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I ran like a madwoman. I couldn't stay here any longer, unless I wanted security on my ass.

"Amirah!" I turned to the sound of my name. Tyler was waving me in his direction, through a closing security door. I bolted, already able to hear security running after me. Tyler had already made it through when I got there, and I had to slide under the door with the artifact tucked under my arm. I had to admit, I felt like some badass assassin. Thing is, I was.

I work for the Government, like one of the Mission: Impossible movies. In addition to that, although you would never hear of a citizen of the U.S. speak about it, there were two parts to the Government. Yep, you guessed it: Templars and Assassins. Although we weren't quite as brutal and straightforward as our Medieval counterparts, the influence was quite strong. As to what, I shan't tell you, then I'd have to kill you.

Ch. 1- The Apple in our Possession

As I sauntered into Head Quarters I couldn't help but feel proud of myself. I had just taken the Apple of Eden from those Templar bastards. I stood before Headmaster O'Brien's desk, grinning triumphantly.

"Well," he began as he gestured to what I held in my hand. "let's see it."

As if for dramatic effect, I let the piece roll onto his desk from the cloth that held it captive. It looked like any ordinary ball of metal to a normal passerby, but to an Assassin, it was way more than that. This thing was like our whole existence in one ball. We lived for it, to keep it out of Templar's greedy hands. Headmaster oogled at the Apple. He reached forward to touch it, but shrunk his hand back, only centimeters before his eager fingertips came in contact with it.

"What's wrong?" I asked. I held the cloth in the same position, gazing curiously at the man who basically controlled my life.

"This can influence any man who touches it to pure madness, their head clouded with power," he explained. I glanced down at the Apple, as though waiting for it to spontaneously combust or something.

"What should we do with it then?" I questioned.

"Wrap it back up in that cloth," he said, gesturing to the tan linen I held firmly in my grasp. "Do not touch it. Put it in the glass case in the back room."

I nodded, busying my hands with trying to pick the Apple up. I didn't touch it, but I still felt nervous that I would randomly start laughing like a maniac, and begin killing everyone in sight. Thankfully, no such urges came across me. I walked carefully to the back room, holding the Apple at arms length, trying to distance myself as far away from it as possible. Had I known of its full power, I would've never tucked it under my arm. I would've brought, like a giant pare of tongs or something.

When I reached the back room, I set my destination to the brightly lit, obviously showcased glass box in the far corner. I, for one, thought that lighting it up so much was a terribly idiotic idea. It was like we were inviting any Templar to come and get it. Of course, it was heavily guarded, but still…

I walked by the guards stationed there with ease. I was a well-known Assassin among our Order. In fact, I was constantly reminded that I was the Headmaster's finest. Cliché right? The only girl in this Order, and I'm the best! Well, I didn't really want to complain. It's not as though I didn't mind having the other Assassins regarding me highly. Placing the Apple down gently, I closed the glass encasement and turned on the alarm.

I sauntered back to the Headmaster's office, who looked at me giddily. "Amirah, my girl! You have accomplished what we have been trying to for years! The Apple of Eden is finally in our possession! I could hear faint whoops sounding in the banquet hall. "Come, Amirah, we shall celebrate with a fine dinner!" The Headmaster led me into the banquet hall.

When I entered, everyone stood up. I was actually quite embarrassed. I hung my head, trying hard to contain the blush. Words of "congratulations" and "well done" rang through the room like the toll of an old, iron bell. I smiled widely as I took my assumed seat next to my old friend Kelvin. Kelvin and I had been friends since we both arrived at the Order when we were only six. Now, at twenty-two, we were knit-tight.

"They even called the Apple's guards off to eat with us," Kelvin murmured into my ear as I continued smiling thanking those who congratulated me.

I turned my head slightly to him, muttering, "Really? I didn't think it was this much of a big deal." whilst I kept my smile alive.

"Yep, it's a pretty big deal alright," Kelvin stated, leaning casually back in his seat.

Once settled down, the Order ate a scrumptious dinner. Steak, rack of lamp, pork, and sushi were served at the table. Being the little gluten I am, I took a bit of each, somehow managing to save room for an enormous slice of chocolate cake. The others gawked at me, Kelvin shook his head, and the Headmaster laughed. "I don't know how you manage to eat so much and maintain such a skinny body!" he exclaimed.

"It's all the running you guys make me do," I said through a mouthful of cake. I was always one to have a bit of an outgoing and cocky attitude, but I knew my place. I wouldn't dare speak out of line.

"Maybe we should feed you more then!"

Just as I was about to comply, the alarm went off. The Apple. I took no initiative from the Headmaster or anyone around me- I pushed up and out of my seat and bolted for the Apple. When I reached the back room, I relieved to see that the Apple was safe, but scared when I realized how much it was glowing. 'It had broken the glass'. I inched towards it.

Something compelled me to touch it, I don't know what. My hand reached out unconsciously, and my fingertips itched to touch its smooth surface. The glow that the Apple was emitting grew brighter as I grew nearer. I heard the faint call of my name and a hand on my shoulder when I finally made contact with it.