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"I swear to you, there was an explosion!" I heard at dinner. My ears instinctually tuned in. I stopped what I was doing, fixating my stare on a random patch of wall, careful to not make eye contact with whomever was talking.

"Amirah here—" Kelvin began. Wordlessly and expressionlessly, I shoved a piece of bread in his mouth to shut him up. He said no more.

"I was in the market last night when BAM! When I went to check it out, there was a dead man with a hole in the side of his face!" the same man exclaimed, throwing his arms about.

"Anyone suspicious there?" I heard another man ask quietly.

"Yeah, that new girl." That did it. I shot up from my chair and stormed out of the dining hall, looking feverishly for Altair.

I found him in his quarters sitting on the edge of his bed. "Amirah?" he asked when I whipped the door open.

"One of them saw me."

"Who saw you doing what?" He stood up.

"I don't know who! One of those assassins! He saw me leave last night. He heard the gunshot and saw the man. Gah! I shouldn't have used my gun!" I cried.

"And why exactly does this matter?" He seemed skeptical.

"What if that asshole tells Al Mualim? Hmm? What do I do then?"

"You explain that it wasn't you," he said quietly.

"I don't know if you haven't noticed, but he and I haven't exactly gotten off on the right foot!" I huffed and began pacing. "And he probably won't believe you, either! You're definitely not on his good side right now, with being reduced to novice and all!"

Altair stopped me with a firm hand to the shoulder. He looked me square in the eyes. "We'll figure something out. For now, go to sleep. You're tired."

I heaved a heavy sigh and stormed out of the room. That night, it took forever for me to fall asleep.


I ran as fast as I could to Altair's room. I burst in, slamming the door behind me.

He stirred in his bed. "Amirah? What are you doing?" he asked groggily.

"It's gone! My gun is gone!" I screamed.

He shot up. "What?!"

I ran a nervous hand through my auburn hair. "I woke up this morning and it was gone! Someone came in and took it off of my nightstand!" I explained shakily.

"Are you sure it was there when you fell asleep?"

"Yes I'm sure! I always leave it next to me!"

"Maybe Kelvin took it?"

"Why would he? He has one of his own." My voice was quieter, a sure sign that I was scared. "What if whomever took it uses it? God, I probably just fucked history up so bad."

"We'll find out who took it," Altair said reassuringly.

"How? What're we gonna do, go up to each Assassin and ask them if they snuck into my room and took my gun?"

"Well, no…I.."

"See? Even you don't know!" I cried.

"Amirah, it's going to be alright," he assured.

"How do you know?"

He never answered.


Three days later, I still had no idea who had my gun. Kelvin said he would keep a look out, and that helped to ease my worries, but even that much couldn't help me out that much. I was in the foyer looking for a book to read when it happened.

It was very late at night and I could not get to sleep, so I thought I'd grab a book to read to help ease my nervousness. With it being as late as it was, no one else was there. At least, I thought.

I was behind a bookshelf when Al Mualim sauntered in, lantern in hand. I stiffened. I knew I wasn't doing anything wrong, but even the thought of that man scared me. I quietly resumed my book-browsing. Al Mualim seemed to be doing the same thing.

In my peripheral vision, I spotted a man crouched and inching closer to the Master. I watched suspiciously. But when he lifted the gun, aimed at Al Mualim, I ran for him. I pounced on him, trying desperately to rip the gun from his hands. How he even knew what to do with it was beyond me. He shot the gun, the loud blast obviously startling the elder Grand Master as the bullet stuck on the bookshelf he was going through. The dipshit I was fighting tried to run away, he really did, but I hooked my leg around his, making him land face-first on the ground and myself on his back.

I gasped when I realized who it was. "Rakim?" I whispered.

"Miss me, sweatheart?" he growled.

"What is the meaning of this?!" Al Mualim barked. My head shot up, eyes meeting his. "Amirah! What are you doing?!"

"I-I…" I realized how bad it looked. In my hand, was the gun and at Rakim's throat was my hidden blade. I quickly sheathed it. "He was trying to shoot you with my gun, sir," I explained.

"With your what?"

'How the Hell am I going to explain a gun to him?!' "It-it shoots a bullet, usually for killing. Rakim was trying to kill you."

Rakim wriggled underneath me. "I was not! I was trying to save you, Master! It was she who was trying to kill you! Don't let her lies fool you!" I gawked. Was he really playing this game?

Al Mualim glowered at me. "Amirah…?"

"Of course I wasn't trying to kill you!" I exclaimed.

"How am I to believe you?" Al Mualim growled.

"I—" 'Shit! How am I supposed to make him believe me?'

Al huffed. "Fifty lashes, both of you tomorrow. And if neither of you confess, I will have you both killed."

Well shit.

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