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Anyway, here's the first chapter to Fields Of Gold, based on the oneshot I wrote a while back XP

Title: Fields Of Gold

Based on: Harry Potter

Couplings: Severus Snape / Hermione Granger. Lily Evans / James Potter. Severus Snape / Lily Evans

Main Focus: Severus / Hermione [Snanger/Grape]

Rating: M

Extra: Characters may be OOC, Time Turner Story without the use of a Time Turner. Based on my oneshot story - Fields Of Gold Oneshot


Hermione ignored the feeling that someone was watching her as she ran her fingers through the golden stalks that wrapped themselves around her legs as she walked.

The journey to her brother's house was taking longer than she wanted it to. She was excited; Tyler had just gotten back from New York and she'd been given the 'all clear' to go and visit him without the danger of Death Eaters following her or being attacked on the way.

She still hadn't had the chance to bring her parent's back from Australia and restore their memories, but that was quickly becoming her Summer Project for next year, after she left school. Then, she'd have all the knowledge she could get and as much advice as possible to help her restore the memories without damaging their minds.

As much as she wanted them to come home, she had a strong feeling they loved it in Australia and she didn't want to take that away from them. No, next summer, she'd go, take Tyler and his partner, Brock, with her, and they'd spend the entire summer there, with their parents, and perhaps bring them home after if that was what they wanted.

But for now, Hermione just wanted to spend time with her brother. She hadn't seen him for three years; he was older than her and living in New York with Brock, working on their new business.

Brock and Tyler were the non-magical version of the Weasley Twins, and although they weren't as much fun for a witch or a wizard who had personally known the two, or seen what they could do, they had brilliant minds.

Tyler was currently renting a room in an old house down on Spinner's End. Hermione had never been there, but she'd heard rumours about who had previously lived on that very road. There were hundreds of wards around the house which had persuaded Harry to let her visit. He was still afraid for her in case there was one Death Eater they hadn't managed to capture, but she was adamant to see him.

Hermione sighed in frustration and pulled out her mobile from the bag hanging off her shoulder, reading the time. '12:32.' She groaned. Harry had stopped her as she tried to leave the house, talking about his date with Draco last night and trying to persuade her not to leave. She'd wanted to be at Tyler's by lunch, but that seemed impossible with Harry around; he made everyone late nowadays.

She would have just apparated there, or just around the corner, but there was something drawing her to the field that she was walking through, like a thin line of string that was slowly tugging her closer.

The field belonged to their family. Twenty years ago, a distant relative had brought the field and given it to her mother and father to celebrate their marriage, according to the Muggles who organised Land Property.

And so ever since Hermione and Tyler had been born, they'd gone to the field every Sunday and just spent the day there. When it rained, they took a mini tent, when it was sunny, they took a picnic. When Hermione learnt to walk, her and her mother would dance in the rain or shine amongst the barley.

But Hermione hadn't been there since the summer, before she'd obliviated her parents and sent them to Australia. Her schooling had stopped the tradition too, when she left for first year.

Now, she was just standing in the field, under the blazing sun, watching the sway of the stalks in the wind and remembering all of the good things that had once happened.

She would have stood there for perhaps an hour, but she was already half an hour later to Tyler's and he was expecting her at some point today.

She continued on the path towards the gate that was still a few minutes away when she spotted something in the corner of her eye.

A few meters away, in the middle of the field, was a ball of light, just hovering in the air over the small patch of slightly flattened barley that they had picnics on all those years ago.

She took a step closer to it, reaching a hand out lightly as if to touch it before she froze. She didn't know why there was a ball of light there and what it could do to her. She froze, a few centimetres away from it, just staring as the ball expanded into the shape of a teenage boy.

The boy, however, looked like a familiar man who was certainly not a teenager.

"Maya…" he whispered, stretching out a hand towards her. Her bag fell from her arms as she speculated the boy—man—before her.

His hair was shorter than whenever she'd seen it, but still longer than most others. His dark eyes penetrated hers and he was dressed in an old style Hogwarts Uniform.

This was the young version of Severus Snape. But that was impossible.

Snape had been killed in the war, back in May, by Nagini, Voldemort's snake. She'd watched helplessly as he bled out, his memories in the tears that spilt from his eyes.

Hermione had crushed on the man for four years. His voice was enough to let her dream at night and his clothing left a lot for the imagination, which was just fine with her.

And yet here, standing before her, was a teenage Severus, glowing in the light that made his form.

His face was streaked with tears that stained his cheeks and a broken expression, "Please, Maya!" he stammered, "Please, don't leave me! I need you, Maya! You! Only you! Take my hand! Come back to me!"

Without another thought, Hermione took his hand.


Hermione landed heavily in the barley, hitting her head on one of the few rocks that scattered the field.

She winced and pulled herself up into a sitting position, rubbing a hand over the back of her head. Something wet seeped into her fingers and she pulled her hand away, gasping at the deep, read blood that coated her hand.

She glanced around for the culprit, but found no source that proved the light had ever been there, nor a teenage Severus Snape. She sighed and rummaged around to find her bag, which she had dropped moments before but found nothing aside from dirt and the stalks of broken barley.

As she hissed angrily and pulled out her wand to heal the wound on the back of her head, a clap of thunder boomed through the sky. She squealed and ducked, pulling the hood of her flimsy jumper over her head, hastily waving her wand in the correct pattern to knit the wound back together.

She scampered to her feet and dashed across the other half of the field.

A man stood in front of the back gate and brandished a pitchfork in her direction, "What tha hell're you doin' in ma field?" he screamed at her.

"Your field?" she shouted back, "What on earth are you talking about?"

"Get outta ma field, girl," he shouted. Hermione obliged, no matter how confused she was. She sprinted at the gate and expertly leapt over it, running off down the last few remaining roads.

When she finally reached Spinner's End, she squealed, stopping at the right house and pounded on the door, "Open the door, dipshit!" she screamed, "It's pissing it down and I left my coat at home!"

She was just scourgifying the dirt and barley straws from her hoodie when the door swung open.

"Lily, you know my father'll—" the voice stopped as the two linked eyes, "You're not Lily."

"And you're not my brother," she replied shakily, staring at the boy. He looked exactly as the light had said; shorter hair, blacker eyes and a sharp, angry expression.

"You never know with my father," he shrugged, leaning with one arm against the doorway.

Hermione looked at the boy standing before her, all memory of how to breathe leaving her mind.

The teenage version of Severus Snape was leant against the frame, looking fine in a tight black shirt and black dress trousers. Her eyes widened and she subconsciously licked her lips.

It's impossible! Her brain screamed at her to turn and walk away; it was unnatural to be standing here! He was dead for Merlin's sake!

But here he stood, seventeen years old and as handsome as she'd imagined him. It was definitely him; no one else had a nose that peculiar and he had called her Lily.

This was unnatural.

"What's the date?" she whispered. She had to know. If she'd truly been thrown back in time... Well, she wasn't sure what she'd do, but she'd rather know.

"August 14th," he replied, rolling his eyes at the girl. His 'angry' expression was dropping quickly as he watched her. She was fidgeting and tugging at her hoodie.

"What year?" she asked, quietly. Her voice broke slightly on the last word.

Don't say it, she pleaded to him in her mind, Please, don't say it.

"1977," he said, a wave of confusion appearing on his face and he hunched his eyebrows and looked her up and down.

"No..." she replied, lifting a hand to her hair and knotting her fingers through it, ignoring that it was completely drenched, frizzy and that the movement pulled her hood down, letting the rain hit her full on. She hissed slightly as a drop slipped down the back of her neck, "It's not possible..."

She wouldn't be born for another three years! There was no way in hell that she was here, in 1977, standing in front of her recently deceased Potions Professor in the body of a seventeen year old.

"Are you okay?" he asked, smirking down at her. She glanced to his face and froze at the look of amusement she found in his eyes.

"Oh, haha!" she laughed, tipping her head back, "How very funny!" she shouted up to the sky, towards the upper floors, "Nice try, Tyler! How hilarious!" she broke down into hysterical laughter, ignoring the funny stares she was getting off 'Severus', "I've caught you out, Ty! I know your joke, and trust me it's not funny!" she looked up at the boy in the doorway, "Did they set you up to this? Tyler and Brock? Or was it Harry and Ron? Either way, you don't need to carry on, the jokes over."

"What are you on about?" he asked. She had to be insane, that was his only solution.

"The trick!" she shouted, "This isn't funny, Tyler! I don't need this today!"

She shouted a variety of obscenities at the sky, waiting for Tyler to pop out of either the house or a window from nearby, but nothing happened. Eventually, she broke down into hysterical laughter.

The boy – Hermione was adamant that it was not Severus – continued to stare at her like she was mad, before he gripped onto her wrist and tugged her into the house, clamping a hand over her mouth and slamming the door behind them.

He pulled out a wand from his back pocket and cast the Silencing Charm over her. Hermione froze and glared at him. He took the hoodie from her shoulders and pulled it off, wringing it out onto the doormat, then pulled her up the stairs.

She followed him to a bedroom on the first floor and sat down on the bed as he instructed her to. He left the room quickly after looking her up and down and scowling at the puddle she was making on the carpet, so Hermione glanced around, taking in her surroundings.

The room was mainly dark colours – there was a lot of black and dark green – and rather empty. Aside from the bed, there was only one wardrobe, a chest of drawers, a tiny desk which was stacked with parchment and quills and a small bookshelf that was hidden behind the door, full of old – sorry, new Hogwarts Textbooks and other Tomes.

A sharp tapping sound snapped her head towards the window just as 'Severus' walked in. He handed her a bundle of clothing that she just held out in front of her and opened the window to let the owl in.

"Morning," he said to it, holding his arm out for the bird to perch on, taking the bundled paper that looked like a newspaper from its claws and placing it down beside Hermione on the bed. It ruffled its feathers out and he laughed, "How are you today?" The owl hooted slightly and pecked at his ear while he fished in his back pocket for a couple of coins, placing them in the little pocket and giving the animal some treats he found on his desk.

Severus looked back at Hermione, stroking his fingers lightly down the bird's back. "You'll need to change into those," he nodded towards the clothes in her hands, "Use the bathroom just down the hall, first door on the right, but be quiet."

Hermione nodded slightly and left the room. Severus watched her leave and smirked to himself. The girl was pretty. Not as stunning as Lily of course, but pretty all the same.

He waited silently, stroking the bird, for her to return.

Hermione quietly made her way to the bathroom and stripped out of her clothes as she locked the door behind her. She changed quickly, wringing out her clothes into the bath like Severus had done earlier over the doormat.

As much as she tried to avoid it, she knew it was real.

He was so... so lifelike. He looked exactly like she'd imagined him, exactly like Harry had described him from the memories.

She and Harry had spent countless nights together, laying on one of their beds and discussing all the attractive men they could think of. Severus was the secret that took three months to be revealed by each of them.

It was him, she knew it. He'd grown up in this house; he'd had a... bad relationship with his father when he was growing up.

Tyler hadn't popped out from any corners recently either, so it couldn't be a joke and the date on the cover of the 'Daily Prophet' – the package the owl had delivered – said "14th August 1977."

No, she had that feeling, deep in her gut, that this was real. Her head still spun from the collision with the ground, but she could remember the feeling of apparation when she'd touched 'Severus's' hand.

She pulled on the clothes he'd offered her and placed hers in the little bag he'd put with them after wringing the soaked clothes into the bath tub, making her way silently back to his room.

Severus's head snapped up to when he spotted her in the doorway and smiled, standing too and holding out the arm with the owl on it, "I'm Severus, by the way. Severus Snape."

"He—Maya..." she whispered back, hesitantly shaking his hand, "Maya... Andrews."

Maya was what her brother called her, so she figured it would be a good idea to go by that. It was something she would respond to – anything else would result in her forgetting the name – and Andrews was the last name of her best friend from the Muggle World.

"Pleasure to meet you," he smirked. She smiled a little in response and sat back down on the bed, pulling her knees to her chest and leaning against the wall.

"I'm... uh... sorry about... you know... out there." She stammered. He just shrugged, "I kinda... freaked a little..."

He raised an eyebrow at her and scooted closer, leaning against the wall, beside her, "Why'd you freak out?"

She froze, trying to think of a reasonable answer, "You... you look like someone I used to know."

He laughed and shook his head in disbelief, "Surely the nose would tell you otherwise," he sighed, running a finger over the bridge. Hermione smiled and copied his movement, her fingers tingling from being able to touch him. It was something she'd dreamt of since early Fourth Year.

Severus watched her carefully. There was something about this girl that just... There was something about her that was different to anyone else he'd met before, and he was determined to figure out why.

"So... Who's Tyler?" he asked.

"Tyler? Oh, he's my older brother... Three years older and yet I'm still smarter and more mature." He raised an eyebrow at her forwardness and she laughed, "I'm serious! He's an idiot! He and Brock are always up to something that could get them arrested or killed. Honestly, no matter what I tell him—"

Severus burst out laughing at her rant. Hermione shook her head and laughed a little herself before brushing her hair back and pulling it up into a ponytail with the elastic band that was wrapped around her wrist.

"Where do you live, anyway?" he asked, trying to press information from her. She smiled slightly and sighed.

"Nowhere, really..." she replied, "I guess you could say I was... sent away?"

She had no other answer. She wasn't going to outright say that she was from the future... so she just went with something that was sort of twisted from the truth. He seemed content with her answer, so she decided to stick with it, nodding to herself slightly.

"Thank you for lending me these, by the way," she said, tugging at the sleeve of the jumper.

"No problem," he replied.

They sat in a comfortable silence for a while before Hermione finally asked the question that had been drilling into her mind, "Why did you pull me in?"

"You were making a racket," he replied simply, "and my father's asleep in the lounge. In fact, I'm surprised he isn't already awake."

Hermione hummed in agreement. She'd made enough noise to wake Ron of all people.

She watched Severus for a few more moments before standing up and sighing heavily, "I should probably go... I don't want you to get in trouble with your father..."

He nodded and pulled himself to stand beside her, "I'll see you out."

She followed him silently down the stairs to the front door and stepped out into the rain, "Thank you for the clothes and... well... yeah."

He smiled slightly and nodded at her. He was about to say something when Hermione froze, looking over his shoulder.

"Well, well, well..." said the man, "Who do we have here?"


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