1. Table of Contents

2. A Seedling (Rated:K)

Six plants a seedling and muses on what one could have done to prevented the world he lives in. GO RECYCLE! Six would have wanted you to.

3. Two for Two (Rated T)

The new agent Two is off to a bad start until a not-so-earthly friend of Six's decides to step in.


Agent Two meets a person, who has a bit of advice, and learns there is more to the world than meets the eye.

3. The Time In Between. (Rated T)

Six is the Guardian of the Night. For the first time, he will meet the Guardian of the Day.

4. It Exists. (Rated K+)

I live in the City. And today, I saw something that makes me believe that love, a feeling I never thought I would see, does exist.

Anonymous narrator.

5. Wrote Our Own. (Rated T)

Six and Kyntak are partners in a creative writing class. And Jack Heath is there.

You should read it just because of that last sentence.

6. Imperative. (Rated T)

King is making a plan. Queen is hungry. Grysat is babysitting. Six is some sort of freak kid genius. Kyntak is flailing. You should be reading the fic RIGHT NOW. ModernAsInOurDay!AU.