Title: Living Life

Summary: When Edward fell for Bella he knew his life would change forever, watch as he navigates this life with just love and a plan.

Rating: M because we all love our OCD lovin'

Pairing: It's always going to be an E/B story

Disclaimer: No, I still don't own these characters. Although I wish I did.

Epilogue – Edward

I sat in my car even after I pulled on to the driveway. I pulled my tie away from neck and ran my hands through my hair. Taking several deep breaths I climbed out of the car and shut the door after grabbing my brief case.

I was happy to be home, let's just put it that way. It had been a long day at the office and I needed a cuddle from my wifey and babies. I rubbed my temples trying in vain to ward off a migraine as I walked inside. Lincoln ran out of the door as I opened, Millie following close behind her.

"Bella?" I called as I walked into the house. "Guys?" I yelled again realising it was very quiet.

"Up here" Bella called from upstairs.

"Have you got the kids hog tied?" I asked her running up the stairs, tripping over a random doll as I did. I picked it up and threw in Dawn's toy box at the top of the stairs before going to find Bella.

I opened our bedroom door to find my wife leaning against our bed post wearing nothing but a sex silky night gown.

"Happy Birthday Baby" She said walking towards me.

"Yes it is" I said wrapping my arms around her. "Where are the kids?"

"Your parents have them."

"All four?"

"Your mother demanded." Bella said before I leaned in and kissed her. "How was work?" she asked as I walked her over to the bed.

"Let's not talk about that" I said kissing her again. Even after eight years of marriage kissing her felt like something new. We had been together almost ten years and I could never see this getting old.

"So do you like your birthday present?" she asked me and I nodded running my hand up her side. "They didn't have it in your size so I said I would wear it." She said making me laugh.

"Enough talking you." I teased kissing her making her laugh. It quickly turned to moans as my hands played with her breasts. "So sexy, even after four babies Mrs. Cullen."

"You're such a liar."

"Am not, I have never seen a woman post twins look as amazing as you do."

Yeah that threw us for a loop.

After our beautiful Dawn we went again two years later and got the little Edward Bella's being prophesising since the beginning of our relationship. And then when Junior was three we deciding to go one last time and ended up with twins.

Yeah that had been a fun day.


"Bella come on we're going to be late." I called as I tried to wrestle a coat onto Junior.

"Daddy I hate coats." He protested.

"Colds are worse." I reasoned. "Princess will you put on your shoes?" I asked Dawn who sat on the bottom of the stairs waiting for Bella to come down the stairs.

"Shoes are worse than coats." She told me.

I could feel myself slowly losing the battle with these kids.

Eventually I had them ready to go, I had Junior in my arms knowing the little bugger would be naked in the backyard quicker than I could said 'come back' if I let him down. We were having a naked phase in the Cullen house, Bella assured me they'd grow out of it and for the most part Dawn had but Junior threw me for a wrench stripping himself in the grocery store last week.

Almost got banned for public indency. Just another day as a parent I suppose.

"Right I'm ready" Bella said. "Are you two ready to see the baby?" she asked the kids who nodded excitedly.

"Do we get to bring it home today?" Dawn asked me.

"Well the Baby is always home, it's in Mommy's belly." I explained and she frowned at her Mommy.

"What's wrong Dee?" Bella asked her as she pulled on her coat and we headed for the door.

"Why did you eat my little sister Mommy?" she asked.

"I keep telling you I didn't" Bella exclaimed. I carried Junior out to the car and buckled him in before grabbing Dawn and lifting her in her car seat. She was now five and a Mini Bella with my green eyes. I just adored her if I was being honest. I thought I had changed when I met Bella, that had nothing on how being Dawn's Daddy changed me.

And then raising Junior was just freaking exhausted. I'm only kidding; I adored that kid just as much as I did his sister. He was my mini me, only getting Bella's clumsiness and stubborn. It meant Bella was a sucker for him. It was okay though. The only way he differed from me was his love for all things muddy and sticky. I don't know how much time I've spent hosing him down in his two and half years.

We were interested to see who the new baby would look like more. I was hoping for another little girl just because you know less mud. I think Bella wanted a boy though. She kept hinting about how great it would be to have two little boys, because Dawn was so independent, she wasn't sure how she would play with a little sister. She figured Junior would adjust better to having a play mate.

We finally managed to get to the hospital and Bella went in ahead of us to get her check up before they called us in to view the sonogram.

Carrying Junior in one arm and hold Dawn's hand with the other I remembered every other time I had done this.

"Oh the whole family is here." Dr. Meyer said and I nodded.

"Guys this is Mommy's doctor, she helped us bring you into the world." I explained and Dawn nodded while Junior was looking at the machines.

"Are you ready to see your little brother or sister?" Bella asked Junior as I sat him down on my lap while Dawn climbed up beside Bella. "Careful Princess." She warned.

"Yep!" Junior said loudly making us all laugh.

"Alright then let's get the baby on the screen." Dr. Meyer said moving the doppler over Bella's stomach. "So let's see... alright guys there... wait are we finding out the gender this time?"

"Yes!" I exclaimed and Bella glared at me. "We're not doing it again." I told her and she sighed.

"Alright go ahead Doc." Bella said raising her arm so she was resting her head against it.

"Well here is your little... hold on..." Dr. Meyer said her eyebrows knitting together.

"What?" I asked sitting forward. Bella looked over at me panicked. I sat Junior on the chair and stood up so that I could hold Bella's hand. "Is something wrong?" I asked Dr. Meyer.

"Just give me one second." She zeroing in on something.

"Should I get the kids...?" I began when she shook her head.

"Oh God no. Sorry for scaring you. Just well, you're having twins."

"Come again?" Bella asked.



End Flashback.

Four months later Charlotte and Jackson were born.

The hardest thing I've ever done was survive the first six months with the twins, but we got through it and Bella and I wondered what we did before we had those kids and how the hell we could have ever felt fulfilled before them.

And here I was thirty five years old and to be quite honest I had the perfect life.

Bella moaned into my mouth as I pulled her dress away from her body. I quickly shed my clothes and pulled her on top of me, our mouths staying glued together. She was stunning and through some freak accident, mine. I wasn't complaining though.

As she moved on top of me I was struck by how even after all these years I could feel as if we still in the first few weeks of our relationship. That's not to say she didn't have faults, or ticks that pissed me off. But I wasn't a basket of roses to live with either so we worked through, like really why spend half your life fighting over what was an acceptable condition to leave a tube of tooth paste when you could be doing this instead... or so she told me.

I still wished she wouldn't squeeze from the middle though.

Once we were done and satisfied she fell down on top of me making me chuckle.

"Something funny?" she asked looking up at me.

"No, you're just adorable." I told her and she laughed. "And sexy"

"And you're cuddly." She told me kissing under my chin. "So do you feel old?" she asked me.

"No" I said sitting up and pulling her with me.

"Good, because I'm way too young to be married to an old man"

"Well then I'll just have to stay young forever then." I teased. "Were the kids alright heading off?" I asked her.

"Charlie was horrified about you not reading her story tonight but made peace with the fact that we told her Grandpa was the one who taught you how to do it." Bella explained and I laughed. "So what was so bad about work Baby?" she asked me sitting up properly and running her hands through my hair.

"I don't know" I said rubbing the back of my neck. "I think I'm just..."

"Fed up?" she asked me and I nodded. "Edward you've been saying for about two years now." She said "Do you think it's time to look into getting another job?" she asked and I sighed. "I hate seeing you miserable and that's what you are. All you've ever wanted to do was been an accountant and now Aro has you running around taking meetings almost like a manager. And it's great that he trusts you to do that but it's not who you are."

"What if I don't find another job?" I asked her.

"We have the money" She told me "But I know you like to work."

"Yeah" I said sitting back.

"What's your dream job?" she asked me.

"Don't laugh?" I asked her.

"Edward I could never. You're the one who encouraged me to follow my dream and start the centre and every time I've wanted to expand it you've cheered me on. I could never laugh at you." She said and I nodded picking up her hand and kissing it. "Tell me"

"I want to work with you." I told her and she smiled. "Bella the work you do is so... amazing." I said "I think I would be really happy there plus with the way you are expanding it I could step into a finance role, you need someone in house to be taking care of that and you wouldn't have to pay me so..."

"Yes, yes, yes." She said leaning up and kissing me. "You're hired."

"Just like that huh?" I asked and she nodded. "No interview? Do you even want to see my CV?" I teased.

"Special circumstances" She said kissing me again.

"Is that fair?"

"Not really" She said with a smirk before kissing me again. "Are you sure you want to do this Edward? It will mean completely changing your life." She said.

"Not really Bella. The centre has been a big part of my life since the first time you mentioned it." I told her and she smiled. "I've always wanted to play a bigger part in it and now I think I can." I told her. "Sure it will be different from getting up and going to work in Volterra everyday but I think I could do with the change."

"You want change? Who are you and want have you done with my Hubward?" she teased. "Baby as long as you're happy you could be a train driver for all I care."

"I know Love."

"I love you" She said kissing me.

"You have no idea" I said.

The next day I woke up early to find Bella gone from the bed. As I stretched I heard the front door unlock and the Calvary returning home.

"Daddy" Junior called before running into our bedroom and climbing up on the bed. "Guess what?"

"What?" I asked my sixth year old as the three year old twins came barrelling into the room on top of each other.

"Dawn is in love with Mark!" Junior exclaimed his crazy red hair standing on all ends.

"Am not!" Dawn yelled as she walked into the bedroom. At eight years old she stood nearly as tall as my wife and was just as beautiful. She had my green eyes but the rest of her was definitely her mother. Right now she stood with her arms crossed glaring at her little brother while I grabbed Charlie and kissed her forehead before grabbing Jackson and doing the same.

"What makes you say that Junior?" I asked him.

"I saw her kiss him!" He said in shock and I turned to my daughter.


"Dad, he's only six what does he know about..." She began when Bella walked in and tapped her shoulder.

"What did we say about lying Dee?" Bella asked her and our eldest harrumphed.

"It was a dare."

"Who dared you his lips?" Junior asked and Dee moved to jump at him when Bella caught her.

"Ah, ah" She said putting her back down on her feet.

"Wait why are people kissing?" I asked.

"I wasn't!" Jackson said sounding absolutely disgusted.

"Neither was I!" Charlie said clearing her name.

"I wasn't either..." Junior said when Charlie butted in.

"But I saw you kiss Emma..." Charlie said causing him to blush.

"CHARLIE!" Junior yelled.

"I thinks that was a secret." Jackson whispered to his twin who nodded.

"Why were you kissing Emma?" I asked him.

"Maybe he's into older women." Bella said and I groaned. "Not the time?" she asked and I shook my head. "Okay new rule before we turn Daddy's hair grey."


"No more kissing the Cheneys." Bella said and I nodded.

"But..." Junior began.

"What?" Bella asked him.

"I think she's my girlfriend" Junior said looking unsure.

"Okay this is obviously your genes Love because I never got up to these sorts of shenanigans as a child. That or Angela Cheney is playing match maker." I told Bella who chuckled.

"Daddy are you naked under there?" Charlotte asked picking up the duvet which I quickly grabbed out of her hands as I suddenly remembered I was. "Daddy Mommy and Grandma say we hafta wear jammies otherwise we get colds."

"Yeah Daddy" Bella said picking the twins up off the bed.

"Plus how unfair is it making Mommy sleep in the same bed as a nakey boy?" Junior asked.

"Really unfair." Jackson said while I tried not to laugh.

"Okay seeing as my nakedness offends you all greatly, get out and let me get dressed." I told them and the four kids quickly left the room before Charlie came back and launched herself on the bed. "Did you forget something Princess?"

"Grandpa does not tell stories as good as you do." She said before kissing my cheek and running out of the room.

I chuckled as I stood up from the bed and walked towards my closet.

"You know for kids who thought it appropriate to strip naked in the middle of the produce section they're real prudes." Bella said and I nodded as I pulled on a pair of boxers. "So did you enjoy your lie in?" she asked me and I nodded. "Good" She said leaning up and kissing me.

"Mommy! Jackson dropped the paints!" Charlie yelled and I groaned dropping my head on Bella's shoulder.

"Why couldn't they all have inherited the OCD?" I asked her and she chuckled.

"Just lucky I guess." She said walking out of the room to go tend with the paint bomb that had exploded in some location in the house.

After four children my OCD tendencies diminished greatly. There was only so many times you could be pissed or pooped on before you just said 'fuck it' and went to bed instead of having a shower. Plus I've seen those kids do things with a bowl of oatmeal that I never thought possible before. Like seriously how does a two year get cereal on the ceiling? Yeah Junior was a little Michangelo who felt the whole house needed redecorating once he turned two.

We differed on our opinions of oatmeal art though.

I walked down the stairs to find Bella holding Charlie on her hip while pushing the mop around the floor. Jackson and Junior were sitting on the table colouring while Dawn was doing some homework for school tomorrow.

I leaned against the doorframe and smiled at the five of them. Lincoln, still strutting around like she owned the place, brushed up against my legs. I picked her up and thought about what my life was like just ten years ago.

Wake up at six a.m and follow a strict, gruelling schedule until 23:23 when I eventually fell into bed, only for it all to start again the very next day.

I had no friends, no life and no real future ahead of me.

And then, she ruined my day.

Smiling at Bella I knew I had gotten extremely lucky when I had met her. How many guys could say they accidentally met their soul mate when they weren't even looking for her? I don't know the answer to that. But I do know that none of this would ever be possible without her.

I lived my entire life thinking I would have to live this monotonous schedule just so I could be certain that nothing bad would ever happen. But Bella showed me that the worst thing I could do would be to hide behind my OCD and let the fear of not knowing where life would take me, rule my life.

Because really the best moments of my life had come from what can be described as a freak accident. And sure it took a lot of growing pains to get to this point, not just for me but for her too. We both sacrificed a lot to be together at times.

She lost her mother and best friends because of me.

And I lost my brother and in turn my best friend because of what she brought out of me.

But together we pulled our lives back together and repaired those broken relationships to the point where it's hard to remember why they ever fell apart.

"Whatcha thinking about?" Bella asked me as she sat Charlie on the ground, who immediately went chasing after Millie.

"Just thinking about how that was the best birthday of my life" I told her wrapping my arms around her waist and kissing her cheek.

"Ah, ah, ah best..." She said and I kissed her lips chuckling.

"I know best birthday of my life so far."


So I have so many things I want to say right now. Am I'm really emotional about this right now. Never, when I started Day to Day, did I think anything like this would ever happen. The characters in this story have been ones I've learnt to love and I have a complete soft spot in my heart.

And you... this story never would have become what it is without you people, the readers. You have supported OCDward since day one and without you this story never would have become what it is today. I love each and every review this story has gotten and I can't wait to see what you think about this.

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