Right, I was hoping for a Malec fic to start off my time in TMI, but I got bunnies for this one faster. Remember, this one does have severe spoilers for the end of City of Lost Souls.

It's probably going to be an important plot point in the next one, so beware...

Oh, and TMI belongs to Cassandra Clare.

I walked into the station, grinning as I saw the magic wall that had Camille's house behind it. I walked over, nearly skipping as I headed for her. I did a little twirl, then stopped as I saw her.

"Hello. Are you lost?" I looked at the woman on the sofa, walking over to her. "Do you have any parents?"

I shook my head. Her want to drink me would let me do it.

"Oh, you poor dear. Here, let me give you a hug..." She walked forwards, her teeth already out.

I smiled, then pushed my hand into her tummy. I felt something fleshy, and pulled it.

It came out in my hand, and I smiled as I saw a little red thing, bigger on one side.

I reached in again, and I felt something long and stringy. Camille was too surprised my me killing her to stop me. I pulled out the long, stringy thing, which came with another thing, and another. Then it stuck. I frowned and tugged really hard.

I heard a snap and it came out.

I saw blood come out of the little bag at one end.

I reached in once again, popping two big bags before my hand came out on the other side, white things covered in blood going with it.

I giggled, grinning as I watched Camille fell to the ground, putting on a funny face as I cut her head open.

It was such a funny face!

I have control of a clan! I thought, giggling again, looking at my hand as it sparkled red in the light from the lights above me.

I couldn't stop giggling.

I felt something at my feet. Camille's blood was getting my shoes wet. I stepped out of the little puddle, then sat down and tasted some of the blood.

"Yuck!" I shouted, spitting it out. "That old man with the van of treats was much nicer! Even if he lied about the treats..." I frowned as I remembered that mean man. That man was naughty... I scolded him. But he did taste yummy!

Camille groaned, and I looked down at her. She wouldn't die, but she wouldn't live. And I couldn't own the clan until she was dead!

I dragged her over the floor, heading to a crack where sunlight came in. I threw her in, and she made a funny noise as she burned.

I giggled.

She was so funny!

"Now I have to talk to that Spanish guy..." I smiled as I prepared to walk off, before hearing familiar voices behind the magic door.

Alec and Magnus.

It was so fun to be a vampire!

I can't believe that I actually wrote it... I thought it gruesome...

Well, at least my next TMI will be more angst than this one's gore...

See you soon.