Soft candlelight gave the room a dim glow, strong enough to see but not so bright as to hurt my sensitive eyes.

It was probably 3 in the morning, maybe a little earlier, and I was alone in the bedroom as per usual. Vanitas was only around until I woke, leaving my nights to be empty until he returned before dawn.

This night, I was doing one of my favorite things: looking at the beautiful reflection I cast. Watching the candle lights glow reflecting off my skin as I moved, the soft rivets in my hair and the curves that formed my graceful, thin body.

I could see why Vanitas found me so enticing.

Sighing, I watched as my reflections lower lip jutted out. She looked disheveled; dark hair was a dark mane around her, lips slightly swollen and bare skin covered in hand shaped bruises. I stared at the girl in the mirror, such a familiar stranger...As I stared my reflection shifted, rippling as though the surface was now water, and changed into someone else. She was thin, her body was in top shape. Pale blonde hair hung like a thick veil around her to her hips, making her sun-kissed skin seem a little darker.

A sharp pain made me gasp and grip my head, forcing me to look away. I felt like my head was being split open, being stabbed by the sharpest of knives. My breath came in gasping pants, where had all the air in the room gone? Why couldn't I breathe?

When the pain subsided, I only saw myself in the mirror. Curvy and pale as I've always been. It must have been a trick of the light...or maybe I was just tired again. I didn't dwell on it much and stood, stretching my sore body.

I pulled a thin, silk robe over myself and wandered downstairs and into the kitchen. As always, Van kept it well stocked and ready for use. Though I suppose when you have all the money in the world, you can always hire help and think nothing of it. Though I never saw these workers, they must have come through in the mornings when I was still sleeping.

Grabbing a bowl, I poured fresh berries and cream into separate piles. This would be a good snack before going back to bed. Settling myself into the plush, leather couch, I grabbed a small remote controller and flipped on some soft music from the stereo system set in the far end of the living room. Instantly, the room was filled with a deep, sensual beat. Soon, I found myself laying on my back with the bowl on my stomach, dipping the berries into the sweet cream and popping them into my mouth. Tart and sweet and juicy, the berries were the best I've ever had.

I finished my snack all too soon and as I licked my fingers clean, my eyes landed on the door. Tucked away, behind the stairs that led back up to the room that took the entire second floor, was a much smaller door, dark enough to blend into the black walls. Van had made it perfectly clear that it was forbidden to go down there. I didn't come down here much regardless so it was usually out of sight out of mind.

But now...

Setting the bowl down, I swiftly got to my feet and strode to the door. I wondered if it was locked... My hand reached out and grabbed the doorknob. Cool metal met warm flesh and it was like a jolt coursing through my body. A crack of energy and suddenly I was thrown backwards and hit the floor hard.

I blinked. Once...twice...three times. Had I been...pushed? No...I had stumbled back and fell on my ass. But...why?

My eyes went to my hand, which looked perfectly fine. So I had just imagined the shock of energy? But it had felt so real...

The front door slammed. "Naomi?"

Excitement had me on my feet in a matter of seconds as I clumsily tried to tidy my hair, fix my robe and adjust the pendant that hung around my neck.

"Naomi you in here?" He walked into the living room and my eyes drank him in. He was dirty, his hair flying all over and streaks of blood and dirt across any skin that showed. Yet to me...he was a masterpiece.

A small smile spread over his lips and I saw his eyes soften a bit. He took off his leather jacket and tossed it onto the sofa as he crossed to where I stood.

The moment froze and we stood there, not touching, not moving. Just drinking each other in.

Then I felt it, the familiar tug towards him and suddenly I was in his arms, kissing him and pulling him even closer to myself. Every one of my senses was being drowned in him; his smell mixed with the sharp metallic scent of blood, the feeling of his warm calloused hands on me, the taste of him...I was drowning and I didn't care in the slightest.

He pulled his lips off mine to kiss my forehead gently, wrapping his arms around my waist and just holding me. I wanted more kisses...but I knew it could wait.

"You're back early..." I murmured, my head against his chest. I could hear and feel his heart beating erratically in his chest, as if trying to escape.

"I finished my job quickly." His hands were running over my hips and my waist, tracing through the sheer robe teasingly soft.

"And that job would be...?" My eyes found his and I caught his grin.

"Still not telling you." Van pressed his lips to my forehead once more before changing the subject. "So what are you doing downstairs? Couldn't rest?"

I smiled up at him, nervous. Did he know I almost opened the door...?

"I got a little hungry...I ate the berries in the fridge..."

He chuckled lightly as he brushed his fingers over my stained lips. "That explains the extra sweetness..."

I blinked. "Extra?"

"You're already so very sweet," his lips curved up into that smirk as his warm breath washed over my lips. "So divinely sweet, Ai."

A shiver ran down my spine as my stomach began tying itself into knots. I wanted to kiss him again, to taste him and feel him.

"Before I forget..." I watched as he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a box. "I saw this and thought of you."

He was smiling as I took the small satin box from him and opened it up. Inside lay a gleaming chain with a charm hanging off it.

"It's white gold." He shrugged as he lifted it out of the box. "Not that great..."

Suddenly he looked worried, staring at the chain.

"Should I have gotten you something better? I should should only have the best...Ai only gets the best..."

I lifted his chin gently with my fingers and pressed my lips against his, effectively cutting him off before he began ranting and rambling. His lips automatically responded to mine and I felt him clutch me to his body possessively. The chain he gripped in his other hand was digging into my cheek as he gripped my face. Quickly, he took control of the situation, kissing me roughly as though he couldn't help himself.

Yes, this is what I wanted. I wanted to make him happy. I wanted to be the source of his pleasure. And he wanted to be pleased by me too.

I broke away from the kiss first, though, gasping for air as he trailed down my neck. I felt his teeth nick the skin on the most sensitive part and gasped involuntarily.

The necklace was dropped as he dug his nails into my hips and sunk his teeth into my shoulder. I felt the tension in his body as he drank from me, drinking my blood as I moaned and urged him to continue.

The floor underneath my feet vanished as I was lifted and carried to the couch.

It was a very long night, and round after round he begged for more.