I'm in a crate.

A decent sized crate, sure, but still a fucking crate with airholes. My wrists were swollen and red, my arms bandaged up from the testing. I could hear moans of pain and possibly even pleasure from the other crates in this hanger. The drugs had diverse effects after all, and I shuddered at what they could do to people.

I heard something odd, like metal being struck, and cautiously peered out one of the airholes to see what was going on. I saw nothing so I sat back down, reminded of how one of the other 'test subjects' had gotten their eye ripped out after they were caught peeking out. I like both my eyes, thanks very much!

I kept hearing that noise, metal striking metal. It grew in volume, and from the noises of the other crates I figured I was the only one that wasnt so drugged up that I wasnt even coherent anymore. I was drugged, that was for sure. Even now I was second guessing if what I was hearing was indeed there. I could still see the pretty swirls of color and sometimes saw little squirrels dancing around me. Images I knew werent there. Suddenly, my crate lurched and I slammed against it hard. The top popped open and momentum threw me out of the crate as it kept on crashing forward, barely missing me by an inch. I blinked a few times, looking around the room. I could see the other test subject's crates, but they hadnt opened. I entertained the thought of opening them, but threw that notion out the window. If I could escape now I didn't want to be hindered, and by the sounds I could figure that trying to rescue them would be suicide at the moment. They were all to drugged to be of use and would just slow me down. Normally, this would be a moral dilema for me, but the drugs were making me not care.

Kidnapped by furries, experimented on like some crappy alien flick from the 80's, and stuffed into a cramped metal crate with holes. My life sucked royaly. Still, I was lucky to be out of the crate and now I was making my way down the hallways, noting that the room I had been kept in a crate in was numbered 304, trying to find some way out of this mess. I ducked into a room when I saw armed guards walking through at a flurry of a pace. It made my head hurt and my vision blur to see them run so quickly. Inside the room I found it to be a locker room. Some discarded uniforms where inside, along with some helmets. Best blend in, although they sort of smelled. No name tags, so I hoped there wasnt some advanced way of telling the mooks apart, like some sort of chip. I peered out the room and saw more guards heading in one direction. Cautiously I followed them, doing my best to blend in without being conspiquous. I just hoped the drugs wouldnt do me in on this part.

We entered a hanger filled with, what looked like, advanced fighter jets. Sleek and slim in design and all black, they were actually kinda cool looking. I was roughly shoved out of the way as some more of the mooks came through.

"Get in a jet, Soldier! Star Fox is doin' in all our fighters!" Someone barked at me as they shoved me towards the nearest jet. My heart slammed when I realized I was about to be sent into a battle that I knew I wouldnt win. There was just no possible way! Drugged with no flight experience? The thing I was best at was caring for baby animals at the nature reserve, not this! Which reminds me, I hope Aunt Kara remembers to start weening the wolf cubs off of milk and onto red meat.

I looked up at the black jet fighter as I walked up to its cockpit. If I fought I was dead. If I didnt fight I was dead. I saw other soldiers get in theirs and worked out how to get in from that. Inside it was actually pretty comfy, but the controls were an absolute mystery to me. I gulped, deciding to take my chances. The first thing I noticed was the many, many dials and such that seemed to measure all sorts of things, and then came the steering wheel thingy that was U-shaped and bright blue. I sighed and decided then that I also need to figure out how to turn it on.

That took a grand total of thirty minutes of fiddling with everything that moved until it finally started humming pleasantly and when I pressed forward on the joysticks it moved forward. I carefully steered the ship to follow the others and all to suddenly I was flying freely in space. Now I understood why the ships were black: We blended in perfectly with our surrounding spacial environment.

"... Star Fox! Dead ahead!"

"Careful! Take out their leader, Fox, first!"

The intercom on my jet said. I looked around and could faintly make out brightly colored dots, four in total, that were weaving through the mook and shooting them down expertly.

I watched them for a little while before I realized something:

There are not enough drugs in the entire UNIVERSE that would make me fucked up enough to jump into that. While all the other jets around me made sharp rights into the fray, I made a sharp left. Instantly I had shouts coming at me from the intercom, telling me to go the other direction, but I didn't listen and weaved through space away from the fighting. I dodged an asteroid as best I could but it clipped my wing and I spiraled down before I was able to right the jet back into a stable position.

"... You're not... Venom..." The intercom buzzed. The voice was strange, but pleasant. At first, I didnt pay any attention to it, but it kept persisting until finaly I could hear it without all the buzzing.

"You're flying like someone who's never been in the cockpit before. You're not part of the Venom Army led by Andross, are you?" The voice asked. I blinked and looked at the speaker. There were a few differently colored buttons, but becouse some werent labeled I wasnt sure which to press if I wanted to talk.

"Hello?" I asked, somewhat stupidly I suppose. Obviously, I didnt get an answer.

"... Can you talk? Do you not know how? Look at the speaker and you'll see three buttons. Press the top most to set up the automatic reception so we can hear you." The voice said. I nodded my head then mentally kicked myself when I realized they couldnt see me. I clicked the button and hesitated. How did I know this was a friend?

"Hello? Can you respond? I won't shoot you down if you explain yourself. Look to your left, you'll be able to see me." the voice said. I did as they asked and looked to my left. Through the glass of my helmet and cockpit I could see the white jet fighter beside me. Well, it was white and blue actually. I couldnt see inside the cockpit due to the helmet, so I tugged it off and put it on my lap, making sure to keep one hand on the joystick.

"... .You look strange. Monkey-like but... My name is Peppy Hare. Don't worry, if you don't want to fight you dont have to. Who are you? Why are you in one of Andross's fighter jets?" The voice said. Along with the words I could now see the elder hare talking in the white fighter next to me. I blinked, wondering if perhaps the drugs were still trying to overtake my mind.

"... Rabbit... you look like a rabbit... Are the drugs...? Are you really a rabbit?" I asked. There was a silence.

"Did they experiment on you? Yes, I am a sort of rabbit. As I mentioned before, I am Peppy Hare. What is your name, Miss?" He asked. I looked forward, letting my jet weeve just a bit to dodge an astroid.

"I... my name... Ah..." I thought for a moment. My name... What was my name again? Aunt Kara used to call me Gigi... A friend called me Medley... My name...

"I am... I don't... I remember... someone calling me Gigi... I remember someone else... calling me Medley... Gigi Medley...?"

"... That is fair enough for now, I suppose. If you were experimented on then the drugs may have an adverce effect on your memory. Gigi Medley... It sounds more like a nickname, but we can call you that for now. Do you know how to pilot that fighter?" Peppy Hare asked. I was still in turmoil about my name, but I shook my head.

"I seem to have figured out the basic controls but... I don't know much other than that."

"Well, here. I'll tell you how to land in the Great Fox. We can figure out where you came from when we are there safely and see about getting you back home, alright Miss Medley?" Peppy Hare asked. I nodded my head and listened as he talked soothingly about how to land the jet when we got to the 'Great Fox'. When I didn't understand he explained things to me further. When I didn't understand the technical jargan he re-explained it in simpilir form. Suddenly, I saw a great white machine that Peppy Hare informed me was the Great Fox. It was hard, getting in position, but Peppy Hare helped me out by being the guide to get me in. When the jet I was in was securely I waited. I wasnt sure how to open the cockpit now that I was inside so there wasnt much else to do. I tried racking my brain for information that I remembered. I hadnt thought about it much since the experiments, but now that I did I realized I didnt remember all that much. Flashes of memories here an there. A reserve, baby animals, the wolf cubs I needed to ween, Aunt Kara who helps me when she wasnt to busy caring for the animals in the clinic. Vague memories of a school and some friends. Gigi Medley. I was sure that wasnt my name and yet... It was the only name I had about me that I knew. I hoped I would remember more when there was a tap on the cockpit's window. I looked up and saw the elderly rabbit smiling down at me and suddenly the cockpit opened.

"Good to see you are doing fine! Miss Medley, if you will please step out." He said, holding out his hand.


"Hmm?" He looked at me, a little surprised.

"There are others like me... five others... in the crates... I remember... the room number. 305? No... 304... the others are still there... I was the only one who... who got out and... help them!" I said. My mind started to get very fuzzy and I reached out for his hand. I took the firmest grip I could to pull myself out, but even I could see it was weak at best. I heard him talking, but darkness started to cloud my mind and I couldnt hear him at all.

"You're wearing glasses..." I said hazily before I finally succombed to the side effect of that morning's drugs and fell asleep.


Voices. They spoke in hushed tones but erratic. Where they fighting? Ah, must be time to give me that mornings new dosage to see how it would affect me. But wait... why are they whispering? Those furries that experimented on me, cut my skin, studied my internal organs, they never kept their voices low. It didn't matter my state of being, they would always speak loudly and clearly, as if purposefully trying to wake me and keep me awake.


"... can't just leave them... You see what had been done..."

"... find them... missing fighters... call sent out..."

"To think that... could it be... where did he...?"

"... care for her?... home... leave her..."

"Falco, that is... I will care..."

So many voices all at once it seemed. I opened my eyes and quickly shut them again from the blinding light. I let out a groan and all the noise stopped as I rubbed my eyes.

"Too... bright... shut it off... please!" I moaned. I heard footsteps and then a click. Hesitantly, I opened my eyes and saw most of the lights had been turned off but one that allowed us to see clearly, even if the room was very dim.

"It is good to see you are awake Miss Medley. Perhaps you can be of some assistance now. We looked for the other five you spoke of, but it seems that they could not be found in the base." Peppy Hare said, standing next to me. I was on a bed with white sheets and blankets in a sterilized white room. Perhaps the medical ward? I didn't answer and looked around. My eyelids felt a bit heavy, but I forced them to stay open as I studied everything I could make out in the room: the counters, the other beds, the chairs, the other furries in the room. Even a robot!

"Miss Medley, if you please, we would like some more information." Peppy Hare gently pressed, placing a hand on my shoulder as comfortingly as he could. I looked down at it, blinking, before looking up at him.

"...Isn't it time.. for those people in the coats and gloves? When I wake up they would always test a new drug on me... Has something changed?" I asked. Peppy Hare gave me a strange look. Wait, when did I know his name?

"Miss Medley... You aren't-"

"You're Peppy Hare... How do I know that? Today they were going to test something new... they said they needed me and that other one... He said his name was Vince... they wanted to know how we bred... Started using a new drug... felt really bad... Are you going to test my fitness again? Is that why there aren't any drugs?"

"She certainly asks a lot of questions." I heard someone say. I looked up and saw it was the blue pheasant looking person. He seemed to be sneering at me. Peppy Hare gave my shoulder a light squeeze.

"No, no tests, no drugs. Miss Medley, don't you remember? You escaped and I led you here, to the Great Fox." Peppy Hare explained. My mind drew a blank, and I tilted my head up at him.

"Great Fox? Escape? But... the others..."

"We havent been able to find them. Do you know what they look like? We can keep an eye out for them." Peppy Hare said. I blinked, letting my head rest on my shoulder as I thought.

"Vince... I remember he had white hair... it was short... his eyes were brown... I don't know the others really... just their voices... when those furries werent around we'd talk to each other... if the drugs werent to bad... Vince.. Clarise... Nick... David... Lisa..." I rambled. Peppy smiled at me and a yellow fox walked up to me. His eyes were a rather startling shade of emerald green and I noted that he had some physical characteristics shared with the Red Fox species.

"You look like a fox..." I muttered, smiling. I looked at the others, using a finger to point at each one.

"You look like a frog... no.. a toad?... Frog...Toad... same thing!... Pheasant... Big bird... blue... are pheasants blue?... Rabbit... no.. Hare... Long ears... expressive... Fox...Frog... Pheasant... Hare... Human!" I pointed to myself, giggling. Maybe the drugs were still having an affect? I wasnt sure, but I felt really giddy for some reason.

"Did someone give her something? Shouldnt the drugs have worn off by now?"

"She's only been out for a few hours, so I doubt it. I'll give her an IV and flush out her system. She may be more lucid after that." Peppy Hare said. The fox nodded his head, looking down at me. I hiccuped, holding a hand to my mouth.

"Foxy fox! I remember taking care of some fox cubs..! Came before the wolf cubs... so cute.. liked to bite my hands... see! Still got the bite marks... oh, those are from the wolf cubs... fox cubs are cute! So small and fluffy... mischevoise tho... had to always watch them... hope they arent giving Aunt Kara to much trouble now.." I rambled on. I remembered the three little fox cubs. What did I name them again? "Named em Leeroy, Jenkins, and Bonnie! Funny cubs... kept getting into the flour... Jenkins hated getting a bath. Kept biting my hands when I washed his fur." I rambled, more to myself. The pheasant seemed fed up with listening to me ramble and he left, to frog following suit with some excuse as needing to fix something. Peppy walked back and set up an IV. I stared as he set it up and hooked it to my arm.

"Bunnies are cute to. Had to take care of some baby bunnies... so cute! Fluffers, Cotton, Snowball, and Patches! They hopped around as soon as they could... soooo cute... so sad when they were finally old enough to get real owners... wanna new bunny now..."

"I think she's lost her mind." The fox said. I looked over at him and giggled.

"Havent lost it! Never had it! Animals here, animals there... both sooooo different. You're a fox, but not like the ones there... the foxes there couldnt speak aside from the yips an' yaps... small to... soooo cute..." I rambled again. My mind felt a bit hazed.

"Ahh... Mommy... she liked to help take care of all the baby animals to... really liked to help... I remember her saying how they were a gift, and we needed to care for them.. Mommy liked to give them nicknames... used to call me Gaga... Why'd she call me that..? Gaga... Gigi... Daddy didnt call me those... he called me Princess... Do all Dad's call their daughters Princess?" I rambled on. Peppy Hare patted my head and my arm with the IV felt cold, so I rubbed it gently, avoiding the IV.

"Miss Medley, could you tell me the name of your planet?" Peppy Hare asked. I tilted my head and thought.

"The blue planet! Earthy Earth... Heh, loooots of water... pretty when you don't actually look at it to closely... Earth! I lived on Earth!" I said, smiling. Peppy smiled as well, patting my on the head.

"Do you know which galaxy that was in?" He asked. I looked over at the fox.

"Cream... no... Creamy?... no... Milk?... Milky?... Milky! Yes.!... Milky Way...! The Milky Way!" I said. Peppy Hare nodded, then looked up at Mr. Foxman.

"Think you can keep an eye on her while I have R.O.B run a search on this?" Peppy asked. Mr. Foxman nodded, and grabbed a chair, sitting next to my bed. I watched Peppy Hare leave, before turning to look at Mr. Foxman.

"Hello, Mr. Foxman..." I said, waving my hand and smiling. He blinked then waved back.

"Hello... Ms. Humanwoman." He said, smirking. I blinked and then stared laughing.

"What's your name?" I asked. Mr. Foxman shrugged.

"Fox McCloud. Can you remember your real name yet?"

"Nope! Gigi Medley... Nicknames... wonder why those? Fox McCloud? Why'd your parents name you that? You are a fox named Fox!... that is weird." I said, thinking on it. Fox McCloud stared at me.

"I like my name." He said flatly. I looked over at him, then smiled.

"Ok! Fox McCloud is cool!" I said. He chuckled.

"I hope those drugs were off soon..." He said. I looked up at the ceiling and thought I saw something slithering up there.

"Me to! Seeing things again. Snake on the ceiling! Snake on the Ceiling!" I sang, pointing up. Fox McCloud looked up and then back at me, an eyebrow raised.

"Yeah... drugs still got a pretty good hold on you." He said.

"Snakes are freaky... I like oranges!"

"... Kay."






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