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Nick sat at the restaurant bar slowly getting hammered. It wasn't his usual bar. If it was, then Hank would be on one side of him smiling at every skirt that went by and Wu would be on the other, perusing the menu. No, he didn't want to be anywhere that anyone he knew could see him. That's also why he wasn't over at Monroe's trying some microbrew or selective wine paired with whatever vegetarian dish was for dinner. He needed to privately drown his sorrows.

He motioned the bartender to pour him another drink. What was it, his fifth or sixth one? Ever since the refusal at the cabin Juliette had started drifting away from him. It wasn't like he hadn't noticed it before he became a Grimm. It was just so much more pronounced, slowly after Aunt Marie had told him to leave her and then quickly as the reality that their relationship wasn't going to move forward. Every day, he looked around to find things of hers slowly disappearing. Then one day, everything was gone and she was standing at the door bags in hand.

The bartender made another pass, filling up his drink unasked.

He let her go. He had no words to bring her back. What really made him guilty was that he felt relief that she was finally gone. Nick still cared for her, but it wasn't the affection felt for a lover, more for a dear friend or an old acquaintance. He was also relieved because he no longer had to worry about her safety or had to constantly lie about all the things he had to do as a Grimm.

Knocking back his drink he set it firmly down on the bar staring into the empty glass.

He wasn't angry that he was a Grimm. In fact, part of him was really glad. Because of it, he had met Monroe. However, with that thought, came another surge of unhappiness. He wasn't really sure when he became aware of his feelings for Monroe. At first he had mistook them for loneliness, Juliette's departure making him crave some sort of companionship. Then he had felt a bit of shame, thinking he was rebounding. And gradually another slippery feeling made its way into his heart, doubt. He doubted that Monroe would ever see him as more than a friend or a Grimm. He doubted that the strangeness he felt over liking another guy would go away. Nick wasn't homophobic in the slightest but he couldn't remember when, or if ever, he had liked a guy. And that inevitably brought about another train of thought. Monroe wasn't into guys either, if Angelina was anything of an indication.

The bartender stopped in front of him. "You sure you want another?"

Nick stared at his empty glass. "Yeah, keep 'em coming. I'm good." He turned towards a group people noisily playing pool as his drink was refilled. One of the young men was staring at him intensely. Nick's breath hitched as the young man's face shifted, and the recognition clicked into place, Barry, the young J├Ągerbar. Keeping his eyes glued on Nick, he slowly made his way across the restaurant to stand next to him. Nick muttered, "What are you doing here?"

"My dad has good lawyers, as well as a lot of money and lots of friends with money." He grinned boyishly, "Long time no see, Grimm. You look lonely, would you like some company?"

Nick snorted. If he didn't know better, it sounded like the young Wesen was trying to pick him up. Then a crazy idea worked its way into his head, it probably snuck in there cause of one too many drinks. Inhibitions shot to hell, he turned to face Barry with a challenge in his eyes, "Some company might be nice."

Barry looked slightly shocked, his grin turned feral as his eyes ran up and down Nick's body appraisingly. He leaned close, brushing his hand over Nick's bare arm. "You sure you ain't gonna regret this later cause you're drunk?"

"I'm going to regret it cause I'm not drunk enough." Somehow he knew Barry wasn't going to harm him. Even without a Blutbad's keen nose he could smell the arousal coming off of him. Considering the kid played chicken with cars on his motor bike he had to wonder if bedding a Grimm appealed to his thrill seeker nature. He tossed back his remaining drink and handed the bartender a few twenties. Heading towards the door he tossed Barry his keys. "Here, I don't live that far away. I'll show you where to go."

The ride to his empty house was tense but quick. Neither of them spoke except to give directions and confirm what streets to take and how far to go. Barry pulled up and shut the engine off and it was a race to get to the door. He tossed the keys back to Nick who had to keep himself from dropping them in anticipation. The door had hardly slammed open when they were all over each other.