It was a beautiful day in Madrid, Spain as the funeral of Graciela Mendoza neé Chavez progressed.

The sunlight streamed in through the coloured windows of the lovely cathedral, reflecting off the surface of the sleek, shiny mahogany coffin which held her body.

"This beautiful weather seems to be mocking me. The day of my grandmother's funeral and it is more beautiful than ever. It is just the sort of weather she would have loved…" Alejandro thought as his aunt, his mother's older sister Rosalina Mendoza-Vasquez gave the eulogy.

His aunt's words about a memory of a family trip to El Salvador became mere background noise to him.

The Spanish teen let his mind wander off to thoughts of the Death Note and its demonic accessory, who was watching the proceedings from an overhead balcony.

"Death… It certainly is a strange thing, isn't it? One minute you can be happy, laughing with family and friends and the next, you are lying stiff…" Alejandro thought.

After the burial, his uncle Fernando walked over to him.

"You are okay, Alejandro?" He put his hands on the young man's shoulders, looking at him in concern.

"Si, Tio Fernando. I am okay." Alejandro nodded, glancing up at Ryuk, who hovered directly above him in the path of the sun.

"Are you sure? Marisela says you have grown distant, even before Mama's death."

"I am fine. Why do you not go back to Tia Amália? She looks as if she could use your help with my cousins…" Alejandro smiled slightly at the sight of his uncle's wife trying to calm down their irritated toddler triplets.

Fernando smiled back weakly as he re-joined his wife and children.

"Alejandro, mijo. It is time to go…" His father held his mother's hand as they walked over to him, along with his brothers, who had been talking to other relatives and family friends.

He nodded, walking off to their car.

Ryuk hovered above as the car as it drove along the streets of Madrid, on its way to the family home there.

"Hm. Madrid looks like a nice place. I wonder if Al can get me some Spanish apples…" Ryuk thought, looking at the trees that lined the streets.

"Aye. Home, sweet home. Goodness knows we needed some time here after everything in the past few months…" Carlos unlocked the door and pressed a few buttons on a unit just inside the door.

Alejandro went upstairs, changed into his regular clothes, donned a sunhat and went out onto the garden.

Taking his time climbing, he hoisted himself up into an apple tree; throwing the apples he could reach into a basket he had waiting below.

He also threw one to the eagerly waiting Shinigami on the other side of the tree, who caught it, grinning that grin that still creeped Alejandro out.

"Now, Abuela Graciela's death threw a small spanner in the works, but I am glad I risked taking this through two major airports…"

Alejandro fiddled with the Death Note as he watched the Spanish news.

"So, are you planning to start killing criminals now too?" Ryuk glanced back and forth from the television to the Note.

"Nope. Just keeping an eye on world events…" He slid the Death Note under his pillow and reached for an apple from the minifridge.

After flicking through the channels for a few minutes, he came across something that caught his attention.

"They are advertising tickets to come to the Total Drama Reunion? The general public shall be there? Aye-yi-yie…" Alejandro put his head in his hands.

"So? What's wrong with that, Al?"

Alejandro twitched at the sound of his hated nickname, but had long since stopped trying to get the Shinigami to stop using it.

"My real character was revealed on international television and I was humiliated by several of those wretched cast members, especially Heather. She will never know the pain I felt, both physically and the pain of mi corazon…" He clutched his chest dramatically.

"Of course, we cannot forget Christian McLean. He's the mastermind behind all this in the first place."

Alejandro blinked.

"To say that Chris is a mastermind would imply that he actually has brains of some sort. No. He just carries out the plans the production company sends him. Merely a puppet. Still an evil puppet though…" Alejandro rubbed his chin in thought.

"So? What are you going to do then?" Ryuk reached for another apple.

"I have to plan those deaths so that they're not associated with me somehow. And I can't have him die now…"

"Rest assured, Ryuk. He and the others will get what's coming to them. That is for certain…" He chuckled.

Alejandro walked along the Spanish streets, taking in the sights of his hometown, dressed in his black long-sleeved coat and flipped his matching baseball cap backwards.

"Madrid. It is nice to finally be free to take it in on my own without my family hovering over my shoulder continuously…"

As he said this, Ryuk hovered above his shoulder.

He drew his coat around himself tighter as he entered a nearby park.

"Such a beautiful place it is. It's great to be back after all of dad's diplomatic work had us travelling all over the world…"

He sat on a bench and took around the sights of people around him walking around without a care in the world.

Individuals, some with art pads and cameras capturing the scenes around them, couples both young and old, some with children and some without, groups of friends…

"I wonder what it would have been like if I had stayed here in Spain- if my father wasn't a diplomat. I wouldn't have been in World Tour, that's for sure…" He thought.

Loud squealing interrupted his thoughts and he glared around for the source of the noise that interrupted his train of thought.

"Oh my goodness! It's Alejandro Burromuerto from Total Drama World Tour!" A girl around his age and her group of friends squealed, jumping up and down excitedly.

"Looks like you've still got some fangirls, Al. I guess you're not as unpopular as you thought…" Ryuk chuckled.

The girl rushed forward as if to hug him, but stopped short.

"We still love you here in Spain, Alejandro! We were totally hoping that you would win!"

"Yeah, we didn't want stupid Heather to win…" Another girl frowned.

"Uh-huh! You were just playing the game! They didn't have to behave like stupid putas!" A third pouted.

"Well, thank you ladies. It's glad to know I still have support in my home country at least…" Alejandro smiled charmingly and they all swooned.

"And look at those burns!" Someone exclaimed.

"Huh?" Alejandro drew up his shirt collar unconsciously.

"Stop it, Carmen! You're making him feel self-conscious!" The leader of the group said.

Carmen stepped back, looking cowed. "Sorry, Maria. I was just admiring his battle scars!"

"Battle scars? You know, Miss… Uh…?" He gestured to Carmen.

"Santiago. Carmen Santiago." Carmen looked like she wanted to pass out from excitement.

"Well, Miss Santiago, you're given me a new perspective on these scars that I never thought of before. Battle scars… Thank you for that!"

Carmen, Maria and their friends squealed loudly.

Alejandro checked his watch.

"Will you look at the time? I promised to take in more of the sights of Madrid today before I have to go back to Canada in two days…"

"Oh, can we have pictures with you? We want to prove to our friends that we really met you..." Maria asked.

"Sure…" Alejandro smiled as the camera passed hands as each girl got their picture taken with him and then handed the camera to a passer-by for a group photo.

He even signed them for the girls and when he blew a kiss at them as he walked off; they looked as if they'd pass out from sheer excitement.

"Popular with the ladies, aren't we?" Ryuk flew in front of Alejandro grinning.

"I suppose I still have it after all. Don't you think I make a better looking Kira than any of those Kiras a couple years ago?"

"Nah, you couldn't compare." Ryuk started laughing like a hyena.

"Keep that up and see if I don't get you any more apples…" Alejandro muttered.

This shut up Ryuk immediately. "Okay, Al. I'm on my best behaviour now." He then failed to put on an innocent face.

Alejandro chuckled. "Cut it out with trying to pull an innocent face. It wouldn't work on a Shinigami of all things…"

"Yeah, you're right. So, where are we going?"

"I always did have a soft spot for art, so I guess we'll head to The Prado. Plus I want to do some shopping and get a bite to eat before I head back home."

"Will there be any apple products at that restaurant?"

"Probably, but you wouldn't be able to eat them there, of course…"


Dusk was falling on the streets of Madrid as Alejandro and Ryuk finally headed back to the human's home base.

"I had a wonderful day back here in Spain, despite the reason for coming here in the first place…" He frowned at the memory of his grandmother's funeral.

"Not to mention, these Spanish apples are great! Too bad I never got to go to Spain last time…" Ryuk said.

When they turned another road, they saw Carmen walking down the road with a larger man following.

"Hmmmm…" Alejandro remained hidden in the shadows as he followed him and Carmen.

Ryuk too looked on interestedly, chuckling to himself.

"Hello there, Carmen…" He said a low, sinister sounding voice.

Carmen turned around, eyes wide.

"R… Raul! W-what are you doing following me?" She stammered in fear.

"You didn't think I'd just let you go like that, did you?" He smiled sinisterly.

Carmen began to back off but Raul just kept getting closer.

"Raul Montez, get away from me!" Carmen cried out.

He rushed forward and grabbed her arm, dragging her into a nearby alleyway.

Alejandro ran forward to see what would happen.

"You think that just because your papa is a police officer that I wouldn't be afraid of getting my little revenge on you? You think because you go to University and can speak English that you're better than me? Think again."

As he drew back his fist, it was at this moment that Alejandro decided to intervene.

"Hey, jackass! Let the lady go!"

Raul whipped around to see Alejandro there, looking furious.

"What the hell? Alejandro Burromuerto's in Madrid? Ain't you supposed to be holed up inside some stupid robot in Canada?"

"As you can see, I got better. Now why don't you let the lady go?"

"Looks like I'm just going to have to take you down as well, huh?" Raul rushed forward.

As Alejandro sidestepped him, he caught the strong scent of some illegal drugs on him and scrunched up his face in disgust.

Alejandro reached out and kicked the other guy in the nuts, leaving him stunned for a moment.

"Carmen, do you want him out of your life permanently?" Alejandro asked slowly as he backed off, coming closer to her.

"As in DEAD?" Carmen's eyes widened and she began to shake.

Alejandro nodded as he reached into his pocket and Ryuk raised an eyebrow.

Raul groaned and straightened up. When she saw the look in his face, Carmen quickly nodded her consent to Alejandro.

As Raul lurched forward, Alejandro whipped out the Death Note and wrote in it.

Raul Montez, complications from illegal drug usage.

"Writing is supposed to save me from-?" Carmen stopped short as her ex-boyfriend did.

Raul began to shave violently and foam poured out the corners of his mouth before his eyes started rolling around in his head.

He coughed up more foam mixed with blood and seconds later, he tumbled to the ground becoming still.

Carmen cursed quietly, her eyes wide.

"Alejandro, what did you just do?" She asked in English.

Alejandro tucked away the Death Note and pen into his inside jacket pocket and turned to Carmen.

"I took a big risk in showing you my power like that just now…" Alejandro sighed. "I'm not sure I should have done that…"

Ryuk started cackling madly behind him.

"P-P-Power?" Carmen stammered.

"Whatever I tell you has to remain a secret, understand? No one else can find out about this…" Alejandro grasped her hands firmly.

"I don't care if you are Kira that's come back from his little sojourn! I won't tell a soul!" She held onto his hands tightly.

"Funny you should mention Kira. You see…" He paused for dramatic effect.

"I am the new Kira."

Carmen gasped in shock and drew away from Alejandro.

"Kira? Really?! My papa told me stories about him and how he helped cleanse the world of evil! Kira killed the man who killed some of my father's co-workers during a robbery gone wrong!"

"You are not afraid?" Alejandro asked in surprise.

"No! Of course not!" She rushed forward to hug him and gave him a big kiss on the cheek.

"I can't be thankful enough to you for getting rid of Raul for me! He beat me up after we had a quarrel and my papa immediately arrested him. He somehow escaped from jail two days ago and my friends had taken me out to try and cheer me up. Probably not the best idea… Now I know for sure that he will never bother me again!" She squealed.

"Does that mean we will have to call your father about this?" Alejandro asked, gesturing to the corpse.

"Yes, but do not worry. I will not tell anyone about this. About you being Kira. I promise that on my life." Carmen said, smiling weakly.

"Fine then. I shall call him for you. Just give me his details…" Alejandro reached for his cell phone.

"Thank you for saving my daughter from that scum, Señor Burromuerto."

Mr Santiago, dressed in full police officer's uniform shook Alejandro's hand firmly as he came up to the pair.

"It was no problem, Señor Santiago. I met her earlier in Parque del Retiro earlier today with her friends and she seemed really nice then. Even if I hadn't met her before, I couldn't just let something like that happen to her if I could do something about it…" Alejandro shrugged.

He glanced behind him to see Raul's body being loaded into the coroner's van.

"That was very noble of you, Señor Burromerto. But please, call me Miguel. You have earned that privilege." Mr Santiago smiled.

"And you can call me Alejandro, Miguel." Alejandro smiled back.

Ryuk laughed like a hyena in the background.

The noise around them began to get louder as word spread of what happened.

People whipped out cameras and cell phones trying to get a picture of the former Total Drama contestant turned hero.

"Look, Alejandro. I will drive you home in the police car and explain the delay in your arrival. Come this way." He and some other officers cleared a path through the crowd to his car.

A few days later, Alejandro was back on Canadian soil, Death Note safely in tow.

"Al, you haven't even been writing much in that lately. What's your deal? I came here for entertainment and you're boring me!" Ryuk whined. "Give me one reason why I shouldn't just off you and be done with it!"

"Patience, Ryuk. Patience is key. I know you don't have much of that being a rogue Shinigami and all, but trust me, when our entertainment arrives, it will be well worth the wait." Alejandro grinned.

"Plus, I got rid of Carmen's ex-boyfriend for her when we were in Spain and earned her loyalty- even though she does not recognize the Death Note, she knows I am the new Kira. Is that not good enough for you?"

"Meh." Ryuk shrugged. "You only used the Death Note that once while you were there. Hardly fun at all, though I admit, it was fairly entertaining to see you rush into saving her with the Death Note blindly like that…"

"What will it take to satisfy you?" Alejandro sighed.

"Using the Death Note more!" Ryuk whined.

"You really are a bit of a pest. I mean, you could barely keep still when we were inside the airplane. Surely you could have just flown alongside. You didn't have to do all those cartwheels down the aisle…"

"It was fun!"

"Anyway, moving along…" Ryuk laughed as Alejandro changed the subject.

"…There are a few other people I'd like gone so I can do that now at least…" He flipped open the notebook and began to write.

After a few minutes he was done.

"Huh. Already?" Ryuk raised an eyebrow.

"Well, I don't want to draw too much attention to myself in these early stages. I want it to be that by the time they figure out any particular pattern, it'll all be too late for them…" He rubbed his hands together and cackled with glee.