I only recently became a fan of Death Note (the Anime- I haven't seen the other types yet!) and ever since then, this idea has been banging around in my head around in my head, begging to be written. I do hope this turns out okay since this is the first time that I have attempted to write a dark fic…

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The landscape of the Shinigami Realm was dark and dreary.

Across this desolate landscape, the oddly shaped structures were made of stone and bone and chains hung around some of them. There was no flora or fauna to be found.

Somewhere in the midst of this setting, a demonic, light-bluish-grey skinned, almost humanoid looking being with abnormally long limbs dressed in black sat, surveying his surroundings. His spiky, black hair barely moved as he ran his long, thin fingers through it.

This being named Ryuk was one of the Shinigami- also known as Gods of Death that inhabited that realm.

And he was bored.

From the cliff on which he sat, he turned his slightly bulging yellow eyes to the other Shinigami- all of them also with demonic appearances- below him, red irises focused on their movements.

Behind some rocks on that same cliff, a few other Shinigami sat, playing a game involving skulls and other bones that somewhat resembled a game of poker.

One of them called out to him.

"Hey Ryuk! Care to join us over here for once man? You should play with us for a change! You never do!"

Ryuk was silent for a few moments before replying.

"No thanks. I'm not interested." He waved them off.

Meanwhile, in a hospital somewhere in the human world, Ottawa, Ontario to be specific, a young Hispanic man lay, with bandages on several areas of his body.

Those parts that weren't covered looked like they had recently healed from severe burns.

Looking around at the pure and sparsely decorated white walls of the room, he sighed and then winced in pain.

The door opened wide and a woman with shoulder-length curly hair that greatly resembled him stepped in.

"Buenos días, mi ángel! Why are you sitting in here and not letting in the beautiful sunlight?" She placed the flowers she was carrying on a nearby table and walked over to the curtains, opening them wide and letting the sunlight stream in.

The young man shrunk back, squinting.

"Mama, the sun is too bright!"

"Oh come now Alejandro. I know you have been in this hospital for some time but I hardly think that sun will kill you now- unless you somehow became a vampire!" She chuckled, turning back to face her son.

"You are right. Plus I finally get to leave today, don't I?" He brightened up.

"That's right, Alejandro! Today you leave! Isn't that great?" She moved forward to hug him, but he drew back so she paused mid-action.

"Where are Papa, Carlos and José?"

"Santos had to go back to Barcelona for a few days, Carlos is in Rio de Janeiro on some football tournament- he gets back in two days- and José is in Monterrey doing Dios knows what…" His mother rolled her eyes at the last part.

"Figures that none of them would be here…"

"They are all busy, sweetheart. Do not think so darkly of them! They care! They will come home soon and see you…" His mother fiddled with the patches of hair on his head, smiling down at him as a nurse entered the room.

"Okay there, Mr Burromuerto. I know you're eager to leave, but I have to change your bandages and give you one last dose of meds before you do." The nurse smiled before starting her work.

"This world is still rotting. There's still no entertainment here other than gambling and eating these apples…" Ryuk held up a dried-up fruit and took a bite, before spitting it out in disgust. "Ever since Light died four years ago, there's been nothing to do. It's just gotten boring again…"

He paused. "Day in, day out, I just sit around here bored. There must be something much better to do…"

He gazed around at the desolate landscape.

"Hmmm… I wonder…" He sat up suddenly as if an idea had occurred to him and a grin spread on his face.

"Maybe, just maybe I should stir up things again… After all, the Human World is much more interesting than anything around here could possibly be…" His grin got even bigger.

"Well, here we are dear. It's just the two of us for now…" Mrs Burromuerto unlocked the door to their large manor and helped him up the steps and to his room.

"I'll just leave you here. You don't need anything, do you dear?" She looked at him, concern evident in her features.

"No, no thanks." Alejandro waved her off and sighed.

"I should have never gone on that show. Never." He muttered. "If I hadn't, none of this would have happened to me. I would still be good looking; still have admirers- though those can be regained with time and money and I would be fine right now."

He started pacing. "No wait; it's all Heather's fault. If she hadn't betrayed me like that, I would have won- we would have won. It would have been the perfect alliance! Yet I win, only to lose the money in the end and get these instead…" He gestured to his burns.

"Well Alejandro Burromuerto, they will all get what is coming to them. Just they wait and see…"

"Maybe you brought it on yourself. You did screw over a lot of people after all…"

"Oh, shut up with that kind of talk Alejandro Burromuerto. You did nothing to deserve getting trampled, burned by a volcano and being put into a robot suit to recover!"

He glanced out through the doors of the balcony and was about to move away, when a motion outside caught his eye.

"What is that?" Something thin and black was falling from the sky.

He opened the door slowly and stepped out.

And the object hit him in the head- which was still tender.

"Ouch! What the hell?" He winced as he crouched down to pick up the object, which had bounced off the top of his head and landed on the floor.

"Death Note?" Alejandro raised an eyebrow.

He ran his fingers over the book's cover.

"I wonder what this book is made of, I wonder… It feels like leather, yet… not quite…" Alejandro thought.

He opened it and felt the pages.

They felt like those of an ordinary brand new notebook- smooth, crisp and even slightly warm as if it had been sitting in the sun.

"How to use it?" He chuckled. "This has got to be some sort of stupid prank. Perhaps even now, Chris is trying to torture me…"

"The human whose name is written in this note shall die." Alejandro raised an eyebrow.

"Hmm…" He went back into his room, closing the balcony doors behind him.

An hour later, the Latin teen was still lounging around in the couch in his room examining the notebook.

"This note will not take effect unless the writer has the person's face in their mind when writing his/her name. Therefore, people sharing the same name will not be affected."

"If the cause of death is written within the next 40 seconds of writing the person's name, it will happen."

"This is rather dark for a prank… Oh well." He shrugged and started putting it away, but curiosity got the better of him.

Beginning to look through it again, he simultaneously reached for his television remote to turn on the television.

CBC Toronto was the first channel that appeared so he sat back and began to watch.

"A disgruntled former employee of the Dominion Bank is holding all the employees and customers of its Kilborn, Ottawa branch."

A picture flashed on the screen of a middle-aged Caucasian man with black hair greying at the roots and brown eyes.

"43 year old Graham Carter worked at the bank for almost 18 years before being fired last week after repeated complaints of inappropriate conduct had been filed against him."

Alejandro reached for a pen and touched it to the top of the first page of the Death Note…

He hesitated.

"What if it isn't a prank? What if it is real? Nah… Hold on though… It can't hurt to try it at least once right?" He chuckled- and then winced slightly. "Well it won't hurt me anyway and that's all that matters…"

He wrote down the name and waited.







"I knew it. I was foolish to think anything would happen…"







"How stupid of me to fall for such a thing. Oh well. Time to throw this away…"

He moved to drop the Death Note into the bin when the reporter on the scene of the hostage situation began speaking again.

"Hold on everyone! Something's happening!"

On the television, people of all ages and appearances were running out of the bank.

"The hostages are escaping and they all look to be unharmed!"

"Huh?" Alejandro raised an eyebrow.

"The RCMP and Special Forces are moving in! We don't know if the suspect has been arrested yet… But wait… Hold on a second! Initial reports say that the suspect has been found dead inside! I repeat; the suspect is now DEAD!"

Alejandro drew back from the television in surprise.

"According to statements from the hostages, the suspect just suddenly collapsed!"

"No… No way is that possible. NO! It has to be a coincidence! A freakishly odd coincidence!" He exclaimed.

His mother's voice called from downstairs. "Alejandro dear, are you okay up there? Do I need to bring up some painkillers?"

"No thank you Mama. I am okay." Alejandro, wide-eyed and shaking, picked up the notebook and glanced at the name he had written down.

He glanced at the notebook in his hands, then at the picture of Graham Carter on the television, repeating this action a few times.

He just stared at the television as the report went on, exchanging conversation about the latest developments between the reporters on the scene and those back in the studio.

"I have to clear my head…" Alejandro put his head in his hands and groaned.

He got up and went downstairs.

"Hey, Mama. Do you think it is fine for me to go for a walk on my own now?" He asked, finding his mother in their large, lavish living room.

"Yes, I think so. Just do not go too far, okay?"

Alejandro nodded as he pulled on a long-sleeved coat and put on a hat to hide his burns before stepping outside. "It's a coincidence. It just has to be. No notebook has powers like that! I just need to relax. Perhaps the meds messed with my head…"

Back in the Shinigami Realm, Ryuk stood up from his usual seat on the cliff.

"Well then. It's been four days. I had better get going…" He glanced over at a group of Shinigami as they played the same game they had a few days prior.

"Where do you think you're going Ryuk? You do know our whole world looks like this, right?" One of them called out to him. "You won't find much else to do…"

Ryuk turned to them.

"That's true, but I've dropped my Death Note again…"

Some of the other Shinigami began laughing.

"You really mess things up, don't you?"

"Again? Something tells me that this time wasn't an accident at all…"

"I don't think that the first time he dropped it was an accident at all…"

"Did it fall into the Human World again?"

"Yeah. I dropped it into the Human World..." Ryuk said.

"What?" The others exclaimed in surprise.

"That was definitely not an accident this time…"

"Couldn't he get in trouble for that?"

"If he could, I'd guess he'd be in a lot of trouble by now…" Another Shinigami shrugged.

Ryuk walked over to the gateway between the Shinigami Realm and the Human World and stared down it for a few moments.

Sprouting what looked to be large, black, feathered wings from his back; he dived into the glowing gateway and after a bright flash of light, emerged above the CN Tower, in Toronto, Ontario.

"So it is true then. The Death Note is the real deal…" Alejandro laughed as he watched the same news channel as before a few days after receiving the Death Note and saw the reporter whose name he had written exactly 40 seconds earlier fall from her chair and die.

He laughed an evil laugh as he tumbled into his bed, notebook clutched to his chest.

"Hello there…" Ryuk's voice sounded in a dark corner of the room.

Alejandro sat up suddenly, eyes widening, looking around the room wildly.

"What was that? Who's there?" He asked.

Ryuk emerged from the shadows and appeared right in front of Alejandro, yellow-red eyes staring directly into his face.

"I am." Ryuk grinned.

"AAH! Un demonio!" Alejandro rolled right off the side of the bed, but then hissed in pain as he had fallen pretty hard on a particularly large half-healed, tender burn.

"What the hell are you?" Alejandro backed away from Ryuk while still on the floor.

"Greetings, human. I am the Shinigami Ryuk and the notebook you hold used to be mine. Judging by your laughter, I believe you've discovered that what you hold is certainly not an ordinary notebook…"

"A Shinigami? Like a Japanese God of Death? Is it my time to die yet? Complications from these burns perhaps?" Alejandro stood up, gesturing to them.

"Relax, man! It's not your time to die so I'm not about to do anything to you. My notebook was dropped into this world and I came to find it. However, since you've picked it up, it is now yours. Therefore, I have to haunt you until either you give up the notebook, it is destroyed somehow or I see you die- at which time it will fall on me to write your name in my Death Note." The Shinigami explained.

"If this was an accident, why does this notebook have so many rules for its usage written in here? This was no accident. You dropped it on purpose, didn't you? Why?" Alejandro asked, waving the notebook around with one hand.

"Because… I was bored. The Shinigami Realm is rotting and boring. There's nothing interesting to do there at all except perhaps gamble and eat Shinigami Apples- which taste absolutely horrible and lose their appeal rather quickly. But these…" He picked up an apple from the fruit basket on Alejandro's computer desk and twirled it in one hand before eating it. "…these are really good."

"You threw a notebook down here because you were bored and it just so happens to fall on my balcony?" Alejandro asked sceptically.

"What? You think I singled you out or something? I simply dropped the notebook through the gateway that divides my world from yours and it happened to land somewhere where you would be the first to retrieve it. Nothing more." Ryuk took the last bite of his apple and threw the core aside, where it landed perfectly inside the wastepaper bin in a corner of the room.

"Jeez, you're just like the last person that found my Death Note. Thought he was some "Chosen One" and all that stuff." Ryuk rolled his eyes.

"Wait a second…" Alejandro paused.

"This… what I can do with this… "Death Note", sounds rather similar to what happened with the Kira case a few years ago. My father was working in Japan at the time. Even though I was young at the time and as such not that much interested in that case, I still knew… Did he have the power of a Death Note as well?" Alejandro asked.

"Smart one aren't you? Yes he did, but I'm not about to give you any details. I'm just here to get my entertainment and my apples." With that, the rogue Shinigami reached for another apple.

"Oh well, since you're here and you want entertainment, I might as well give it to you. I think I might enjoy this just as much as you will…" Alejandro glanced down at his burns, an angry expression on his face.

"In fact, I have quite a few people in mind I'd like to kill." A mad look appeared in the Spanish teen's eyes.

"Yes… I can get rid of those I don't like… I won't have to deal with them anymore…" He grinned sinisterly and then began to laugh a truly evil laugh as the moonlight shone through the windows and lit him up like a spotlight.

The effect threw his burns into greater relief, making him look even scarier...