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Hermione sighed into the counter of Flourish and Blotts in boredom. No one had really been in so far today, just a few people every ten or so minutes, and she wasn't allowed to take a break unless the shop had been empty for at least thirty minutes in case another customer walked in and the door wasn't being watched.

She'd finished reading the latest book that she'd 'borrowed' and she had now been waiting for twenty seven minutes. Another three minutes and she'd be able to grab a new stack of books to read for the rest of the day. The thought caused her stomach to swell happily and she smirked to herself, glancing up at the clock that hung on the wall.

She'd been living in 1977 for two weeks now and had yet to see Severus or Lily again, or figure out a way to get back home.

Two more minutes.

She'd written to Dumbledore the week prior and he had accepted a meeting with her for the first of September to determine whether or not he would allow her to become a student for the next year, or until she could get home.

To be honest, she was terrified; she knew her time's Dumbledore pretty well, she thought, but she wasn't sure how to act around him now, whether to admit that she had travelled through time or if she should keep that a secret and make up some long, dramatic story about why she had no school nor ministry records nor family if he chose to snoop into her life, as she suspected he would.

But this was Dumbledore – he was the good guy, right?

Yes, she'd tell him. He'd be able to help her get back home, hopefully.

The bell on the door chimed and Hermione pulled herself into an upright sitting position, groaning in frustration, and pretended to look even the slightest bit interested in whoever walked through the door.

They couldn't have put it off for even one minute, could they?

She glanced towards the door just in time to see a figure disappear behind a shelf. She rolled her eyes and slumped back down, eyes scanning the shelves, dreaming of which books she would choose when her chance to grab them came. She reluctantly pulled out a scrap piece of parchment and started doodling with her quill. A familiar pair of dark eyes stared up at her and she sighed, shaking her head and folding the paper up quickly, slipping it into her pocket.

"Excuse me? How much is this book?" a deep voice asked. Hermione could detect a smirk in his tone as she slowly lifted her head.

"Severus," she smirked, "Hello." Her eyes darted to the copy of the 'Advance Potions' text book that he held up slightly in the air, "That's... uh... three galleons."

"Didn't think you'd have remembered me," Severus laughed quietly, placing the book down onto the counter on top of the slight pile he had placed there without her realising.

"How could I forget?" she laughed, mostly to herself, "You were the first person I met here! Oh wait!" she smacked herself lightly on the forehead with the palm of her hand, "I forgot about the angry farmer that kept yelling out me to 'get out o'ma field!' Guess he was first, huh?" She bit her lip as Severus laughed, mentally calculating the cost of the stack of books before her, "Fourteen galleons altogether please."

He handed her the money and shrunk the books down, placing them into the small bag he carried beside him, "So how have you been?" he asked, leaning forwards against the counter.

Hermione shrugged, "Good, I guess." She fiddled with the sleeve of her robes, "You?"

He shrugged, "Alright," he replied as he too tugged at his sleeve. Hermione raised an eyebrow at him, noting that he pulled specifically on his left sleeve, glancing down nervously at his forearm. For a future spy for the Order of the Phoenix, he was very obvious.

"How did it go with your dad?" she whispered, leaning towards him. He froze and winced a little before straightening up, putting distance between the two of them.


Hermione sighed and leant forwards, placing a hand on his. He flinched and pulled it away instantly.

"Thank you for the books," he said stiffly, sharply turning on his heel and stalking out of the shop.

Hermione growled, her frustration getting the better of her, and she stood from her place, marching across to one of the book shelves and grabbing the closest book that she hadn't read yet about Animagus. She sat down heavily at her desk and flicked through the pages, drinking in every piece of information she uncovered.

Very few people came in throughout the rest of the day. One woman came in for a book on Herbology and one for a book on Magical Creatures. Three also turned up asking for a 'Standard Book of Spells' each at a different level.

The most interesting visit came much later, near closing time.

"Oi! Peter! You coming or what?" a voice called from the doorway. Hermione glanced up and gasped.

They weren't facing her just yet, but she already knew who they were.

She held her breath as they entered and tried to keep a smile on her face.

"Hi!" she said, trying to keep cheer in her voice as the truth settled in like a hand that crushed her lungs. She was struggling to find her voice as she sat in the presence of the Marauders, "Welcome to Flourish and Blotts!"

The four boys paused and looked her up and down. She rolled her eyes at them and smiled to herself.

"Hello," one boy, James – he had the same hair as Harry and wore similar, but squarer, glasses – said, running his fingers through his jet black hair. Behind him stood the one and only Sirius Black. He looked so different to how she remembered him, but back then he had just spent twelve years in Azkaban Prison.

Remus Lupin was next. She could recognise him instantly; he had taught her for a year and had been a pretty damn good one at that. She used to harbour a crush on the man back when she was thirteen and hadn't yet started to appreciate the voice of one Severus Snape.

She smiled when she caught his eye and glanced back down to the book on the desk.

"'Scuse me, miss," a small voice said. She looked back up to the last boy and had to bite on her lip to keep herself from scowling at Peter Pettigrew.

"Hello," she said, hiding the venom in her tone, "Can I help you?"

The four boys stepped closer, towards the counter. Remus shuffled slightly and cleared his throat, "We're looking for... um... a book."

Sirius clapped slowly and loudly behind him, "Look at how smart our Remus has gotten; finally figured out that you get books in a book store!"

James whacked him over the head and Remus glared at him.

"Any specific type of book?" she amended, quickly reading the last three pages of the Animagus book she'd picked out.

"Advanced Spells or Charms," he replied. Hermione smiled and hopped out of the chair, leading the four boys deeper into the shop, towards the back shelves. She skimmed the shelf quickly before her eyes fell upon the one book she was searching for.

"Magical Maps and other Charmed Objects."

She grinned over at Remus as she passed the book to him, winking. Remus grinned back as he took it in his hands gently. Sirius and James wolf-whistled at the two. Peter just stared.

Remus glared at the two boys, "Shut up, twits," he growled. Sirius just laughed and raised his hands into the air.

"Calm down Remus. It's just a joke."

Hermione rolled her eyes and laughed lightly. She led them back to the counter, stopping only to grab a couple of books from the shelf that she knew they'd need.

"That'll be twelve galleons, please," she said, pushing the four books that she'd found across the counter towards them. Remus hastily pulled out the money and handed it to her. They all muttered their thanks and were about to leave when Hermione called, "Remus... Can I speak to you for a second?"

The four boys froze and turned around to look at her. Sirius pushed Remus towards her and then the other three left almost instantly.

Hermione grabbed the two books she had on her desk and hopped back off of her stool. She walked towards him and stood a few inches away.

"I'm Maya," she said, "Maya Andrews." She shifted the books into the crook of her left arm as she held a hand out. Remus took it in his and shook it lightly."

"Remus Lupin," he replied.

"I know," Hermione smirked at the look of confusion on his face and delicately handed him the two books. "I'll see you in school, hopefully," she whispered, pushing him towards the door like Sirius had earlier.

She walked him through the little window when he met up with his friends. He glanced down at the books and Hermione laughed aloud at his facial expression when he read the covers.

"Animagus: What They Are and How to Become One." and "The A-Z Guide on Everything Werewolf."

With one last glance towards the shop, Remus hurried off with his friends. Hermione just smiled as she re-took her post.

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