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The Black Parade Outtake – the Yule Ball and Stefan and Neville's misadventures in getting dates.

"Right, so who're you asking to the Ball?" Stefan asked Neville.

Neville flushed. "I haven't got a clue, actually."

"Really? You could – " Stefan was interrupted by Cho Chang rushing past them, blushing. The boys exchanged glances, and then Harry rushed past them as well.

"Hey guys, bye guys," Harry muttered quietly, and then he had disappeared.

"That was a little awkward," Neville remarked quietly.

"A bit. But anyway, I think you should ask Lexi to the Yule Ball," Stefan said, and Neville was so shocked, he tripped and fell flat onto his face. He scrambled back up to his feet, his face beet red.

"WH-what? As-ask Lexi? But-but I'm sure she's got a date by now, and-and if she doesn't, I-I'm sure she's got lots of people lined up to go with her," Neville stuttered out as they arrived at the Owlery.

Stefan clapped him on the back. "Then you'd better get a move on then, shouldn't you?"

"Who are you asking then?" Neville asked.

"I'm not."

"Not asking anyone?" Neville asked, eyebrows furrowed. He called a school Barn Owl to him and attached his letter to it. "Why not?"

Stefan's neck flushed. "I'm not asking anyone because Elena asked me. She said I was taking too long and that she'd had to take the initiative."

Neville was startled into laughter, and Stefan's whole face turned red. "It's really not that funny."

"I'm sorry, mate," Neville laughed, "But it really kind of is."

"Okay, so all you need to do is walk up to her – and ask," Stefan said. He and Neville stood at the foot of the boys' dormitory stairs, watching Lexi do an essay on the Common Room couch in front of the fireplace.

"Okay," Neville started off, and then came back. "What if she says no?"

"She won't," Stefan promised. "Now go."

Neville took a deep breath and walked towards Lexi. The blond girl looked up at him and smiled brightly. "Hey Neville. Want to sit down?"

"S-sure. That would be good," Neville sat on the couch across from Lexi.

Lexi opened her mouth, but Neville quickly asked, "?"

Lexi beamed.

"Of course!"

Neville nearly passed out with relief. "You actually understood that?"

"Yeah," Lexi said, smirking.

Neville slumped with relief in his chair.

The night of Yule Ball, Neville stood nervously in the Common Room, next to a twitching Stefan. He wore solid black dress robes, which fell to the floor. Stefan had opted for muggle wear, and asked his brother to send him a tux. The suit was black, and his undershirt a pristine white. Stefan checked his watch.

"They'll be here," Neville said, "It's going to be just fine. Right. Completely great."

"You're right," Stefan nodded, "Perfectly fine."


Lexi came down the stairs first in a stunning dress. It was long and a thin material, and was a pretty teal green color. It fell down to hang a few inches below her knees. She wore lovely black pumps that were strapped to her ankles.

"How do I look?" She asked at the base of the stairs and twirled once.

"Stop drooling and get your date," Stefan teased and pushed Neville. The dark headed boy extended his arm and escorted Lexi from Gryffindor Tower.

Stefan turned back and saw Elena standing in front of him, his jaw dropping of its own accord. Elena wore a short blue and black dress which fell only four of five inches able her knees. There was a black trim around the bottom of the dress. It was simply lovely.

"You look beautiful," Stefan breathed. Elena's hair was up in an elaborate knot on top of her head and she wore a little make up that did nothing to hide her blush.

"You look very handsome," Elena replied.

"Shall we?" Stefan extended an arm out politely and his green eyes twinkled.

Elena took his forearm into her grasp.

"Let's go."