Demon Flower

Chapter one:

A baby has been born; a demon baby whose parents died in a scandal where their lives were the forfeit. The two lesser demons had a child, but they knew that if the child's life should be found out, she too, would be killed.

And so, an hour before their deaths, the demon parents left the baby in an abandoned garden full of withered flowers attached to a huge castle, and died in a tragic fire in their home.

"Luficer-sama! Though you are not the Demon King any longer, you still have duties to the demon world. Please return to those immediately," Gilbert, Luficer's loyal attendant, scolded.

"Hush," Lucifer silenced. "I'm listening. Do you hear that cry? I felt a presence—a new, different one—come into this castle. I'm going to see who it is."

Lucifer followed the cries to the garden. It was a place where only a handful of people were allowed to enter. This garden was filled with a multitude of flowers—a fact which flabbergasted nearly every demon, because a garden full of flowers would never be able to survive in the demon world if they could not even survive the touch of one—but this garden was dedicated to a flower. A young human girl whose existence touched everyone she met—even so-called cold-hearted demons.

Her name was Hana, meaning flower, for her smile and beauty surely were a representation of that. But what's more is that her personality was flowery and even more beautiful!

Hana's Garden was located in the demon world to commemorate Hana. Only a few demons had access to Hana's Garden: Lucifer, of course (it's in his mansion); Ellinor, Velten and Alice, their daughter; Toni, Vivi's attendant; Klaus, Michel and Rosemary, who despite causing much trouble, was considered a friend by Hana; and most welcome of all, Vivi, Hana's husband, and their two children Anzu and Yamabuki.

Lucifer made his curious way into the garden, but smiled and relaxed when he saw it was a baby, smiling like a flower.

"Welcome back, Hana. We've missed you!"