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The Chain

A/N: Mentions of Lily and Giovanni; potential spoilers for those who aren't through at least chapter 57.

They try too hard, the government, or whoever the hell runs the damned city, to make the industrial hell seem real, feel like the surface world. But he knows, even without having seen it himself or the use of books, that it's not the perfect place they want everyone to think it is.

Today, they've made it rain. Covered the artificial sky in thick, dark clouds and a fog that makes him feel like he's sucking down smoke.

He just lies on the floor, listening to the rain pound on the roof and windows, afraid to look up for fear of the smile that always comes to greet him at times like this. The times where she's the only thing on his mind.

"You killed her."

He looks to the sofa, hand in front of his face and fingers spread to hide half of the figure that sits there, giddy.

"But you let her die," the other says. "You could have kept her alive if you'd only stayed a little longer."

It makes him sick that this beast is a part of him now. Before the test, things had been fine. Just himself, Lily, and Giovanni. No one inside his head, screaming and retrieving his mistakes to make him live through that hell again.

"And you hate me, don't you, Heine?" The monster laughs. "You did it to save her, your Lily. You thought that playing savior would be enough. That 'Mother' would honor your wishes." Heine flinches as a hand rests in his hair. "What a mistake. Bad doggie."

He turns away, slapping the dog's hand. "Get the hell out."

"I know what you're thinking, Heine," he replies. "It should have been the other way around, right? It should have been Giovanni who died instead." His smile comes into view. "Tell me, would you feel better now if our hands had torn through him instead?"

Heine doesn't know. Maybe. If he had wanted it hard enough, wanted Lily to live, maybe he could have stopped her the way he had before... and let Giovanni die.

"Shut the fuck up."

"I always know what's in your head, Heine," the dog chuckles and touches the door as he disappears like ash. "Because I'm you, and you are me. And everybody knows that you can't escape yourself."