The Windfish in name only for it is neither. How does one get to the island of dreams?
Is it by sleep or is it by death? The Postman finds the journey is not as easy as it would seem.


Okay, guys, here's part 4 and I hope this one will be better than part 3! This is probably going to be the longest and most epic of the series so far, so I hope you guys will like it! This is just the prologue so that's why it's a fair bit shorter than my usual chapters. I got so many reviews on part three's last chapter that it actually surprised me!


Ballad of the Postman



Ganondorf threw Sakon up against the wall with a sickening crunch. The thief let out a cry of pain and slid to the floor, both dazed and winded. Having bit his tongue at the impact, Sakon spat out a mouthful of blood, not daring to move. Ganondorf, his red hair dishevelled, scowled down at him and raised his boot to stomp down onto the smaller man's chest. Sakon let out a yell of pain as the boot made contact and looked up at the villain in pure terror.

"Did you really think you wouldn't be caught?" The Gerudo king demanded. "That I would just forget how you attempted to steal from me twice?"

Sakon coughed wetly and let out a wheeze as he attempted to sit up. Ganondorf was quick to kick him back to the floor.

"Let me remind you, Sakon, you belong to me. You're my thief and you will not betray me again."

He stomped down on Sakon's chest a second time who let out a shrill yell as he felt one of his ribs crack. Sakon clutched at his chest and instinctively curled into a protective ball. Ganondorf towered over him angrily and placed a boot on the thief's side, the threat clear. Sakon let out a squeal of protest and curled up even tighter, just wanting Ganondorf to stop. Ganondorf pressed down, causing Sakon to squeal all the louder and he squirmed to no avail.

"If you weren't so useful, I would have already killed you." Ganondorf informed him irritably. "When I'm done with you however, you'll never dare betray me again."

Sakon was completely terrified and knew Ganondorf could do any number of horrible things to him. Knowing that the Gerudo wasn't planning on killing him, made it all the worse and he gave another useless squirm hoping he wasn't going to be tortured.

"I'm sorry!" he wailed out. "I'm sorry!"

Ganondorf narrowed his eyes and pressed down all the harder. "You will be, Sakon." he stated. "I don't take betrayal lightly, and I will make an example of you!"

Sakon's normally silver tongue seemed to have turned to lead and he stared up at Ganondorf with wide frightened eyes. Ganondorf's red eyes bored into his own for a long, agonizing moment, then the villain turned his gaze to the two guards at the door.

"Take him to the dungeon." he ordered. "I don't have time to deal with this at the moment. I have more important things to take care of."

The guards one dressed in blue and the other green, seemed disappointed but still saluted all the same. "Yes, sire."

"You two are to stand guard over him the entire time until I come down." Ganondorf said. "If you turn your back, he will escape. He's my thief for a reason and is both sneaky and underhanded. Go through that backpack of his and remove any weapons."

If Sakon wasn't currently pinned beneath one of Ganondorf's boots, he might have felt flattered but was much too scared to think clearly.

Once again, the guards gave a salute and picked up the backpack. "Yes, sire."

Removing his boot from Sakon's side, Ganondorf watched as the guards seized Sakon and began dragging him from the room.

"I be will down to deal with you shortly." Ganondorf said as they left the room. "Try to escape and your punishment will double."

Once the door was closed and he was by himself, Ganondorf let out a disgruntled sigh. He had come across Sakon quite by chance while scouting a possible temple up North and it took six of his warriors to catch him. The thief may have horrible luck but he was fast and incredibly sneaky. Ganondorf was so furious at Sakon, he had immediately teleported them back to his castle to make an impression. Now that he'd calmed a bit, Ganondorf knew he had to finish his previous business before indulging in his revenge. With another sigh, he teleported himself back to Snowhead.


Sakon kicked and screamed all the way to the dungeon, the guards holding him tightly by the arms. The hallways were just a blur to Sakon as he fought to get away but he definitely noticed when they reached the entrance to the dungeon. A horrified shiver made its way up his spine as the Gerudos pulled him down the dark and dank staircase and he kicked and struggled all the harder. Their grip was like steel and Sakon couldn't break free as they got closer and closer to the dungeon. The first thing Sakon saw were the bright glint of the torture devices and he let out a howl and thrashed against his captors.

The two guards were strong, obviously well trained and Sakon couldn't even loosen their grip. To his immense relief they passed the torture devices and instead unlocked a cell. They tossed him harshly inside then re-locked the door, then took a guarding position without sparing him another glance.

Sakon let out a groan at his harsh treatment and slowly rolled onto his side, feeling like one giant bruise. Glancing over at the two women, he knew it would be extremely difficult to escape while being watched so closely. Feigning being injured much more than he was, Sakon let out another agonized groan.

"I think I need medical help!" Sakon wheezed, trying his best to sound weak and pathetic.

The guard who was dressed in blue looked down at him with an obvious sneer. "You've felt nothing yet, thief. The king will be down shortly and you'll be lucky if he doesn't break every bone in your body!"

Sakon frowned and sat up. "Would it help if I said I was sorry and promised not to do it again?"

The guard let out a snort and turned away. Sakon stuck his tongue out at her and gave a dramatic sigh.

"Well, can I at least have a drink of water?" he asked.

"Don't have any." the guard in green responded without interest.

"There's a canteen in my backpack." Sakon said, pointing to the backpack which now sat by the guard's feet.

The guard looked down at it suspiciously but did open the top and pull out the full canteen. Opening it, she gave the contents a sniff then glanced over at the other woman with a shrug.

"It is just water." she stated.

"Give it to him. Lord Ganondorf wants him alive and well for when he 'deals' with him."

The guard gave a nod and tossed the canteen through the bars of the cage. As Sakon took a long drink, she lost interest and again turned away. What she didn't see was that Sakon was carefully using one of his nails to pull a lock-pick out of the bottom of the canteen. As he worked on getting it out, he took another sip of the water.

"I still think you should let me see a medic." he said casually. "What if I die? I could be bleeding internally right now for all you know!"

"Wouldn't that be a shame." the Gerudo in blue muttered.

Sakon gave her a dirty look and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand. "You're lucky you're both extremely good-looking or I'd be far angrier."

"Keep talking thief and I'll cut out your tongue."

"Prisoner brutality!" Sakon yelled out. "Prisoner brutality!"

Neither answered him and seemed determined to ignore him. Sakon finally got the lock-pick free and shoved it up his sleeve, the Gerudos none the wiser. Determined to make the Gerudos angry enough the open the cell, Sakon let out a loud obnoxious sigh.

"If I die, what would Ganondorf do without me?" he demanded, faking a cough. "No one is as good a thief as me! I'm the king of all thieves and am more valuable than you-"

Sakon cut off abruptly as an excruciating pain filled his entire body. It felt like his insides were being ripped apart and he immediately let out a shriek and fell to the floor. He gave another wail and curled in on himself both shocked and confused. Sakon was paralysed with agony and he stared straight upwards at the ceiling, delirious with pain. He felt a wetness make its way down his chin and realized his nose was bleeding.

Sakon was vaguely aware of the guards staring at him but could care less, the pain getting worse and worse. He laid on the floor clutching his stomach in agony as wave after wave of agony ripped through him. He knew he was screaming at the top of his lungs but all he could hear was the blood pulsing within his ears. He felt his tears mix with the blood on his face and convulsed as another wave of pain overtook him. His head was getting light and somewhat dreamlike, although the pain wasn't subsiding, and he hoped this meant he was dying. Just as the pain reached all new levels of horrible, everything went black and he sagged limply to the floor.

The first thing Sakon noticed was that there was no pain. Slowly opening his eyes, he gave a long blink and noticed his perspective was wrong. Giving another blink, he realized he was floating several feet off the ground weightlessly. Confused, he looked down and saw he was hovering directly over his own body. He stared down at himself with wide eyes, not quite comprehending what was happening. Holding up one of his arms, he saw he appeared solid but yet floated no heavier than smoke.

"Nice try, thief." he heard a voice say. "I'm not falling for such a stupid trick."

Looking over, he saw the Gerudo in green frowning down at his body. When it didn't move, she seemed a bit uncertain.

"Do you think he's faking?" she asked.

The second guard also gave him a frown. "It sounded pretty real to me..."

The Gerudo in green scratched at her hair a moment. "Lord Ganondorf said he was incredibly sneaky, what if it is a trick?"

"Just leave him there." The Gerudo in blue suggested with a shrug. "Do you really care if he's dead?"

"No, not really, but the king wanted him alive."

Sakon, who had floated closer to them to listen gave them a scowl. "You're horrible!" he yelled. "I'm still alive, you can't just leave me in there!"

They obviously couldn't see or hear him as neither reacted to his words. Sakon gave another yell, all which fell on deaf ears. Frustrated, Sakon struck out at one of the Gerudos but his fist went straight through her harmlessly.

"Do you think I should check him all the same? Lord Ganondorf won't be happy if he's dead..."

"Go ahead but keep your sword on him. This whole thing might be a trap so be careful."

Sakon watched as the Gerudo opened the cell and knew he had to do something. Trying to concentrate, he reeled back his leg and booted straight at her face. He was once again surprised and dismayed when his foot went right through her. The Gerudo didn't notice and knelt down next to his body, giving him a hard poke. His body lobbed but didn't move. The Gerudo stared down at him a moment suspiciously, then hesitantly reached out and laid two fingers against his throat. She waited a minute then looked up to the other guard.

"He's dead."

Sakon's eyes widened in alarm. "What? No, I'm not! I'm still here!" he yelled out to them desperately. "I'm still alive!"

The other Gerudo frowned. "Dead?" she questioned. "Are you sure?"

The Gerudo next to his body checked once more then gave a nod. "Unless he somehow stopped his heart, then he's definitely not faking."

" did it happen?"

The Gerudo in green reached out and picked up the canteen. She gave it a sniff then held it out the other woman. "Looks like a case of poisoning to me."

Sakon was stunned. He was poisoned? His heart had stopped? Looking down at his body, he felt very afraid. Was he really dead? In a panic, he threw himself down into his body trying to merge. He felt himself connect just briefly and the body convulsed before he was thrown violently back out. Frustrated, Sakon tried again with the same results.

Both Gerudos watched as the body convulsed, seemingly in the throws of a violent seizure and exchanged a look. It convulsed over and over again as Sakon tried to regain control of the body and neither of the Gerudos knew what was going on.

"...I think we should summon the king..."

As the body gave another flop, the other Gerudo quickly nodded her agreement. As both women ran from the dungeon, Sakon let out a howl of pure frustration. The cell was wide open but he couldn't seem to stick inside his body long enough to take advantage of it. No matter how hard he tried, he could only stay inside his body a brief moment before being ejected.

"I'm not dead!" Sakon yelled, more for his own reassurance than anything. "I'm not!"

Sakon wasn't sure what had happened but when he went back into his body he could feel his heart start as soon as he touched it and then stop as he was thrown out. Certain this meant he was alive, he floated above his body listlessly, trying to figure out what to do. The dark, shadowed dungeon made him shiver, despite not being able to feel the cold and he observed the blood and tears on his face with almost a morbid curiosity. His eyes were still open a crack, staring unseeingly upwards and Sakon felt a bit creeped out. He really did look dead and hoped he'd be able to find a way back to his body shortly.

He wasn't sure how long he floated, staring into the darkness of the dungeon, but after a while, Ganondorf appeared on the staircase. He approached the cell, seeming very angry and gazed down at Sakon's body with a look that crossed between disgusted and annoyed. Sakon floated over to the Gerudo king, sure of all people he'd be able to see him.

"Ganondorf!" Sakon bellowed directly into his ear. "Hey! Ugly! I'm still alive! Ganondorf!"

Ganondorf rubbed at his ear as if there was an annoying buzzing but otherwise didn't react. He knelt next to the body, and removed one of his gloves. Laying his hand on Sakon's chest, he closed his eyes in concentration. He was silent several minutes as his hand emitted a dark glow then stood up and turned away with a scowl.

"He's dead." he stated to the two guards. "There's nothing I can do."

"Ganondorf!" Sakon yelled again. "I am not dead, you stupid Gerudo!"

"Build a pyre and burn his body with the other dead prisoners." Ganondorf ordered, still not hearing the screaming in his ear. "And find me a new thief."

"Yes, sire." the Gerudo in green said with a salute.

"What?" Sakon cried. "No! You can't burn it! I'm still alive! I'm still here, you stupid desert rat!"

Ganondorf rubbed at his ear again, and gave a glance around as if he'd heard something but was unsure of exactly what. Excited, Sakon screamed as loudly as he could into the villain's ear.

"Ganondorf! I'm still here! I'm still here! Ganondorf!"

Ganondorf gave one more glance around then turned away. "Inform me when it's done."

"Yes, sire."

Then, without another word, Ganondorf disappeared in a shimmer of power. Sakon stared after the two guards who quickly left, running up the stairs, and felt a heavy desperation in the pit of his stomach. He wasn't sure how he knew, but he was certain that if his body was harmed, he truly would die. Sakon let out a howl that should have echoed along the walls but instead it fell short as if something were muffling it. He had to save his body! Sakon tried again to re-enter it but was thrown out like every time before.

"This is ridiculous!" he cried. "Someone has to be able to see me!"

Sakon floated out of the cell and gazed around the dirty and dreary dungeon, knowing he had to do something. He had to find someone who could see him, anyone! Not holding much hope, he floated out of the dungeon, determined to find someone who could save him.


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