Chapter 13 -Nnar Fi Galbi

Batman watched as this alien, Clark, was giving out orders to everybody like he was one of the members of the elite Justice League. He was the leader of the league usually behind the scenes and Diana handled everything on the outside. She was his partner and now she was down so what, does that mean he's supposed to listen to this guy? Yes, he has some beneficial powers that could come in handy, but he doesn't know anything about the league. As he was heard earlier, he was with Diana in Algeria, unknowing about her as the former Wonder Woman. He was lied to and deceived by one of the most beautiful, powerful women in the world. Diana may have been grieving then, so she was vulnerable and wanted company perhaps, but he just forgave her just like that? How well do these two know each other?

Bruce studied the alien as he was on board. Diana briefly explained that she was bringing a super powered to the Watchtower, but he did not know what to expect. He didn't think anything of it and didn't object to her reasons for bringing him along. She, of course, wouldn't just randomly bring a normal human up on the satellite. Obviously Diana and her Amazon sisters needed help, especially her mother. So what is so special about this guy and why is he giving orders again? Must talk to him.

Bart, Cassie and Kyle were a team sent to Bangladesh, Clark decided this. Bruce raised his eyebrow beneath his mask, but didn't say anything, yet. Hal had decided to go with Billy and Clark to Algeria to try and debug every assassin they could find. Algeria seemed to be the main destination where Darkseid kept all of the assassins.

"Alright, you three are team one and will go to Bangladesh to debug all the assassins you can possibly find. The rest will go with me to Algiers, Algeria. Does everybody understand the plan?" Clark said aloud to the league once more. Nobody objected and team one left to go to the transporter to be sent to Bangladesh. Bruce decided this was the perfect time to approach Clark now that he was alone in the monitor womb with the exceptions of Billy and Hal.

The Bat came around the back of him and Clark was not alarmed but simply turned around calmly to see the masked vigilante. He smiled at him and relaxed, but not too much.

"Yes, Batman? I've heard a lot about you, but never had actually seen you in person. You're a lot smaller than people make you out to be," he smirked. Once he saw Batman was not giving into the joke he coughed and tightened up a bit, trying to look a little bit more intimidating.

"You're an alien, right Clark? Diana told me you are from a planet called Krypton."

"Yes, I am." Clark kept his answers short as this guy seemed to like short and to the point kind of stuff.

"You possess heat vision, super-strength, freeze breath, x-ray vision and super hearing, is that right?"

Clark blinked a few times, surprised he knew all of this without even talking to him first. "Why…how did you know?"

"I had J'onn read your DNA and body. I suspect that Diana brought you here to help and she sees you as an ally, can we trust you?"

"Well, I guess you will have to take Diana's word." He smiled and walked over to the monitors.

That was not the answer I was looking for; Bruce scowled and walked up the monitors next to the alien. They were observing team one's progress in Bangladesh and so far they had debugged over one hundred people, which was good. But, out of how many assassins? Roughly three thousand just in that country.

"Okay, team, are we ready to go to Algeria?" Clark was addressing Billy, Hal and Batman. The two nodded, except for the Dark Knight. He stayed silent. The two others went to the armory to get the supplies they might need and that left the alien and the Dark Knight alone once more.

"I know you are used to Diana calling the shots around here, but she is down and I am her equal. You are going to need my help." Clark sighed. "Besides I made a promise that I would get her mother's sword back for her. Are you on our team or what, Batman?" He held his hand out.

Bruce stood there motionless and silent. He didn't shake his hand, but nodded slightly.

"I still don't trust you." He moved towards the teleport pad and waited until the others got back. He set the coordinates and J'onn stayed back in the infirmary to take care of Diana.

Clark mumbled, "Looks like you don't trust anybody….."

Once Hal and Billy returned they all teleported to Algiers. As a team.

Algiers, Algeria

Clark, Batman, Hal and Billy landed in a secluded dark alley in the large city. They decided to lay low and not move out into the open to alarm anybody. Clark was able to use his x-ray vision to track down any assassins that might be lurking around in the daylight hours. It would be dark in two hours-time so he figured more of the assassins will show up in the night.

He scanned the area and all was clear. They moved onto the next alley so they were unseen, supposedly. Clark scanned the area again and found seven assassins waiting on the east side of the city in a dark alley. They were speaking not Arabic, but a different language. He couldn't quite make out what it was. It sounded Albanian, but he was not too sure.

"Hal, could you use your ring to find out what language they are speaking?" he whispered.

"Hmm, well if they are not too far, yes. I can try." He used his ring and could only find bits and pieces of the assassins' hushed tones. His ring was able to detect the small words he collected.

"They are speaking Azerbaijani."

Billy looked at Clark and he had a puzzled look on his face. Batman was getting gadgets out of his utility belt not really noticing what they were talking about.

"Azerbaijani? Are you sure? Most of these 'assassins' are from Algeria, Bangladesh and France. I didn't read or hear anything about people from Azerbaijan."

"Well that's what they were speaking," Hal shrugged.

Clark furrowed his brows then looked up to see the seven men run another direction into another alley. There two broke into a woman's home and took her child from her. One covered her mouth and the child was sedated. His eyes glowed red and he sped over to the east alley. The others were trying to track him, but failed. They ended up in another alley in the north side of Algiers.

"Damn it!" Hal exclaimed as he was trying to locate Clark.

"Aliens…" Bruce mumbled to himself.

Clark found the three men waiting outside the house and punched them in the smalls of their backs and they collapsed. Enough time for him to remove the bugs from their necks. He saw two others on top of the roofs. He used his heat vision to break off some of the roof and they came toppling down and he ripped off the bugs. They were not unconscious and were very unaware of where they were. The mother and child were about to be taken out of the side windows but Clark sped to the back of the house and ripped off the bugs before they could go anywhere. The mother was spouting many Arabic words that he couldn't really comprehend and her sedated child was cradled in her arms.

Hal and the others were able to finally reach his location. "Hey!" the Green Lantern shouted.

"How about some notice when you decide to take off like that huh? We're supposed to be a team not some asshole that just runs off like that!" he grunted and ran his hand through his hair.

"I'm sorry. I saw that they were about to kidnap the child. He is safe with his mother now. I was able to debug all seven of the men. Four tried to run off, but three are passed out on the ground. They should wake up in about twenty minutes tops." Clark explained and Batman, without question, moved over to the unconscious, not so intimidating assassins lying on the ground.

He took the 'bug' and plugged it into a device he had about the size of his palm.

"What is that?" Billy questioned.

"Something that will be very useful and will save us time." He plugged in some numbers and other codes in the small device. The bug lit up and then the device made a small beeping noise, but not loud enough to alert others around them.

Hal, Clark and Billy looked around, but saw nothing.

Batman shut off the device and put it back in his belt. "If this works, which it should, I have just deprogrammed all of the bugs attached to the assassins. They are no longer under Darkseid's control."

Clark scanned the area and saw assassins from afar in confusion and taking off their niqabs, wondering where they were and why they were dressed as they were.

"Well, how come you didn't tell us about that sooner?!" Clark asked in kind of annoyed tone. First this Batman questions his trust and Diana's trust now he doesn't even tell everyone what kind of devices he has hidden. Who does this guy think he is?

"It was just a prototype. Glad to see it works. Let's head to Bangladesh to perform the same action." He moved ahead of them into a dark alley a few yards away to transport.

Clark had an annoyed and puzzled expression written clearly on his face.

"It's Bats, don't worry. He always does this kind of shit." Hal slapped Clark on the back and moved along.


Cassie flew above the city as Bart and Kyle stayed on the ground waiting for her surveillance. Kyle looked around at all the assassins they had disassembled already. It wasn't a lot, but it was a start.

"There must be thousands of assassins out here, man. I don't think we'll be able to do this alone." Bart looked at the unconscious men next to him and stared at the scarab beetles that were now off the backs of their necks.

"I know, but we have to try," Kyle shrugged his shoulders.

"Alright, there seems to be more in a hideout not too far from here. It is underground like the base in Algeria we sent Diana into. I think we should contact Batman and the others."

As if right on cue, Clark, Batman and Hal were beamed into the same location the others were by J'onn. Kyle smiled and folded his arms.

"Well, that was just weird."

Clark stepped forward and scanned the area. There were many hideouts in this city, widely spread out. If they were able to target one of the larger ones, Batman can use his doohickey to deprogram the scarabs.

"We will have to attack into one of their largest bases. Surely this Darkseid guy has Diana's mother's sword. Two of the assassins ran off with it, who knows where they are now. Cassie and Bart will cover behind us, Hal and I will break into the main entrance of the hideout. Batman and Kyle will be our stationary waiting for escapes and Batman," he paused, "you know what to do."

Everyone agreed and followed him discreetly to the base.

Bart and Cassie stood outside of the base against the walls waiting for someone to run out. Batman and Kyle hid in the shadows waiting. Clark and Hal broke down the entrance and quietly flew inside.

Guards around them saw them flying above and started shooting at them and throwing knives at them. Hal put a protective shield around them, thinking that these things would hurt Clark but to his amazement they didn't. Man, this guy is weird, he thought.

"You go right I'll go left," Clark yelled aloud and swooped down to attack the men that were shooting him. He pulled off several scarabs, that were a little bit different than the ones they had seen in Algeria, but hopefully Batman could reverse the programming on them like the others.

Quickly Clark flew out of the base to hand one of the bugs to Batman. Hal finished the last of the guards and headed outside to await the deprogramming.

"Well, Bats, what's the prognosis?" Hal folded his arms.

"It is done. All assassins down. Clark, do you remember who had Hippolyta's sword?"

Clark thought for a moment. After Diana was stabbed, the man was debugged, but the two other assassins took the sword and ran off. Since he used his x-ray vision to see beneath their niqabs, he knew what his face looked like, but that would take forever to locate the bastard.

"Yes, I do, but it will take ages to get a hold of him with all these men and some women, covering their faces," he furrowed his eyebrows.

"Then I guess we'll have to go to the main source in Calcutta, India," Batman eyed everyone and they looked ready for battle, but it was not the same without Diana there, but they would have to make do with what they had.


While J'onn was in the monitor womb Diana slowly sat up holding her midsection with her left hand and cringed. She got out of the bed and grabbed her Wonder Woman uniform and gradually made her way to the screen doors to change.

As she was dressing herself Diana thought of the young girl named Elissa that sat on her lap in the Algerian orphanage.

""If you meet Wonder Woman can you tell her to come here to visit?"

She furrowed her eyebrows and set her tiara on her head, and slid on her boots. If she was going to fight Lashina and Darkseid she needed to be ready and fierce. At the moment she didn't feel too fierce, but thinking of all those children that died she could only imagine how many other children Lashina and her tarts have harmed. She would do this, not only for the children she watched, but for all the children in the world, for herself, for her mother and for her sister.

Diana walked out of the med bay with a bandage still around her midsection, not caring. She stepped on the teleport matt and spoke to J'onn.

"J'onn, send me where the others are."

"I do not believe you are fit for a fight, Diana," he stated worried that she might injure herself even more than she already was.

"Teleport me, J'onn." She had a warrior mind set and did not back down nor was she going to refuse any crap that she was going to tell him.

"Diana, please," he started to relent to her going to help the League.

"Type. In. The. Coordinates," she folded her arms in front of her and he sighed. He did as told.

Calcutta, India

Clark, Batman, Flash, the two Lanterns, Cassie and Shazam were laying it low in Calcutta, trying not to start any alarming appearances.

Diana teleported in behind them and she walked towards them without saying a word. Her wound still ached, but she set that in the back of her mind.

Clark heard a familiar heartbeat approaching behind them. It was Diana's heartbeat. He knew it anywhere, but is she really here? He turned and saw the wounded, yet determined, Amazon sauntering towards the group.

"Diana? What are you doing here?" he was alarmed and stopped walking. The others heard him and turned to see the former Princess heading their way.

Batman stated, "Diana, you shouldn't be here. You are injured."

"I am here to help. I have fought in much worse conditions. If anybody is going to battle Lashina, it will be me." She had her thumb pointing to her own chest. Hal blinked but smiled and folded his arms. He could remember Diana when he first met her. She had such fire in her and would do anything to help someone even if it meant she would die. Just a few months ago she left her titles and settled down in Algeria to become, God knows what, but he knew even if she was injured she would not back down.

"You'll never change, Princess," Hal put his hand on her shoulder.

Diana smiled and put her hand on his in gratitude. She then moved forward to stand next to Clark. He was still a little shocked that she was here and also a little pissed that she left the watchtower to come help them. As if they didn't have everything handled.

"Don't worry about me, I will be fine, Kal," she smiled and he seemed a little more relaxed when he saw her smile at him. He always liked her smile. It reminded him of the time they were flying kites in Algeria.

"You still shouldn't be here, you know," still worried.

"I can handle myself. I am not a helpless woman. I can handle my own," she reached up and pecked his cheek with her lips.

The rest of the league turned at this and Cassie smiled and rattled her fists in teenage excitement.

"Oh my gods, this is so adorable!" she whispered to Bart.

He looked back and smirked. Kids these days.

"Are we ready to go?" Clark turned his attention back to everybody else. All others nodded. Batman filled in Diana on the plan they had devised when she was on the satellite.

Underground Base

Bloody Mary tapped her fingernails on the cell bars as she walked down the long dimmed hallway. She saw all the prisoners they kept in the cells and smiled. The girls that she kidnapped stayed near the front and were used for Steppenwolf's pleasure as well as Darkseid's. Still, he insisted that he get the Amazon princess for his pleasures, but Lashina promised she would get her no matter the costs. As she came near the end of the dungeon she saw Queen Hippolyta sitting down leaning against the cold stone wall. She looked weary and pale. Her wild untamed curly hair was taken out of her long braid and her robes were set aside and she was left wearing her white gown she slept in on Themyscira.

"Hello there, lovely," she stopped in front of the Queen's cell and smiled wickedly.

Hippolyta gazed up at the sickly white Fury and frowned. "You think you will get away with what you're doing, but you won't."

"Blahblahblah, I know, Diana will come save you and yadayada. We want her to come here so Lashina can hand her to Darkseid. Although, I do think that will be a little difficult in her condition."

The Queen's eyes narrowed and she grew angry. "What have you done to her?!" she demanded.

"Oh, nothing. I am sure she will live. Now excuse me, I have some work to do." Her eyes glowed red and stared at the Queen in a trance. Suddenly Hippolyta lay on the cold ground wincing in pain, she held her head with her hands. Bloody Mary smiled and left the cells.

Kyle, Bart and Shazam split into a team to approach the underground base they found. Batman and Hal were on the east side entrance and Cassie flew to the top of the base to enter when told to. Clark and Diana were on the west entrance.

"I do not know if this plan will work, but we'll have to see." Clark whispered. There were guards all around them. He scanned the area and used his heat vision to zap the guards' weapons in half and they looked miffed. All started speaking to each other in Arabic and Tamil.

Four guards spotted the brightly colored heroes and ran to them. Diana hit one of them in the gut and kicked him to the ground. He was doubled over in pain. Clark knocked out two of them easily. They knocked down the doors and entered the base.

"We are in," Diana put her hand to her comlink to alert the others.

Kyle, Billy and Bart nodded and broke into the front entrance to take down their fair share of guards.

Hal and Batman did the same and Cassie waited for the right time for her to strike.

Clark and Diana made it to the middle of the base. It looked like a catacomb mine. There were torches around the walls and they could hear people approaching.

"Now, Cassie," Clark told her. She entered in through the middle and broke the alarm to the base. He scanned the area and saw a swarm of guards coming towards him and Diana. He looked at her and she was already in her battle stance ready to fight.

Batman and Hal reached the middle and saw the guards running toward them with spears. He programmed the debugging device and all guards stopped and held their heads and kneeled on the ground.

A few moments later all the men and women stopped and fell to their knees unaware of what was happening. They started to converse and looked around them becoming scared and unaware of their surroundings.

Diana told them, "Do not worry. You are all safe now. The exit is that way," she pointed to the west wing of the base. All seemed to understand her and headed that way, dropping their weapons. She grabbed one of the spears and saw it was able to electrocute someone with a simple thrust movement.

"They are really trying to kill us," Clark looked at the large mechanical spear Diana held.

"Let them try," she headed forward and all followed her.

Center Ground

Darkseid sat on his Dais with a smug look on his face. He had his hands beneath his chin as he watched the Amazon and her crew walk behind her.

"Ah, Princess, I see you have finally arrived. It took you awhile to find us, didn't it?" Darkseid said standing up.

"Darkseid, you have killed many and destroyed cities with massive genocides. You will regret this day," she held the spear in hand.

"Is that so, Amazon? Furies," he gestured to the east of the base and saw Lashina and six other Furies behind her. Being the main ones behind her were Gilotina and Bloody Mary. Following them were other Furies –Stompa, Bernadeth, Speed Queen and Mad Harriet.

"That chick is sickly looking," Bart commented of the one with green hair and massive teeth (Mad Harriet.)

"Lashina," Diana narrowed her eyes and snarled seeing her. She had been waiting for this day.

"Hello, Princess, so glad you could join us. I thought you would have suffered a bit more with that stab from your mother's sword. I guess they didn't stab you hard enough." She kept walking a little further, but both women kept their distance. The league came to make a semi-circle beside Diana.

Darkseid stepped down and had his hands behind his back. "Steppenwolf, the ring," he called out.

Steppenwolf nodded and suddenly a net was dropped around Diana and the league along with the Furies. They were in a battle ring in the base.

"Oh and before we begin this battle, I think your mother should have a front seat," Darkseid smiled. Hippolyta was brought out by Desaad and set in a chair chained up.

"Mother!" Diana said aloud, unable to believe what horrible condition she was in. This only made her more eager to end this.

Granny Goodness stood at the top balcony of the base looking down above them. "Let the games, begin, ladies," she yelled from above. The net set fire to the bars and the league looked around them and this was a death trap. They were surrounded by fire and Furies.

Queen Hippolyta locked eyes with her daughter and creased her eyebrows together and mouthed, 'fight' with a slight nod. Diana readied herself to fight and nodded to her mother.

The Furies stood in a semi-circle facing opposite the league.

"Alright so who is taking who?" Hal told the league.

"I call that green haired freak," Batman said. Others looked at him surprised at his comment and Kyle looked at Bernadeth. "I'll take that one."

Cassie and Hal looked at each other and decided to take Gilotina and Bloody Mary. Shazam nudged his head to take Stompa.

Bart looked at Speed Queen and knew that he could take her with his and her speed. It might be difficult but he could handle it.

"Lashina is mine," Diana readied herself. Clark looked around him and saw Darkseid seated at the front of the ring enjoying this.

"He's mine, then,"

Diana looked at him with a worried look, but nodded and all others nodded to each other.

This but took only a few moments and Granny readied for the battle to begin. The Furies went in all different directions. Bloody Mary glided on her disk around Cassie trying to manipulate her with her mind. Though Cassie had been through brainwashing before, this was still a difficult task.

Lashina's whip clashed with Diana's spear and they circled each other in the middle of the ring as all others were busy with their own battles.

"You were the one who burned the orphanage and kidnapped those children," Diana stated as she thrust her spear at the Fury.

Lashina dodged it and continued circling lashing her whip around the Amazon. "Guilty Princess. I do wish you would wear that black abaya again. It would hide all those imperfections you have on your body. I mean, look at those thighs," she smiled.

This only made Diana angrier, but she tried to keep herself in check. Don't let her words get to you, Diana, no, you can't do that. Stay focused.

"You have a cold heart, Lashina. How could you kill all those children and Alia?"

"Isn't that pot calling the kettle black, Princess," she scoffed, "If I do recall you were the one who killed those assassins late at night. Don't think that I don't keep an eye on all my students. You were under surveillance the whole time. I do not think you have room to talk about murder." She stepped closer and scooped her leg under Diana and knocked her on the ground.

Diana was in a daze and let her guard down. Before Lashina could get on top of her, she rolled over and got up huffing in pain. She put her hand to her side and felt warm liquid on her palm. Blood. Her wound had reopened.

"Is the princess hurt? Do you need medical attention? How about some hot tea and a nice bed to sleep in, forever," Lashina ran towards her and both locked hands together with their foreheads against each other circling.

"The only person that will be dying is you, Lashina," she butted heads with the Fury and Lashina knocked back and groaned. That tiara of hers was a killer.

Lashina smiled and threw her whip to the side. "How about no weapons, Princess? Just pure combat." She gestured.

"I don't trust you," Diana still stood with her spear in hand.

The black metal lined Fury dropped her sword and whip to the side of her and held her hands up. Diana's eyebrow raised and she dropped her spear and both women were playing a circling game again.

"I see you want to kill me, Princess. I thought your morals don't allow you to kill, but I guess you already broke those rules of yours didn't you? If you really wanted to kill me you wouldn't have dropped your spear."

Diana growled and kicked Lashina in her jaw and the Fury fell back and Diana picked her up and threw her across the ground. The Fury rolled on the ground and slowly got up, wiping blood from her mouth.

"So she draws blood," she smiled.

Wonder Woman walked up to the Fury and punched the Fury in her nose and the blood flowed freely. She then kicked the woman in her midsection and grabbed her wrist it and broke it with a single twist.

Hal and Billy tied up the two Furies they defeated and looked over at Diana. She had Lashina all bloody and breathing heavily.

"Good god, she's going to kill her!" Hal said.

Darkseid held up Clark and threw him against the ground and he slid creating a sizeable crator in the ground.

"You are strong. Who are you?"

"None of your business," Clark stood up and dusted off his shirt. He then blasted the rock-faced God and Darkseid held his eyes in pain. "I know enough about you and know that you shouldn't live."

"Ahh," Darkseid stood tall and blasted his Omega-beams at Clark and he groaned in pain as they burned straight through his shirt and knocked him back again. He flew to the top of the ring and took off his shirt and saw a burn mark on his skin.

"He burned me," he said in shock. He touched his wound and winced. He never felt pain like this before. He was not very skilled in combat, but he had to try his best.

"Are you frightened?" Darkseid smiled.

Clark hurled towards him and knocked Darkseid in the ground punching him repeatedly in his face.

Diana broke Lashina's nose and threw her on the ground again and picked her up from her ankle and twisted it painfully. The Fury cried out in pain as she felt her bones breaking slowly. The Amazon dropped her and Lashina lay there, bleeding from her nose, mouth and knuckles while holding her broken wrist.

Diana came grabbed her spear and came closer to Lashina with fierceness in her eyes. The Fury smiled at the Princess.

"If you want to kill me, Diana, go ahead," she held her arms open as she continued breathe heavily and prop herself against a wall. Diana pinned Lashina to the wall while holding the spear to her neck. "Go on, kill me. I know you can do it." She urged her on.

Hal ran to Diana as Billy watched the two unconscious furies making sure they didn't wake up and if they did he would knock them out again.

"Diana! Stop!" he held out his hand and Diana didn't take her eyes off Lashina.

"Go away Hal!" Diana yelled.

"Diana, don't kill her. You are one of the founding members of the Justice League. You know it is wrong to kill. You were taught not to kill."

"No, you are wrong. My race is trained to kill." She inched closer and Lashina continued to smile which pissed Diana off more.

"But taking someone's life is a serious thing. You could be held accountable for this, Princess. Don't do this." He pleaded.

Diana felt a sting in her eyes. A tear rolled down her cheek.

Cassie saw Diana pinning Lashina to a wall and Kyle just threw another Fury into the center. All was defeated but Speed Queen. Bart continued to battle with the Fury on the east side of the death ring.

The princess pulled back her spear, but didn't stop looking at Lashina.

The fury smiled and behind her back she kept a small dagger in the small of her back. The swiftly pulled it out and jabbed Diana in her midsection inches away from her other wound. Diana gasped and took her spear and thrust it threw Lashina, picking her up with little strength she had.

Lashina gasped and blood trickled down her chin and she twisted the dagger inside of Diana's fresh wound and Diana held the Fury close to her, "You...will…never...kill...again," and prodded the spear all the way through Lashina's midsection. All the members gasped not believing what just happened.

Diana took the spear out of Lashina and the Fury fell to the ground back first and blood began pouring from her wound. Her breathing slowed and the dagger was left in Diana's midsection and she gradually pulled it out groaning in pain. Her eyes rolled back in her head and fainted. Hal ran to catch the princess and used his ring to bind Diana's wounds. He picked up the wounded Amazon in his arms and had her blood on his uniform.

Queen Hippolyta watched her daughter get stabbed by that Fury and her eyes widened and cried for her daughter. Watching her own daughter bleed to her death only reminded her of Donna. She did not want to lose another daughter.

Batman looked over at Clark battling Darkseid. He looked over to the left of the ring and saw Desaad had a box in his hands. Must be a boomtube, he thought.

"Shazam, can you distract Desaad and retrieve that box for me?"

He nodded and flew over to the skinny man.

"I'll go help Clark!" Kyle flew over to Darkseid and pulled him back with his ring.

Granny stood at the balcony pissed off that her Furies had all failed, "Failures! All failures!" she groaned and turned to walk away. Not wishing to see anything more. Steppenwolf stood with Hippolyta on the outer part of the ring. She dare not move or he would strike her, or worse.

"Ah, excuse me," Billy tapped Desaad and knocked him out with a single hit, grabbing the motherbox before it hit the ground. He flew back to Batman and gave him the motherbox.

Batman started punching in many codes trying to activate the boomtube for what is known as the most horrible place for anybody –the Phantom Zone.

After a few fails he opened a portal for the Phantom Zone. The wind picked up and Hal still had Diana in his arms. He flew to the outer ring and used his ring to hold onto the ceiling so they wouldn't get sucked in.

"Clark, now!" Kyle told him.

The Kryptonian nodded and blasted Darkseid with the last power he had. Using his heat vision he knocked him back a few feet and kicked him as hard as he could in the gut and the rock-faced God flew back, getting sucked into the portal. He cried out in help, but nobody helped. Bart sped over to Steppenwolf and knocked him back and Kyle threw him in the portal as well. Batman punched in a few codes and the boomtube closed. All others fell back against the ground. The net released itself and they were free.

"We need to get to the watchtower," Hal immediately called for J'onn to beam him and Diana up first.

Clark sat up looking around at all the defeated Furies. He saw Lashina lying on the ground in a lake of blood. His eyes widened and wondered what happened to her, but he noticed Diana wasn't here. He looked all around but was unable to find her. Cassie saw his worriedness.

"Hal beamed her up to the watchtower. She is badly hurt."

He stood up, "What happened to her?"

"Lashina and she were going at it. She stabbed Diana and Diana…killed Lashina." She looked over at the Fury still bleeding out and looked back to the Kryptonian alien.

Clark held his head in his hands. Oh dear lord, she did it again. She killed someone. He remembered when he saw Diana kill those men in that dark alley. She let the beast come out of her again. He looked behind him and saw Diana's mother, the Queen still strapped to that chair. He flew over to her and zapped her out of her locks and helped her out.

"Your majesty," he said quietly.

"I want to see my daughter," she didn't even acknowledge him there.

He nodded and Cassie asked for everyone to be beamed up to the watchtower.

The Watchtower

All members waited outside the med bay to await the news of Diana's condition. Hal brought Diana in as fast as he could. She lied in bed looking paler and near death. Her breathing was slow, but at least she was breathing. Hippolyta was at her side, looking a mess herself. Her hair was disheveled and her gown was tattered at the ends and her eyes had circles under them.

She held her daughter's cold hand and never took her eyes off of her.

Members left and came back frequently but most left to shower and change. Clark stayed by the window watching to see if she was getting any better. He tried not to listen to Hippolyta talking to Diana, so he focused on her heartbeat and it was steady but slow and not up to normal speed. Cassie came by Clark's side and looked through the window. He knew she was there, but he didn't give her notice that he knew.

"She will be alright; she is Wonder Woman after all."

He didn't answer.

"I have never seen her in a state this horrible. The Queen is worried to death. After her younger daughter died I don't think she could take another loss, especially Diana. She loved Donna very much, but Diana is her first and now only daughter. If she loses her I think it will absolutely kill her." she sighed.

Clark looked over at the blonde and looked back into the room Diana was in. She's not the only person she would kill, he thought.

Four hours went by and J'onn came back into the med bay to take a look at Diana to see if she was improving. He put a hand on the Queen.

"Your majesty, I believe her pace is not quickening, you may go take a break. She will be here. I will keep an eye on her. Please go relax."

Hippolyta would have relented but she hadn't had a proper meal or sleep in days. She left the room and saw that man looking into the window at Diana. She furrowed her eyebrows at first, but then walked towards him.

"Mr. Kent?" she said.

He turned and saw the Amazon Queen standing next to him. She was rather tall, but not taller than Diana, maybe a couple of inches shorter than her, but he could definitely tell that they were related.

"Yes that is me," he cleared his throat.

"My daughter has spoken of you before when she came to visit on Themsycira. She only speaks good things of you."

Clark didn't know this, because Diana never really talked about her mother, but this was a serious compliment coming from this woman. He just smiled gently and nodded his head.

"I know she spent most of her time with you while she was in Algeria. She told me you were the only person she trusted there and enjoyed her time there. I do not know if she told you but she did not leave because of you. She left because she felt it was right to return to her title despite her wrath of Athena she has yet to receive. I do hope the Goddess spares her time as she is not in a state to do anything," the Queen mother looked back into the room and saw Diana barely breathing. She smiled at Clark and turned to go to Diana's quarters to 'take a break' as the Martian told her to do.

Someplace between life and death

Diana awoke and found herself in a bed in the medical bay. The room looked a little strange though; it seemed as if it was flipped around like a mirror image. She also heard nobody in the halls or on the satellite in fact. She saw she was hooked up to many monitors and her hair was matted against a pillow. How long had she been here? Is this even the watchtower? Her mind began ticking.

She felt a hand on hers and she looked to her left and saw her sister smiling at her. Now she knew this couldn't be real. She must be dead.

"Donna?" she croaked and Donna smiled more.

"Diana, glad to see you are awake."

"Am I dead?" the princess looked around and sat up propping herself against her pillow.

"Not yet. You had quite an accident, sis."

Diana remembered one thing. Lashina stabbed her in her midsection. She put her hand on her wounds and cringed. It was aching and it seemed she needed more medication at the moment.

"If I am not dead, why are you here and where is everybody else?" Diana asked confused.

Donna looked at her elder sister, "We are in the middle or rather you're in the middle. I am just here as a reminder that you need to wake up Diana."

"Wake up? Am I in the infirmary?

"Yes, you are. You are still very badly injured. You saved mother, though and everybody else, but you forgot one person."

Diana was clueless. "…whom?"

"You forgot to save yourself, Diana." She sighed and continued, "You're life is as equally important as anybody else's. I know that you would take your life to save me, but I took mine to save you, to save the world."

Diana's eyes filled with tears. "You shouldn't have done that. I could have saved you. I could have taken your place."

Donna brushed her sister's hair away from her face. "No, it works out better this way."

"How? You are dead!"

"You saved many lives today, Diana and you still managed to battle when you were injured. Mother is saved and you have served your duty to Lady Athena in your pilgrimage."

Diana scoffed, "Some oath I took. I left the orphanage and look what happened to it. All the children died and so did a friend that I had actually begun to like."

Donna smiled, "One cannot save everybody, Diana. Have you forgotten something?"

Diana didn't know this answer.

"A man has been watching you for hours until you awake. I have been watching and he is very handsome, if I might add," she winked.

Diana smiled. She knew she was talking about Kal and then looked outside the window and saw Kal watching her. His face lit up as he saw her wake up.

"Donna, I…" she looked around and she was gone and the room was flipped back again back to its normal state.

Clark saw Diana's open and she was looking straight at him. He walked inside and Diana blinked slowly. She gestured for him to come over with a weak hand.

"Diana…you are finally awake," he smiled sitting next to the bed. Her face was still face but her skin was warm again and her heartbeat was catching up.

"I saw my sister, I thought I was dead."

"What?" he was baffled.

"I saw my little sister, Kal. She was sitting right here talking to me."

Dear lord was she dead for a second and I didn't catch this, he thought. He continued to listen to her anyway.

"And then I opened my eyes and she was gone just like that. And…now you are here sitting next to me," she smiled.

He was glad to see her smile. He loved seeing her smile.

Kyle happened to walk by to see if Diana was alright and saw she was conversing with Clark. He smiled and yelled through the hallway.

"Hey everybody! Diana is alive!" he ran back to the monitor womb.

Diana rolled her eyes and Clark laughed. "As if I was going to die." She flipped her hand. "Please, I'm Wonder Woman," she smiled.

"You really are a character, you know that," he smiled.

Fifteen minutes later Queen Hippolyta came back into the room with new clothes and she let her wild curly hair air dry and set against her back. She cleared her throat as she saw Diana and Clark holding hands. They quickly stopped holding hands and their faces reddened.

"Mother, I am so glad to see you are alive," Diana sat up with her hair a mess, but she didn't mind.

Her mother approached and Clark got out of the chair so she could sit down. "No, I am glad you are alive, daughter," she smiled.

"I am fine, mother, as you can see. I am alive and well," she shrugged her shoulders like it was no big deal. Her mother rolled her eyes.

"I think you should come home and stay for a while. Be away from the league." Her mother offered her to come to Themyscira and Diana sighed heavily.

"Mother I…I don't know. Kal, could you give my mother and I some privacy?"

"Of course" with that he left and decided that he really needed to freshen up. He just now noticed he wasn't even wearing his shirt; he was wearing one of Hal's old shirts. Much too tight. He would fly back to his place and get something to wear and come back.

After he left her mother gave Diana a look.

"What?" Diana asked.

"So it's Kal now?" her brow raised.

"It's his real name."

"Real name? How many names does this man have, Diana?"

"Mother…" Diana sounded a little annoyed and embarrassed.

Hippolyta sighed, realizing that this was not the time to talk about this. She went back to the previous conversation.

"With all that has happened, I think it would be best if you came home for a while."

Diana considered this for a moment and slowly nodded her head.

"Okay, but not too long…I am not a caged bird anymore, mother," she smiled. Both hugged and changed the subject.

Three Days Later

Diana was now well enough to leave the watchtower and go back to Themyscira. She was packing her things in her room when she heard somebody knock and she told them to come in.


She recognized this voice. It was Clark and she turned around and saw him standing in the doorway. He stayed on the satellite until she was well enough to go home. He helped her walk around to get her strength back. She was still a little sore and had bandages on, but she would be fine within a week or so, J'onn told them.

"Kal, hello," she was not expecting him to drop by. Today was the day she was leaving to go back to her island and he wouldn't be able to join her.

"So, packing?" he looked at her things and she had two bags packed of some clothes she left in her room that she wanted to take with her. Wearing toga-like dresses could be boring sometimes so she brought some American clothes she bought a few years ago to take with her back home and perhaps her sisters would consider wearing some.

"Yes." This conversation was getting a little awkward.

He was just straight blunt with this next statement, "I wish you didn't have to leave so soon, Diana."

She sat down on her bed. "I know, but my mother thinks it is best and with all that I had to endure these past few months I think it would be good for me too."

He had been wanting to ask her this since he heard what she had done to Lashina and didn't know when the right moment was so he'd thought he'd ask now.

"Diana, what happened in India? Why did you kill Lashina?"

Diana felt a pain in her heart and her stomach twist in knots when he said that so abruptly. She was thinking about it, but could never wrap her mind around it that she actually did it. She was in denial about it.

"Diana, tell me," he came to sit next to her on the bed.

She swallowed and sighed heavily. "I…she didn't deserve to live anymore…I thought it would be better if…"

"You didn't have to kill her."

"She killed all those children and probably so many more that I…couldn't save," she brought her knees closer to her chin. "I left without a proper goodbye and she was right under my nose and I didn't even know it. I was so foolish. Stupid. I should have done more research. Been more careful, but I wasn't and now all those orphans are dead. I should have never left them alone." She felt anguish and tears in her eyes began to form.

"You aren't stupid, Diana. You didn't know and you can't blame yourself for that. You cannot save everybody in the world. I learned that as well when my wife died."

Did he just mention his dead wife? Diana didn't make eye contact with him. "My hands are filled with malice and murder. I have killed six people in the last six months. I have let myself turn into something I am not, Kal." A tear streamed down her cheek.

He put his arm around her and she turned and now wept more heavily into his shirt. He rubbed her arm and stroked her hair.

"Diana, just because what you did does not make you a horrible person."

An inaudible phrase came out of her mouth but he was able to comprehend it. "" she continued to cry.

"No it doesn't." he stated matter-of-factly. He set her up and saw her eyes were red and tear streaks were marked on her pink cheeks. "Why did you kill her and those men back in Algeria?"

Diana steadied her breathing and wiped her eyes so she could speak more clearly now. "I..I was tired of seeing injustice and murderers. The league does not believe in killing and believe it is morally wrong, but if they keep coming back who is to say they will not stop killing? Lashina needed to die. She was a murderer."

He listened to her words carefully, "And those men? They were being controlled by another evil force."

She didn't look at him anymore. He took her chin in his hand and turned her face back to look into her eyes.

"I don't know, Kal, I don't know." More tears poured from her tear ducts. He hugged her again and she wept some more.

After about ten minutes she finally stopped crying and she got up to straighten her hair and wash her face with cold water.

"I need to get to the monitor womb so I can go to Themyscira." Her eyes were still puffy and red.

"Your mother will know you were upset." He cupped her cheek with his hand.

Diana shrugged her shoulders, not really caring what her mother thought at the moment.

"I wish I could come with you," he smiled.

Diana smiled and he mocked her, "Men aren't allowed." For that she slapped him on the arm and he smirked.

The conversation was silent for a minute.

"What happens to us now, Diana?"

"I do not know," she sat down on the bed with him.

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