Chapter 1 - Revelation

Diana left for the Watchtower the following week and she came to greet the Justice League, or what has been left of it. She entered the space tower and all heroes that were left were not dressed in their costumes. She saw Bruce Wayne, aka Batman, wore black slacks with a dark blue button down shirt, with the sleeves rolled up. His arm had still been in pain from the ongoing battle they had fought weeks ago. Bruce did not like to show his discomfort in front of anybody, even if he was in pain he did not show it and was always ready to go back into action. Diana caught a wince in his eye, and she smiled. So he is not as stone faced as he puts off I see.

In the monitor womb there were several others like Tim Drake, Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Kyle Rayner, and one of the newest members, Cassandra Sandsmark. All original heroes of the League were not dressed in their traditional garb, but all wore comfortable, casual clothing. Jeans, shirt, shoes and the Robins wore sunglasses. They've been hanging around Bruce too long, Diana thought. Diana wore a white tunic with a coin belt around her waist and golden lace-up sandals. Her gauntlets were laced with gold vines and her Wonder Woman signature tiara was not on her head. Instead her hair was in one long French braid and a tassel was attached to the bottom of her braid.

Batman called for a meeting later that afternoon and everyone filled in. Diana took her seat next to Arthur, their head chairman and Bruce was across from her. The chairs were filled by Tim, Dick, Jason, Kyle, Cassie, Bart Allen, and Captain Marvel –Billy Batson. After a few minutes of conversing, Arthur stood and everyone cleared their throats and waited for the meeting to start.

"Well, as you know, this tragic fight has finally come to an end and we are beginning with fresh faces and new abilities guiding us." He began and the faces of Wonder Woman, Nightwing, Robin and Batman all showed grief for great heroes they had lost. Wally West, one of the original Flash's had disappeared and he was nowhere to be found. Same went for Victor, Cyborg and Hawkgirl, Kendra. "So now, I am sure you are all wondering why me, Princess Diana and Bruce have called this meeting."

Everyone awaited the answer. "We have discussed this for the past week and think this is the best thing to do…"

Oh Hera's sake, this man is stalling the situation! Diana grunted and then raised her hand and stood in front of everyone. "Bruce, Tim, Dick and I are leaving the League." She blunted stated and sat back down in her seat. The whole room went quiet and their jaws were dropped by this surprise. Cassie stood up exasperated.

"You can't do that! You can't just walk off and leave after what just happened! What will everyone think of this? Don't you want to help and be a part of this League? Co'mon guys!" she threw her hands in the air and started floating off the ground. She was eyeing Diana for awhile.

"Cassandra, we are not having this discussion. Our decision is final," The Amazon spoke and it was quiet once more.

"You can't do this!" Cassie began to shout at her mentor, "A life for a life and we live on. People go on with their lives. You can't just run away from your problems, you know, it's not healthy."

Diana felt her blood begin to boil and she was losing patience. How would this young girl understand the pain and suffering the entire League has felt over the past month? She would not understand. She has not been here long enough. How dare she speak to me this way? Diana stood and pointed her finger at the blond haired Amazon.

"That is enough out of you! I don't want to hear you talk like that again to me or any one of the leaguers. They are to be treated with respect. They are your elders, your mentors or so I will tell your father of your behavior! Now sit down and not another word from your mouth, do you understand?" Diana barked at the young Wonder Girl. Cassie had wide eyes. Boy, she had never seen Diana so angry before and she did not even have to come within five feet of her and she could feel the heat of words spitting in her face. The young girl nodded her head and sat down quietly as her cheeks flushed with embarrassment.

Diana was breathing heavily causing her chest to rise and fall as she slowed her breathing from the rush of emotions coming to her. What had came over her? She had never shouted at someone like that before, especially one of her friends, a member of the league. She was beginning to sound like her mother. Diana shook her head and dismissed herself from the meeting immediately.

She went to the training room and decided to let off some of her anger and bottled up emotions out. She usually spent two to three hours in the simulation rooms and sometimes she was able to spar with Bruce or Arthur and teach Cassie some new techniques, but this time she wanted to be alone.

The meeting ended an hour later and all the members dispersed to do their own thing. Nightwing, Dick, approached Bruce and asked him very concerned, "Is there something wrong with Diana? She's on edge. I have never seen her so uncontrolled and angry before."

Bruce put a hand on his protégé's shoulder, "Have some sympathy for her. We have lost friends and members, but she lost her sister and I don't think she has accepted the fact that she is gone now."

Dick ran a hand through his jet black hair and looked back at the training room and saw it was occupied. He walked over to the window and saw Diana training in simulation mode. She looked like a crazed Amazon kicking in the air and rolling on the ground. She was not using any of her flight powers or her lariat. He stepped into the room and turned off the simulation and Diana turned and saw Dick standing at the control panel.

"You are not authorized to do that," she was breathing heavily and parts of her hair were sticking against her sweaty flesh. He folded his arms and looked at her with a cocky smile.

"Princess, if you don't mind, I'd like to talk to you."

Diana sighed and grabbed a towel and patted her face and the back of her neck.

"What is it you want to talk about? If it's about me resigning from the League I don't want to hear your sassy mouth," she said, but then blinked as she just heard what she said. "I'm sorry," she didn't turn to face him.

He came closer to her, "It's alright. I can be pretty sassy," he smiled and that received a raised eyebrow from the Princess. Suddenly he cleared his throat and straightened up. Even if she was not really going to be a part of the League anymore, she was still Wonder Woman, Princess Diana, in his eyes and she was a valued member of the League. She helped out others and guided them to pursue their best interests and sometimes she even trained the younger members. She was a true walking Goddess and now she wouldn't be there anymore to do all those wonderful things she does every day. She is probably going to retire on her island, Dick thought.

"So….where will you go now that you won't be Wonder Woman anymore?" he put all his weight on the balls of his feet and rocked back and forth nervously and it was kind of awkward being in a room, alone with her. She wasn't in the best of moods and she was intimidating, even if she didn't mean to be. Diana did not answer him right away and he started making excuses to leave. "Well its okay, you don't have to tell me. I should go see what everybody else is doing," he started to head out, but she spoke.

"I am going to the Middle East to help children in orphanages and try to make their lives better including their families. I will not don my tiara or lariat. I will change my name and no one from the League will be able to find me." She folded the towel and headed out of the simulation room.

"Except maybe for Bruce. He's pretty good at finding people who don't want to be found."

"He won't have an option or motive to find me." She said firmly and his face flushed a bit.

She closed the door and opened her doors to her old room and Dick walked passed her and decided to leave her alone.

Diana's room was packed away and cleared. There was nothing in the room except for an empty bed and a bathroom. She went into the bathroom and stripped out of her soiled clothes and turned on the water. The warm water sprinkled over her body and she gathered her hair and rinsed it under the shower head. This was the last time she would be in this shower, this would be the last time she would see the League, her friends, her second family. She sighed and then she thought of her mother. How will she react to this sudden urge to go to the desert lands? Her mother thought she was taking back her title as Wonder Woman and joining the League after so long being at home. She was wrong; her mother didn't know anything of what was going on. Diana had a few words with the Goddess Athena a week before she came to the Watchtower.

Far in the west wing of the palace on Themyscira Diana sat in her room and prayed for answers from her Gods. She didn't know what to do anymore. She prayed for someone to answer her. It had been far too long to stay on the island and be a sloth. Donna has gone now and she needed to move along with her life. Her sister never wanted to take the position of Wonder Woman if something happened to Diana, she knew that, but Donna would if she really needed to. Now that she was gone there was only one Wonder Woman out of the Wonder family as the media called them. Cassie was apparently doing a fabulous job with the League and Diana smiled at this. She was proud of the young girl for stepping up and taking action. She was a bright girl and she will do well with the Justice League.

Diana had been praying for a month now and she had no answers. She was becoming impatient and she threw her hands on her bed and clutched her sheets within her hands. "Why won't you answer me? When I need you the most you run and hide, but when I don't need help you appear and make my life a disaster and very difficult! Why won't you answer me?" she yelled at the ceiling and tears filled her eyes. "My sister is gone! My other half is not walking on this Earth anymore and I seek help of what to do! I have no husband, I have no children. You cannot give me that gift and I am not asking much, but I ask why you have not answered my prayers? Why?" Diana leaned her head on her bed as tears stained her sheets.

She said in a whisper, "I don't know what to do…." She rubbed her eyes and then a light appeared in her bedroom and Diana looked up and shielded her eyes from the intensity of the glow.

The light dissipated and she looked at what or rather who was in her bed chamber. Diana kneeled down with her nose touching the floor and her hands by her head. "Lady Athena."

Athena tapped the Amazon's shoulder, "you may rise now, child. I cannot stay long, so I will be brief." Diana nodded and stood tall and with her hands behind her back. "You have been seeking guidance from the Olympians and I have come to answer your prayers."

"Whatever it is I am ready to hear it." Diana said calmly, but inside she was nervous and her stomach was in a knot. She did not want to reclaim her title as of yet, she wasn't even sure she wanted to continue to be Wonder Woman or Ambassador.

Athena began waving her hand in front of Diana revealing a desert land with rolling sand hills and camels with travelers riding upon their humps.

"The desert? What will I do with that?"

She held out her finger to silence the Princess. A smile came to the Goddess' face. "You will seek refuge in the desert land. You will be needed there. You will not don your Wonder Woman attire or reveal your past identity. You will serve under an oath to keep that a secret or so shall I punish you gravely and you will have to deal with the rest of the Olympians to beg for forgiveness." She stated and Diana nodded her head.

"Of course, of course, but why must I travel across the world to find refuge?"

"You will find your inner self there and regain your psychological serenity. You will find people who are worse off than you are and you will discover love with the helpless in the desert gardens. "

Diana took all of this information in. She would travel to the Middle East, of course, but…how will she remain undercover? People will recognize her face anywhere she went. "Lady Athena, how will get by in those countries? I am known all over the world as Wonder Woman."

"That is up to you, Princess Diana. I must go, but remember what I have said and do not go back on your word or feel the wrath of Hera and all others." She smiled and disappeared before Diana could answer her back.

The Middle East? What will she do there? Athena said she will discover love with the helpless and regain her mental strength. This is a good thing, but why there?

"I should not question the Gods. Stupid, Diana, stupid!" she hit her head with her fist.

Diana stepped out of the shower and dried her body and wrapped her hair in a towel and looked at herself in the mirror. She took the wrapped towel off her head and wrapped it like a veil. She had her hair totally covered and she looked at herself a bit longer and nodded.

"That's it. That's what I will do." She smiled and unraveled the towel off her head again to hang it up in the bathroom.

She transported to Themyscira to gather her belongings to head overseas. If she was going to desert her previous identity as Wonder Woman then she would need to actually fly on a plane to get there and be like a normal citizen. The Queen approached Diana in her bed chambers and sat on her daughter's large bed. "Diana, do you really have to leave? I don't understand why you must leave us, the league, leave me."

"Mother, I told you before, Athena told me to travel to the desert lands and find myself there. Perhaps there is something there she wants to me to see. I will have to find out for myself, and I must keep my word, or else. Well you know what happens when the Gods are angered by a broken promise."

Hippolyta rolled her eyes, "they get angry when a pebble is inside the sole of their shoe. Diana, are you sure you want to do this?" she placed a hand on her eldest daughter's shoulder.

"Yes." Diana wore a black long sleeved dress with a hijab (veil) around her head, covering her beautiful hair. She wrapped her hair in a tight bun so it was nice and secure. She took a good look at herself in the mirror. She has never felt more confined in her life. She was already starting to feel hot and bothered. Hippolyta looked at her daughter and it reminded her of those women she saw on television that were rescued by the League in a bombed shelter in Egypt.

"You look…." Her mother couldn't find the words and she rubbed her chin with her delicate fingers. "Uncomfortable."

Diana smiled and hugged her mother, "I will come and visit if I can, but I need to leave if I want to catch my plane. I have never been in a plane with strangers before. This shall be interesting." She was feeling rather excited that she wasn't going to back to her title, but that she was practically a different person. Diana had asked Bruce to do one last Batman-like thing for her and that was to make fake papers for her with a different name and birth certificate. She couldn't use Diana Prince because that would complicate things and possible blow her cover. She had her papers in her purse she carried.

Diana said goodbye to her sisters and mother for one last time and teleported to the nearest airport. She wore black sunglasses and she saw hundreds of people rushing past her and some bumping into her. She scoffed at some of them and was about to say something, but kept quiet. You must keep your cool, Diana. You are not Wonder Woman today, not ever again.

When she was checking in her bags to board the plane people gave her strange looks and the attendants were very weary of her appearance. Diana was nearly six foot and covered in black garb and a black veil, people were bound to stare at her. She barely noticed and sat where her seat was and didn't think anything of it. An Arab man sat two seats across the aisle from her and kept staring at her. He appeared to be in his mid thirties and had a son next to him. He was a rather handsome man and very fair skinned with big black eyes. Diana simply smiled and kept reading her book that she brought with her.

He finally decided to speak to her. "Aasalamalkieum, keifa halik na'am sayyideti?"(Hello, how are you ma'am?) he smiled at her and assumed she knew how to speak his native language, Arabic. Diana froze and didn't know what to say. She had been trained to speak several languages, including Arabic, but somehow she did not recognize what he was saying. She rarely spoke the language so she answered, "Ana bikhayr." (I am well) She said at first, "Sorry, I don't speak Arabic very well."

The man smiled and his son gleamed as well. "Do not worry. I speak English as well."

Diana blinked, "oh well then, that's excellent! I feel like I have been on this plane for days, but it has only been four hours. I am growing impatient."

He laughed and nodded his head. "Yes the flight is very long to Algeria. My name is Ihab Ali Rayah, I am from Algiers, Algeria. Are you from Algeria as well?"

Oh gods, what do I say? I don't look Algerian. He does not even know my name. What will he say? Suddenly Diana remembered what Bruce put on those fake papers he made.

"My name is Diana Al-Wahhab, no I am not from Algeria, but I am hoping to move there from Lebanon." She nodded at her lie, yes it was a good lie, she thought. This was going to be a bit harder than she thought. First things first, she must brush up on her Arabic and learn dialects.

The man's son looked at the woman and he smiled, "you're very pretty, miss. My name is Fashiq." Diana smiled at the boy.

"Well you are very adorable, Fashiq."

"Do you have kids, Miss Al-Wahhab?" the boy asked and Diana shook her head 'no'.

The man hit his hand and said something in their language very sternly. "I apologize. He misses his mother. She is waiting for us back home in Algiers. Are you going to see family in Algeria?"

Diana put her fist under chin to lean on, "No. I am just going moving there for a change in scenery." She hoped that convincing enough for the Algerian man.

They continued to talk for the rest of the flight and when they finally landed Diana waited to find her luggage and go on to find somewhere to stay. She took a bus to the nearest hotel in Algiers. The sight around her was unfamiliar. The women wore black or white tents it looked like. She had read that they were called burqas. Some wore plain hijabs or niqabs. Diana stared out her window and unpacked her clothes. Diana also noticed that everywhere a woman went a man had to be with her. She cocked a brow at this and then decided to go outside to get some fresh fruit. A man stopped her before she left the hotel.

"Ma'am you cannot leave the hotel as of now. Are you from around here?" he asked in a very thick accent.

Diana stood there and approached the man at the desk. "I am not from around here. I just want to stop at that market over there to buy some fruits."

The desk clerk nodded and found someone to go with her and Diana sighed as she pulled her purse over her shoulder.

What have I gotten myself into?

AN: alright, well this is the first chapter. I tried to fit everything in without it being lengthy and kind of boring. This story takes place in the comics of DC's Countdown to Infinite Crisis. I have changed a lot of things, because those Infinite Crisis comics can be a bit confusing sometimes and there is so much information!

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