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-Almost two weeks later-

Deidara and Sasori waved goodbye to Isaribi before getting into Sasame's car.

Deidara adjusted his scarf to ensure that it covered the marks on his neck that hadn't healed yet. Resting his head on Sasori's shoulder, he slept through the whole way back to Hidden High School. He felt relaxed, hence the smile on his face. For the rest of their stay, Sasori had devoted himself to the blond, exchanging only a few words with the girls, who'd finally left the house once it was clear that Sasori was off the market.

Deidara honoured the agreement he'd made with himself the night he'd went to the night club should he ever get over this Christmas, he'd abandon his old ways for good and the riskiest things he would do from then on, would be with the Akatsuki. No more criminals. No more mafia. No more denying the law. Well, maybe a little, but there would be limits. All in all, no more rebel to screw up his life. He'd already lost his parents and sister, he didn't want to lose anymore.

Days went by, weeks turned into months, and it took Deidara by surprise, when he woke up one morning and discovered that everyone was packing their things. He sat on his/Sasori's bed, staring at the redhead wide-eyed, ignoring him waving his hand in front of his eyes.

"Deidara?" Sasori called, a little worried for not knowing anything about shock in medical terms. "You alright?"

"Junior year It's over?" Deidara muttered, even the question sounding monotone.

Sasori laughed. "Well yeah. That's what they say."

"Summer break "

Sasori sat down on the bed next to him, lifting him up to place down on his lap. "Yes. What are you planning on doing? I'm going on a vacation with my family for three weeks, but after that "

"I think I'm going to find my parents." Deidara mused, making Sasori go quiet. The blond had finally told him the truth about his parents once they'd got back to school after the winter break.

Sasori knew this was a delicate subject and he had no idea how to respond. He'd never had any experience in that area and he always preferred to avoid this topic, for he did not know how to comfort the blond. Deidara didn't like dwelling on the subject either, so usually it wasn't a problem. The topic had been brought up suddenly, leaving Sasori opening and closing his mouth as he tried to come up with something to say.

Fortunately, Deidara put him out of his misery by going on, "When you're back, call me. We'll meet up."

Sasori smiled and kissed the blond on the lips. Will do.

A black Volvo was waiting in front of the school house, along with a hundred more cars. Isaribi stepped out of the car, scanning the parking lot before finding the couple and waving at them to come closer.

"Hello Lieblings!"

"Hi mum!"

Deidara stayed silent, preferring listening to others talk to opening his mouth himself. The upcoming summer had put him deep in thought. It worked while Isaribi kept congratulating them both, but only until a question directed at him made him go against his will.

"So Deidara, do you want a ride, perhaps?" Isaribi asked him, her smile as wide as ever.

Deidara held himself back from frowning, rolling his eyes or expressing any emotions at all. "Thanks, but no thanks. I ve got it covered."

Isaribi nodded and gave him one last hug, before sliding into the car. Sasori had already put his luggage in the car and now wrapped his arms around the blond, connecting their lips.

"You sure?" he murmured, swaying them a little.

"Yes. Keep in touch via Internet."

Sasori nodded and let go, giving him one last kiss on the cheek. "See you, love," he said and stepped into the car.

"Goodbye," Deidara muttered, waving them off as they drove out of the parking lot.

He sighed and let his hand drop, looking after the car as it went around the corner. He turned around and looked at the schoolhouse, where teachers, students and their parents were scurrying about restlessly. He fell in thought and for a moment, the reality in front of him disappeared, being replaced by a flashback of his first day in school.

"Please, let me pass," he had said in a low voice, going with the polite speech for starters. He had been standing in front of the ancient looking building that supposedly functioned as a school house. There had been a gang of eight boys standing in his way to the front door.

"Ooh, looks like we have a new hot head cheerleader candidate here." Sasori had stepped out of the shadows together with Pein, staring at the blond with a wide smirk on his face.

Deidara d clenched his fist and went for the redhead's face, a hit Sasori successfully dodged.

"So, you want to fight, blondie?" Sasori sneered wildly.


Sasori was the last one to go through the metal detector. After he had been given back his carry-
on luggage, he caught up with his family, who were headed towards their soon departing plane. In spite of Chiyo and his son, Sasori's father, sleeping in and taking forever to find their toothbrushes, they had plenty of time on their hands. Isaribi visited a kiosk on their way, while Sasame was busy texting God knows who.

Sasori decided to sit down, until they were allowed to go find their seats on the plane. The family had to sit separately, for they had been lucky to even get tickets on the same plane. Trips to Brazil from Japan seemed to be popular at the beginning of summer.

Sasori placed his carry-on in the drawer above his seat, before sitting down next to another passenger. The man (or woman, Sasori couldn't tell) was hidden behind a local newspaper, which he kept reading with great interest. For some reason, Sasori couldn't take his eyes off of him. Something about the person seemed strange, for the lack of a better word.

He couldn t see much of him, but the way his body was bent and those hands gripping the newspaper

As the pilot began talking, starting with greetings and introductions, the man looked up from behind the newspaper. He was wearing huge sunglasses and a hood covered his entire forehead. A scarf that he removed had been hiding his mouth and nose.

"How long are you planning to continue staring, Mr. Akasuna? Do you not know it's considered rude in most parts of the world?" The stranger removed his glasses and hood, letting the blond locks fall in place over his shoulders and the bang cover one of his eyes.

"Dei?" Sasori asked disbelievingly, his jaw dropping open as his mind ran out of other things to say. For a moment, it was even difficult to remember his own name.

Deidara let out a laugh. "How many other hot blonds do you know? Name any and I'm going to hunt them down."

Sasori chuckled and fell against the backrest, letting out a sigh. He knew better than to inquire, but the actions of his boyfriend he ought to have gotten used to already, still kept catching him off guard. After the quick recovering, he looked back at the blond.

"So, Brazil, huh?"

Deidara smiled. "Guess so." That s where my parents were last spotted, he thought.

And the plane took off.