Chapter 15 –Betmoun

Three years later Diana had sat in her office in the Embassy. It had been rebuilt and was up to par. Looking over important documents she was interrupted by someone at her window. A man in a red cape and she smiled.

"Clark, what are you doing here?" removing herself from her desk she went over to the window and wrapped her arms around his neck.

"I was just checking on you. You have been in here for three days. I was beginning to think you died."

She frowned and slapped his arm, "That is not funny and you know it." But she sighed, "I have been very busy lately. Mother wishes to come to the embassy soon. I want everything to be perfect and in order before she arrives here."

Clark stepped inside her office and reclined on one of her chairs opposite her desk. "I've always enjoyed sitting in your office, Diana. it is so cozy," he smiled smugly.

Diana smirked and sat on top of his leg, "Did you hear anything I just said?"

"Of course. Your mother is coming here and you want everything to be perfect."

Hmm, that super hearing is good, but not that good she thought. Standing up and walking to the mirror she fixed her hair and changed into her armor. She had promised to take a break two days ago, but simply ignored Clark and his antics. He wanted her to relax, but she had so much work to do. He couldn't understand this, could he? Of course she had a lot to do, but she couldn't just leave everything here, but isn't that what she was doing anyway?

She linked arms with him, "I am ready."

He stood smiling, "Alright where to first?"

Diana lifted in the air and was already heading out the window, "Somewhere quiet."

Clark knew exactly the place to go. He held her hand and they soared in the air until their destination was below them minutes later.

The Amazon looked down in confusion realizing what this place was, "Kal, this is…"

"Smallville," he smiled. They landed in a secluded field of wheat.

For the next twenty minutes or so they stared at the sky in silence. It was around five in the evening so the sun wasn't as bright anymore and the air was warm, but not extremely hot. Diana looked over at Clark lying down next to her.

"Clark," she began, "Do you miss this place?" gesturing to the farm-like atmosphere they were laying in.

His eyes rolled over to Diana's and she was leaning on her elbow staring at him intently. "Well, sometimes, but it brings back memories that I don't really want to remember."

Diana had to ask, "Then…why are we here?"

Kal sighed and turned fully to face the raven haired demigoddess in front of him, "It is nice to get away from the city, Diana. Away from the league and the watchtower. You have been in this type of business for a long time, I have not. You are used to all the chaos, I am but a rookie."

Diana smiled then giggled, "You think it was so easy for me, Kal. My island lives in ancient society. We do not even have practical showers like Americans do."

He laughed, "This is true."

"We also relied on books and arts to keep the time go by instead of televisions and iPods and such like in Man's World." She lay down on her back and stared at the now orange sky. "This field reminds me of my home. I used to lay in the forests and beaches of Themyscira, just thinking with my sister." A smile came to her face. "And she would ask me such stupid questions about America like," she thought for a moment before answering again, "Like what kind of clothes they wore, if they spoke differently, what kind of food they ate and she even asked what televisions here. How she found out about that I do not know."

Diana remembered everything about Donna and she did miss her, but she always knew that she would be with her always. Kal took her hand and kissed her knuckles.

"You miss her don't you?" he asked seriously.

"I do and I always will. She was my sister after all," sighing she closed her eyes, "I will not forget the way she looks, or the way she laughs, because her joy is what keeps her alive." Smiling she faced Clark and rolled onto her stomach. "She'll always be with me. Don't you miss Lana?"

Clark didn't answer for a few minutes. He had to think through this carefully. "I will always miss her. She was my wife," looking up at the sky he blinked slowly, "I did love her a lot." Then his eyes turned to Diana who was watching him with that twinkle in her blue eyes. "But I do love you too."

A blush came to her lips, "I love you too."

He touched her face tenderly, "As you said, you will always remember Donna for her joy and happiness as I will always remember Lana for her charismatic personality and sensible humor." Both smiled at one another.

Diana came closer to him, "The memories are worth remembering."

"Yes, yes they are." He nodded his head in silence.

AN: Well, it has been fun everybody. Thank you for reading. I didn't want to make a super long epilogue since I mostly covered that last chapter, but just a small something to tie everything in!

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Betmoun = You're worth it