara following her inside. The doors swung shut with a quiet thump. Deidara looked around. The office was quite lofty, having many bookshelves and one huge desk with a woman in her early thirties, supposedly principal Tsunade, sitting behind it.

"You're Iwaga Deidara?" the woman asked Deidara, looking up from her papers. Her face was as calm as an assassin's and Deidara immediately got the feeling that there was more to this woman than met the eye. Oh, please, cut out the paranoia. There's no need for it anymore, Deidara's subconscious lectured. He sighed and just nodded as an answer.

Giving a nod as well, Tsunade handed him some papers, saying, "Here is your schedule, a copy of school rules" - Deidara frowned at that - "and the map of the school. All your textbooks are already waiting for you on the bookshelf in your new room. Sakura will lead you to the room. You may go now."

Deidara gave a silent "thank you" and went out of the room, following Sakura.

"So," the girl said, trying to start a conversation as they paced down the hallway. "How do you like this school so far?"

Deidara frowned at that. He would've preferred avoiding the topic. "The students here are... nice."

Sakura laughed at his expression. "Give them some time and you will have no problem fitting in."

Deidara thought that she probably wouldn't have said that had she seen what'd happened in the front yard less than an hour ago. Not that he was going to tell her, she'd find out soon enough without him saying anything. Both of them stayed quiet until they arrived at his new room.

Deidara took the key that had been put between his papers and unlocked the door, stepping inside as Sakura followed him. There was a bunk bed, a drawer, two desks, one of them completely occupied by papers while the other only had a laptop on it, and two bookshelves. Deidara saw some neatly folded linen on the upper bed.

Seeing the two beds, something occurred to him. "Hey, Sakura," he said to get the girl's attention. "Do you know who my roommate is?"

The girl laughed again, giving Deidara the feeling he was missing an inside joke. She laughs a lot, the boy commented mentally, waiting for an answer. "Deidara, everybodyknows who lives in this room."

Deidara raised his eyebrows, surprised. He was going to live with a celebrity? Cool. That amusing thought made him smile.


Deidara's smile died in an instant, being replaced with a horrified grimace.

"That's right," Sakura went on, without noticing the change in Deidara's expression. "You just moved into this town, right? I mean, everybody in this cityknows about him and the Akatsuki."

"Sasori... who?" Deidara asked, forcing his breathing into normal. He remembered clearly what his torturer had been called, but a faint hope inside him told him that it could've been some other Sasori. Maybe the name was common here.

"It's possible you haven't met him yet. A little taller than you, red hair,-" Deidara's hope vanished a little more with every detail he got to know."-brown eyes, smoking hot-"

"The playboy?" Deidara gasped, cutting Sakura off.

"Yeah," she nodded and smiled. All color from Deidara's face had drained away, the second time that day. He began to shiver and felt like throwing up.

"Me. Resign. Now."

To be continued...