Assassins of Noor

Diana, Princess of the Amazons glanced up at the seventy-foot marble statue of Athena before her remembering what the great Goddess said to her once –"one will be granted a life after death, Princess Diana." She closed her eyes and squeezed her hands so tight her knuckles appeared white. Footsteps were heard behind the Princess, but she continued to mumble soft prayers to the Goddess statue.

Suddenly the footsteps stopped and Diana opened her eyes and peered to the side of her. It was a rather tall broad shadow. On top of the shadow's head was a large crown and from the look of the width of the stealth dark figure, it must be wearing lengthy robes. Diana stood and bowed to the statue as her prayers had come to an end.

She did not turn just yet. The shadow spoke, "I hope I was not disturbing you. I just wanted to discuss some important matters with you."

Diana sighed and folded her arms in front of her chest. She felt a sting in her eyes. She would not shed a tear, not in front of her. Her mother had been weeping for weeks now, but only in her own privacy of her bed chambers. She could hear her mother at night as she walked by her bedroom. The guards outside the doors stood silently but they all knew why she was crying. She too was trying to be strong, strong for her people. Diana did not want to show her mother that she was vulnerable at the moment, although she knew she wanted to grieve, now was not the time. She did not budge from her spot and a hand came to rest on her strong shoulder. The Princess stiffened, but didn't move.

"Diana, I think it is time for you to return to Patriarch's world and reclaim your title." The Queen gestured in a soft voice. Easily Diana detected sorrow and hoarse in her mother's voice. This only made her feelings towards this worsen.

Finally the Princess faced the Queen with weary eyes, but a strong face. "No. I'm not going back to the Americas. I am not ready to go back yet. Now excuse me, mother. I have some matters of my own to take care of." She brushed off the hand on her shoulder and strode out of the temple of Athena.

Hippolyta clutched her pendant against her chest. Her heart felt heavy and she lowered her head to the ground. May the Gods help that daughter of mine?

Diana walked out of the temple and towards the palace. Amazon sisters around her were bowing their heads as she walked by. Her eyes met theirs but soon she found hundreds of them staring at her. Diana's eyes travelled at great speed and not even making eye contact with her sisters. She started running through the market. She knocked over many fruit baskets and vegetable stands.

"What is wrong with the Princess?" one sister asked aloud.

"She has been acting very bizarre for the past few weeks."

"Maybe if she would have never left the island she wouldn't have to feel such pain in her heart."

"Oh leave her be. She is grieving."

"She has an odd way of showing it wouldn't you say so, Aleka?"


"She ought to have a bit more grace! Look what she did to my peponi!"

Diana kept running until she couldn't run anymore. Her feet lifted off the ground and she took to the skies. She left the market a mess with bedding, veggies, fruits, shoes, clothing, tapestries and weaponry scattered everywhere. Many of her sisters cursed and growled at the sight of the chaos. She looked backed and saw the women huddle together to clear the mess before the Queen arrived. Diana shook her head and kept flying higher into the sky. She landed atop of her apartments on the far west wing of the palace. She sat there with her legs dangling over the edge of the building looking out at the blue water of the ocean.

Her hands travelled across her shins then to her knees and up her muscular lean thighs. She shivered at her own touch and her hands were now at her face; feeling all elements of her statue-like face. Her nose long and thin like her fingers. Her cheekbones round like apples, but subtle beneath her skin. The eyes were like the shape of crisp, large almonds which replicated the color of the Aegean Sea. Eyebrows that lifted high above her deep set eyelids and her wavy ebony locks swayed in the gentle breeze. Diana opened her eyes and a single tear fell from her eye as she saw the sun setting.

She was gone. Her baby sister was gone. Donna Troy was no more than a memory.

Why had she been like this for all these weeks? She avoided outside contact and even went into seclusion for a week. Her mother was worried about her health and mental being. Her weight had significantly dropped and her face lost its beautiful olive tone and somehow her eyes didn't sparkle like they used to. Diana's heart longed for her sister to be sitting right next to her once more. She accepted the fact that her sister died weeks ago, but hoped it was all a dream and she would come back the next day. She didn't and she wouldn't.

"Diana, Diana! Come here you have to see this!" Donna interrupted her sister from her reading time within her bed chambers.

Diana rolled her eyes. "Donna, come on now, I was in the middle of reading something. Can this wait?" too late. She was being drug out by her sister. They practically ran outside managing to sneak by the guards. Donna flew the two to the rooftop of the palace.

"Donna, really, this better be incredibly amazing, because I was in the middle of reading something very important!" Diana huffed and was now getting irritated with all of this running around.

"Oh please Diana I am sure you were just reading The Trial of Socrates, which you have read a million times already if I do say so myself!" Donna rolled her eyes but had a bright smile across her face.

Diana's eyes widened as she was speechless. "How….how did you…"

"You always read that when you are stressed, especially when it has something to do with the League. Now sit down with me." She patted the spot next to her with her hand. "Come now, I won't bite, sis. Sit, sit!" the smile glowed in the moonlight and Diana nodded and took the spot next to her little sister.

They were staring out at the midnight sky. Both sat in silence and Diana sighed, but Donna paid no attention to it. "What exactly am I looking at Donna?" sometimes she did these ridiculous things that Diana could not contemplate. A long pause and still no answer. "Well?"

Donna shoved her sister with her elbow. "Diana, look at the stars."

Diana looked up at the sky once more and saw bright stars that lit up the island. This was not anything new. They both had seen the stars everyday and even connected the stars to make pictures when they were children. Now they were young women out in the world, about to face the evil of all evils. How could she be so composed?

"I've seen the stars before. They're very lovely. Can I go now?"

"Hey! Wait a minute Diana!" she pulled her sister back down next to her. "What happened to you? You used to bring me out here all the time when were little girls. Now suddenly a grown woman, ambassador, heroine and you can't enjoy this sight with me?" she made a puppy pout face and Diana sighed as she listened selectively. "Now." She began. "I mean, reaaaaally look at the stars. Look how they are aligned. They are so beautiful, so bright, and so full of energy." A pause. "Just like you." A dim smile came to her lips and Diana had her sister's full attention now. "And then the stars will die out." The smile faded from Donna's face and her eyes twinkled in the moonlight. "Everything comes to an end, but you won't ever die out. Even if you do people will remember you as Diana of Themyscira, Princess of the Amazons, Ambassador, and Wonder Woman. You will go down in history, in school books, perhaps in the world record books or maybe the 'most influential people in the world' list. Life is short for mortals Diana, but we are not Gods. We can die too. Now is the time to see the beauty of the world and don't take it for granted. Mother has lived for thousands of years and even I think she hasn't experienced Earth's full impending beauty. May Gaea show her the way and you too?" She nudged her big sister playfully.

Diana looked up at the sky and saw beautiful, bright stars just like her sister said.

Donna waved her hand in front of her sister's face, blocking her space-out moment. "Hello, Earth to Diana!" she laughed.

"Stop that." Diana hit Donna's shoulder lightly. "Donna…."


"If one of us dies, who will...…what will happen?" Diana's eyes seemed worried with fear now. In a few days they were going into the biggest battle the world has ever seen. Donna turned to look at her, but with a soft expression and worry free noted in.

"We will find out, Diana, but if one of does go, promise we will take care of mother. She will be suffering deeply." Donna laughed, but it was not a genuine laugh. It was a laugh of sadness.

Diana did not meet Donna's eyes until she finished her sentence. It was only a few moments later did she realize that maybe one of them could actually….die. She grabbed her little sister and hugged her with her head resting on her shoulder.

"We won't be going anywhere." They smiled and continued to look at the stars.

Only three weeks ago did they have that conversation and now she was no longer on this planet.

Diana opened her eyes and the tears were now stained on her cheeks. The sky was now dark as she sat there in solemn. She could feel Donna next to her the whole time. She heard her laugh, felt her warmth, her hand bopping her on the back of her head and her ebony locks swishing in her face.

She smiled. The first smile she had in weeks. She was neither happy nor sad, but somehow she felt better about herself. One could not grieve forever. A star above Diana was the brightest among the rest of the stars and she stood to look at the star.

"You are the bright star, sister." She smiled as she floated down to the gates of the palace.

First goal failed. She did not help her mother during this grieving period. She had failed her baby sister already.

She flew inside the palace and rested her heels on the marble floor of the conference room where her mother was.

"Oh mother, there's something we need to talk about."

*peponi = honey-dew melon*

AN: this is a prologue for a very….different...kind of fic I am going to write. Members at the SM/WW group encouraged me to keep writing this, so I will be working on it off and on as well as the other story I am currently writing. Hopefully I don't get confused writing two at the same time LOL.