"Emma!" Regina's enraged scream echoed through the corridor of the palace.

"What?" Emma skidded around a pillar as she answered Regina, finding her as she had expected: hands on her hips, and looking very pissed off.

"Your little abomination just scorched our bedroom floor!" Regina pointed to the obviously tarnished tile floor and then to the baby dragon, only his black spiky tail visible as he hid bashfully under the bed.

"Oh, he didn't mean to. Come here Blaze, it's okay. Mama's here now," Emma defended her pet to Regina and then softened her tone to beckon him out from under the bed.

"I think he's sick- he has had indigestion all night. I didn't even say anything about the charcoal ball he coughed up in the bathroom. What have I told you about giving him too many treats? Look at his belly, he's getting fat, and when he starts having health problems you'll have no one to blame but yourself…" Regina rambled on scolding Emma, as Emma ignored her and coaxed her dragon out, cuddling the shy young reptile to her chest. He was pouting, ears flattened in shame, as little puffs of smoke coiled through his nostrils.

"Are you not feeling well, my wicked little prince?" Emma rocked him gently as she sing-songed in a baby voice.

"Emma, I'm serious. One more incident and he is out of here. He's not sleeping in the bed with us anymore either. That's final!" Regina stomped her foot, glaring at the little beast whose big eyes stared up at Emma in confusion and worry.

"But..just the other night you were using him to warm your feet up, what do you mean he can't sleep with us anymore?" Emma did not like the thought of Blaze having to sleep on the floor or worse, outside in his dragon cave.

"Soon he'll be too big to stay inside anyway, it's best he get used to his cave now or else he's going to learn bad habits, and it will be much harder to train him. Have you been watching the "how to train your dragon" DVD I got you? I've barely seen you work with him. He needs discipline."

"I know…I've been busy, but I promise I'll work with him more. Won't we Blazey-bear, yes we will! Teach you tricks and flying. Whose the best dragon ever? You are," Emma held him up under his arms while swooping him in and away, pressing her nose against his.

"You're going to make him sicker if you keep swinging him around. Remember when he vomited lava all over my rose bush? You owe me a new one by the way," Regina was fed up, not with the pet, but with Emma's irresponsibility. Sometimes she felt like the only adult in the palace. Emma acted more childish than Henry.

"Can't he please sleep with us, just a few more nights? You're right, soon he will be too big, but I want to keep him as a lap dragon as long as I can," Emma whined, both Blaze and her nodding their heads and quivering their lower lips.

"I suppose… one more week, that is all. BUT if anything else happens, so help me: I will drain his blood and sell it to the healers," Regina narrowed her eyes, pointed her finger, and spoke directly to the frightened dragon.

"Don't worry she wouldn't really do that you. She loves you, she just likes to intimidate," Emma whispered in his scaly ear hole, as she carried him out of the room, "Let's have a treat. Would you like a flaming marshmallow, my sweet little Blazey Bunny?"

Blaze nodded eagerly, wagging his scaly tail, and buried his snout against Emma's shoulder to show her his dragony affection.