Sam: "Hey, Dean. Does it like, ever bother you?"

Dean: "Gotta be more specific, Sammy."

Sam: "You know."

Dean: "Hey, could you pass me the... yeah. Thanks. What, that we're brothers? Why would that bother me? You're an awesome brother. But could you just... ok... there ya go."

Sam: "Dean."

Dean: "What?"

Sam: "Does it ever bother you that we're brothers AND-"

Dean: "If you say 'lovers', I'm gonna take my fingers out of your ass and go play pool instead."

Sam: "Well, what do you want me to call us?"

Dean: "Just not lovers. Luuuv-errs. Lovahhhhs. "

Sam: "Ok. Brothers AND boyfriends?"

Dean: "One awesome brother and one smokin' hot slut for my cock."

Sam: "Goddamn it, Dean, get your fucking hand out of my ass."

Dean: "C'mon, Sammy. You know you love it."

Sam: "You're a fucking dick."

Dean: "No, you love fucking my dick. Say it right."

Sam: "I'm not kidding, Dean. Stop."

Dean: "You're serious."

Sam: "Yes I'm fucking serious. You're pissing me off."

Dean: "Aw, c'mere, babe."

Sam: "Don't call me babe."

Dean: "Ok, c'mere, lovahhh."

Sam: "You're not getting laid for a week, swear to Christ."

Dean: "Sam. C'mere. Shhh. Come here."

Sam: "I hate it when you get like this."

Dean: "I know."

Sam: "Fucking hate it."

Dean: "Sorry."

Sam: "Ok."

Dean: "Sammy, I don't know what to call us. There isn't a word for it. You're... fuck."

Sam: "Use your big boy words, Dean."

Dean: "Ass."

Sam: "No, you love fucking my hot, tight ass. Say it right."

Dean: "I do."

Sam: "I know."

Dean: "No. I really do. REALLY do."

Sam: "Heh."

Dean: "Wanna."

Sam: "Still pissed off."

Dean: "Sam. Fucking need it. So perfect. Like you were born to take my dick."

Sam: "Guh."

Dean: "Oh. You liked that, huh, Sammy..."

Sam: "Did not."

Dean: "Hmm. THAT says otherwise."

Sam: "Unlike you, Dean, I use my brain. I'm not led around by my cock."

Dean: "Mmmmm... there's an idea."

Sam: "Dude? What the hell?"

Dean: "Get a nice cock ring with a leash for you, get you on your hands and knees, lead you around by your cock."

Sam: "..."

Dean: "Cat got your tongue, Sammy?"

(Sam groans.)

Dean: "There's my Sammy. There ya go. C'mon. Give it up. Yeah. Wider. Fuck. Love fingerfucking you. So goddamn much. Love watching you just take it. "

Sam: "God, Dean..."

Dean: "So fucking hot, Sam. I'm totally getting you a leash. You on your fucking hands and knees for me."

Sam: "Dean... don't stop."

Dean: "Open up, baby boy. Want you to take four for me. Show me how bad you need it. So, to answer your question..."

Sam: "Now?"

Dean: "Now. Does it bother me that we're brothers? No. Because we're having the most incredible sex I've ever had in my life, and I fucking love you, alright? If you have to hear me say it. I love you. More than all those famous couples like Romeo and Juliet. I…epic-love you. . And something like this... it's one in a billion. So the brother thing? I don't sweat that at all."

Sam: "…really?"

Dean: "'course, I don't even have to say it, right? I'm -"

Sam: "Romeo. And I'm Juliet. Because I'm a big girl. I get it."

Dean: "You know it. But you're my big girl."

Sam: "Can't you ever just shut up and fuck me?"

Dean: "Really big girl. Sam, it's a wonder you don't tip over when you walk."

Sam: "Just… shut up."

Dean: "Gonna call you Tripod from now on."

Sam: "Fine. You asked for it. Won't shut up, gonna make you shut up."

Dean: "Mmmph!"

Sam: "Dean. Don't talk with your mouth full."