The pulsing beat rocked the world. Lights danced around, enough to make me dizzy. Of course, the small amount of alcohol might have contributed to my tipsy state. It felt like I was suffocating with all the swaying bodies around. They kept bumping into me, stepping on my feet, grabbing at me. I ignored them all and pushed my way through the crowd.

The amount of drunken teens was surprising. Usually you didn't see that many teens in parties like these. This was mostly for people over 20. But I wasn't concerned over the well-being of teenagers.

I had one focus right now.

I stumbled against the bar, hitting my hip against the counter. Crying out in pain, I swore. Why was the counter so short?

"You alright?" An amused voice penetrated my thoughts. It was dark, seductive.

Looking up I saw a boy, about my age. Familiar golden eyes met mine. But the face that held them was that of a stranger.

I stood straight, rubbing my hip. "Yeah...thanks..."

He chuckled. "Just making sure a pretty girl like yourself is alright." He winked at me, his long lashes brushing his cheek.

I felt my face flush. I didn't have time for this. Yet he was so amazingly attractive...

"How about we ditch this place and go back to my house? Get to know each other..." I felt his hand slide up my arm, making me flush some more.

My eyes widened and my jaw dropped a bit. He thought I was that easy!

I slapped his hand off me. "No thanks." I hissed. "I have something to take care of." And with that, I stalked away from the bar with my face heated in embarrassment.

Who the hell did he think he was? Stupid jerk.

This focus was turning into an annoyance. An annoyance with long black hair and golden eyes.

Investigating the bathrooms, I checked each stall. The only thing found was a few women giving me odd looks. Nothing I wasn't already used to. You had to get used to odd looks when you hung out with Aurora and Rose. Those girls were like magnets for odd looks. Although I don' understand why Rose gets them. Aurora was the one everyone knew had done some crazy stuff...

Rose hadn't wanted to come tonight, saying she had no interest in partying when there was work to be done. Instead, I dragged along Aurora, who had complained she didn't want to come at all. But I refused to come alone, so she grudgingly came along, sulking.

But after a while I had lost track of her, busy dancing with a guy I had met here before. I had a few shots, nothing strong, then decided it was time to leave. I had training in the morning. But when I had gone back, she was gone.

I groaned in frustration as I realized something. She had probably left already.

"Dammit Aurora!" I am beyond pissed. She had promised me two things; not to get drunk and not to leave without me. The idiot had probably gone out and done both.

I walked out of the club and looked down the street. Nothing. She must have been gone for a while now. Probably home, complaining about how I got wasted and left her alone. Truth of the matter was I did not get wasted. And I did try to get her to have fun. She refused and told me to go have fun.

Crossing my arms over my chest, I began to stalk home. Leave it to Aurora to ruin my night...

At least home wasn't far from here. I wouldn't have to wait long to bitch her out. The thought made me smile slightly.

When I opened the door, the first thing I did was start yelling her name. I was pissed she made me worry about her because she wasn't having a good time.

"Aurora!" I called out as Rose emerged from her room. Her hair was a mess, sticking out in some places and matted down on others.

Tilting her head to the side she gave me an odd look. "I thought she was with you Naomi...?"

I stood there a moment, letting it sink in. I felt my anger rise. "SHE DID IT AGAIN!"

The next hour was spent ranting. Rose seemed to listen to most of it, as always. In a way, she was a better friend. But I still loved Aurora more, for some reason.

But right now, the last thing I felt for her was love.

When I finished, I was still heated. Annoyed, I grabbed my iPod and started flipping through songs. I was going to wait until she walked through that door. And when she did, she would be in for it.

Rose yawned loudly, telling me I could wait here for her. And with that, she got up and went to bed.

By now, it was late, but I sat there, flipping through my iPod, searching for a loud song.

I would wait there all night if I had to.