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Anything to Live

Isaac marveled at the small rock he found, it seemed to be the perfect size for what he had in mine. He picked it up, looking at it in every angle. It was perfect. He closed his eyes to calm himself, and with a moment of hesitation, bashed his head with it. He screamed in pain, no amount of preparation could prepare him for the pain. Blood poured from his damaged head where the rock made it's mark, and he could feel his tears roll down his face. He smiled through the pain, he was crying now.

If there was one word to sum up Isaac it was resourceful. He was a smart boy, one who was able to figure out how to adapt to a problem. This helped him greatly when his mother burst into his room, intent on murdering her own son.

Ever since he plunged down the trapdoor he discovered the unique power of his tears. Which was the only reason he was still alive. Hellish monsters roamed around here, nightmarish creatures that wanted nothing more than to kill, eat, or maim poor Isaac. In the beginning, once he learned to harness his tears, things were not so bad. Sure there were the monsters but they died easily enough. But as he progressed deeper into this nightmare the monsters became harder and harder to take down. He could barely bring himself to cry anymore. He wept for a few hours now and only his fright kept them going for so long, now it was not enough.

Isaac was scared, without his tears he would not last the next encounter. He walked slowly, jumping at the slightest sound. He was looking everywhere at once not paying attention to the ground, not noticing the bed of spikes until he stepped on it. The spike went right through his foot, using his own momentum to drive deeper into his soft flesh. He howled in pain, quickly tearing his foot off the spike. Fresh tears welling up in his eyes. Fresh tears...

Isaac had a brief thought that scared him by just how desperate he was, but he could hear the growls of more monsters nearby and he needed to keep crying. He crouched down, grasped one of the spikes and attempted to yank it out of the ground. It was surprisingly easy to pull it out. He was mesmerized by the sharp object in his hands. It was old and rusted. Just staring at it made phantom pain shoot through his foot, which was still bleeding badly. He idly toyed with the spike, this old piece of sharpened metal. No... this was his salvation! With that thought he stabbed it through his arm, blood gushing out as more tears made their way down his face. By now the monsters were there, horrific in appearance just like everything else down in the cold caves below Isaac's house. They never stood a chance.

His journey continued like this, finding new ways to make his tears stronger no matter the cost to himself. Many items were used and abandoned in favor of better ones, his most recent being a razor blade. Although, he still kept the spike in his arm. A reminder to him his drive to live. That was another thing he learned, he wanted to live. Wanted to live his life and to experience new things. He promised himself to get through the nightmare no matter what, even with his appearance changing to match his surroundings.

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