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It all started at breakfast one morning. Rose, Blanche, Dorothy and Sophia were sitting around eating pancakes.

"Girls," Rose said, "I have a wonderful idea."

"Well someone had a large bowl of confidence for breakfast," Sophia said.

"No. I'm eating pancakes," Rose replied.

"I was making a joke," Sophia said.

"Anyway this month is a great Saint Olaf tradition."

"I guarantee it's not great," Dorothy whispered to Blanche, "It's from Saint Olaf."

"I HEARD THAT," Rose said.

"Honey Dorothy was just kidding," Blanche said, "So tell us about this tradition."

"It's called kindness month," Rose said, "Instead of doing the usual thing we each pick a name out of a hat and we do something nice for the person we pick out every day."

"I think that's a great idea Rose," Blanche said.

"I LOVE IT," Dorothy exclaimed.

"We should do this every month," Sophia said.

"I don't think it would be special if we did it every month," Blanche said.

"But it would be cheaper then paying $500 every month when we sometimes are barely scraping by," Sophia joked.

"Honey are you having problems," Blanche asked.

"Not me," Sophia said, "Dorothy."

"MA," Dorothy yelled, "I'm doing fine."

"Fine is not donating blood to supplement the $75 extra you have to pay."

"Dorothy," Blanche said gently, "What's that all about."

"It's nothing," Dorothy said.

"Obviously it's not nothing."

"They pay you to donate blood," Rose said.

"I know they pay you to donate blood," Blanche replied, "But why does Dorothy need to donate blood."

"With the increase I can't afford to pay unless I do something and donating blood is the only thing I can do," Dorothy said, "I've been turned down for every second job and being a sub pays only when you work. They don't always call."

"DOROTHY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME," Blanche said, "I was trying to make a point about the dress. I had no idea you were going through this. I never would have acted the way I did if I knew what was going on."

"It's okay. Summer's out next week so I should have more job openings."

"Oh forget about the damn increase," Blanche said tears streaming down her eyes, "You're right. I am self centered."

"You're not self centered," Sophia said, "You're a drama queen but you're not self centered."

"I'm not a drama queen," Blanche said.

"Yes you are," Dorothy replied, "You're the drama queen type. Ma is the ridiculous story type. Rose is the friend type and me I'm the sense of humor type."

"Dorothy you have a sense of humor," Rose asked.

"I have a great sense of humor," Dorothy said.

"And you're so modest," Blanche teased.

"Hey. No need to be modest about the truth," Dorothy came back.

The four women laughed. Suddenly all the stress seemed to melt away. Once again everything was and would be okay. They were the GOLDEN GIRLS after all.