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Epilogue, Part 3

"Well, that certainly was informative," Hermione said.

"True," Harry said.

Cedric and Luna nodded.

"So what did we learn?" Hermione said, as if talking to a class of children.

"Well, first off, we learned that Sirius Black was able to escape from the jail because he's an unregistered Animagi," Luna said. "Oh, and that he was James Potter's best friend while in school, and is Harry's godfather."

"Then we learned that he was most likely innocent due to the inconsistencies of what had happened at the time he was arrested," Cedric added. He was still kind of surprise to have learned that, particularly in the way that Hermione had easily broken everything down with logic to show that it was wrong – at least, for the part that was mostly known. For the part of him sending Riddle after Harry and his parents, well, that was mostly blown open by Luna's comment about something that he's actually forgot about. Of course, they didn't know for sure if he had taken the oath or not, but they were leaning toward him having done so over not having done it.

"We also learned that Scabbers is actually Pettigrew, and the real person who caused your parent's deaths," Luna said, looking at Harry as she said the last part.

"And, finally, Hermione here was using a Time-Turner to get to all of her classes, but didn't bother to make time for extra naps or eating a bit more so that she'd stay healthy, mostly because she was told not to use it for anything other than classes," Harry said. He paused for a moment, trying to remember if there was anything of importance to mention besides those things.

"I think that's about it, beside some small things," Cedric said.

"Yeah, like the fact that Snape is insane and doesn't know how to let go of school yard grudges," Hermione said, remembering how he was bad mouthing James Potter because they didn't get along. It was even worse considering the fact that James Potter was dead as well, thus unable to defend himself. And then, of course, there was the fact that he wanted Sirius and Professor Lupin dead for no real reason. Even if Sirius had almost gotten him killed, his years as an innocent in Azkaban was more than enough punishment for that. But no, to Snape, it was obvious that it wouldn't be enough.

She'd really hate to know what he thought of Lily Potter if he came to getting started on the subject of her.

"And the fact that you're going to get a cat that half-Kneazle, which will become friends with Sirius, as well as know what Scabbers actually is," Cedric said.

"Like Cedric said earlier, there is a lot of small things of note for this book," Harry said. "What I want to know is what should be do know. I mean, we've got plenty of time to start the next book. We're not even near dinner time yet, either."

"Well, I'm kind of tired of reading, and the next books look like they're going to be long," Cedric said. Hermione looked at him, eyes wide at the fact that she really didn't want to stop reading, and surprised that he would. Then again, when thinking about it, she could understand why he'd want to take a break. After all, she was well aware that not everyone was like her and loved reading as she did. And, if she was truthful, a break in reading for something other than eating would be a good thing.

"Okay, but what are we going to do?" Luna asked.

"We could always learn about each other," Harry said. "Like ask each other little questions."

"That could be fun," Hermione said. "However, what if someone asks something that they don't want to answer?"

"Then they don't answer," Harry said.

"I think it might be better to do that, only have some kind of point rule that says you can only forfeit so many times before you're not allowed to," Luna said. "And we should have a tally of how many questions a person is allowed to be asked. Like, we should only be allowed to forfeit answering a question three times, and should only ask each other fifteen questions each."

"Then some of the questions shouldn't be little questions, either," Cedric pointed out.

"Yeah, I suppose," Harry sad, not all that upset at the fact that they weren't going to do what he originally said they should do. After all, they were going to still be doing it, they were just going to be doing it in a certain way. Harry did wonder, though, why Hermione mentioned not wanting to answer something.

"Well, this should prove to be fun," Hermione said. "Who should start?"

The thought for a moment, before Cedric said, "Since Harry came up with the idea originally, he should be the one to start us off."

"That works," Hermione said. "And, maybe, whoever he chooses should be next, with whoever they chose going next, and so on and so forth."

"That'll work, to a point," Cedric said. "Since we get to ask each other fifteen questions each, it means that variety in the order is needed."

"So, Harry starts us off each round, and the order has to be different from the previous one, meaning that he has to ask each one of us during a different time, so none of us get stuck last in a row. And the middle people should also take note if this as well, so that they don't make this mistake either," Hermione said.

"Yeah," Cedric said.

"I think we can do that," Hermione said. "Though, I think we should at least set a limit on how long we're willing to keep the game up should we take a while to get through all fifteen questions, since I get the feeling that we'll want to have dinner around the right time."

"True," Cedric said, looking at the clock. "Perhaps we should take a break in questions once it's five thirty."

"Yeah, we'll be able to make something that should be done by six, then," Hermione said.

"And, if we're ready for it, we can get back to reading around seven, depending how long it takes us to eat," Luna added. Harry nodded, willing to go with that plan, but, before they started the game, he thought of something.

"We should use at least one page of our notebooks to keep track of how many questions we've asked each other," Harry said, knowing that he was likely to forget how many questions he'd asked without it.

"That's a good idea," Luna said, standing to go get her notebook. The others followed suit, and then settled down.

"Okay, are we all ready?" Hermione asked. There were nods all around, and then Harry started the game.

The End...For Now

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