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The sound of someone knocking on my door stirs me from a blissful sleep. "Katniss!" Effie shouts from the other side of the door. "Wake up! It's going to be a big, big, big day!" I don't answer, and instead lie down again and curl up next to Peeta, who is still asleep, and smile slightly as his arm tightens around my waist unconsciously. The pounding on my door gets louder until it stops all together. I think that Effie has finally given up on trying to wake me up when she suddenly bursts through the door.

I give a small yelp of surprise which causes Peeta to wake up immediately and pull me closer to him. Effie stands in the doorway, jaw on the floor. Under different circumstances, I might have laughed. But, seeing as how Effie has a look of horror and disgust on her face, I can see she's thinking something else happened. It takes me a moment to realize what she must be thinking of, and I blush scarlet at the thought. But I can see where she would get the idea. I mean, Peeta and I are wrapped around each other so much we look more like one person then two, Peeta's shirtless, and he's in my bed. When I finally open my mouth to tell Effie it isn't what she assumes it is, she finally regains her composure and closes the door. But she was in such hurry she more or less slammed it. Peeta chuckles a little, and I look up at him to find a small smile on his face. I reach up and brush his curls back and lean up to kiss his cheek. "Morning," I say. He kisses my forehead in return, then gives me a small kiss on the lips. "Morning," he whispers back.

He closes his eyes and leans his forehead on mine. "Did last night…..really happen?" he asks. I smile. "Well, if you mean me telling you that I love you, and experiencing one of the best kisses that I'll probably ever have, then yes, last night really happened." He presses his lips to mine again, but this time with more force. I feel his tongue run across my bottom lip, and I open my mouth for him. I feel his tongue slide into my mouth and rub against my own, and I moan but pull away. The look on Peeta's face is priceless, and I laugh. I climb out of bed and offer him my hand.

"Come on," I say. "If we don't get to breakfast soon, Effie will have every attendant on this train looking for us." Peeta laughs and takes my hand. He pulls on his shirt and gives me a quick kiss before heading off to his room to shower and change clothes. I quickly do the same and braid my wet hair. When I enter the dining room I find Effie, Peeta and Haymitch sitting at the table. I smile at Peeta and take a seat beside him.

While we eat, Effie drums her fingers on the table and flicks her gaze between Peeta and me when she thinks we're not looking. After ten minutes of this, I start to get irritated. I stand up and everybody looks at me, but I only look at Effie.

"We both know you have something to say, so just spit it out already!" Everybody-except for Peeta and Effie, of course-looks confused. I glance at Peeta, and he seems very interested with the table, and Effie looks a little taken aback. She quickly recovers, and motions for me and Peeta to follow her into the room where we watched the recaps so the prep teams and Avoxes (did I spell that right?) won't hear us.

Once we get there, she closes the door and motions for us to take a seat on the couch. Peeta pulls me on to his lap and wraps an arm around my waist, and I instantly lay my head on his chest. Effie sees and presses her lips together in a line, but says nothing. She sits in a chair beside the couch, and is quiet for a moment. Finally, she turns to Peeta.

"Peeta, maybe we should start with why you were in Katniss's room this morning?" I open my mouth to snap at her, but Peeta answers her quickly, as if knowing what I was going to do. "I heard her screaming last night and got worried, so I went to her room." Effie turns to me now. "Why were you screaming?" I narrow my eyes at her. "Nightmare," I snap. She would have them too if she was forced to go through hell, and on top of that, have to go through it the boy she loved. Peeta squeezes my waist, as if to remind me that he's here, that we both made it. I look at him and give him a small smile, and snuggle a little more in to his chest.

Effie lets out an exasperated sigh. "Look, all I'm saying is that I think it's inappropriate at your age to that sort of thing on a train filled with people." I start to ask her what she's talking about, but then I remember how she found us this morning; Peeta shirtless in my bed, us wrapped around each other, I blush scarlet, and quickly try to reassure her that she's gotten the wrong idea. "Oh….you thought we were…..no, no…..we…" I stop. I've never been good with words. That's Peeta's specialty. I look at him desperately, trying to get him to explain to her. He understands perfectly, thank goodness.

"Effie," he begins. "I can understand where you would get the idea, but Katniss and I both agree that we aren't ready for…..that….yet." If possible, I blush even more and hide my face in his chest. He pauses for a moment to stroke my hair, and then continues where he left off. "I think we can all agree that we aren't the same as we were before we entered the arena. Look at Haymitch, for example. He deals with his issues with drinking. That's what he found that helps him. In the arena, Katniss and I both discovered the fear of what it would be like to lose each other. We both have taken that fear with us into our dreams, unfortunately. I don't know about her, but sometimes my nightmares are worse than the arena itself, because my mind can come up with even worse situations where I could lose her than when we were in the arena. Sometimes, they feel so real, I think they've actually happened. But it helps me….a lot… to wake up and see her sleeping safely beside me."

He looks at me, judging my expression to see if I'm angry with him for any reason, but all I can do is look at him in awe. He knew exactly what I wanted to say but couldn't, and I love him for that. He grins at me and kisses my nose, and turns back to Effie. "So it doesn't matter what other people say. Let them think what they want. I don't care. And I think I can safely say that Katniss feels the same way." He looks at, and I nod. "I don't want to sound rude Effie, but you can either get over the fact that this is what helps us, or well-"

"Shut up and deal with it," I finish for him. I stand up, pulling Peeta up with me, and we go back to breakfast, leaving a stunned looking Effie behind.

After breakfast, Peeta and I head back to my room. As soon as he closes the door, I kiss him fiercely. It takes him a moment to get over his surprise, but when he does, he kisses me back with as much fierceness. When we pull away, he leans his forehead against mine. "What was that for? Not that I'm complaining," he quickly adds. I smile at him and say, "Because I love you." His eyes shine, and he pulls me in for another kiss, but this one is more like the one from last night. Not that I have a problem with it.

Peeta breaks the kiss long enough to pull me on the bed and sit me in his lap, and starts to kiss me again. After a few minutes of this, he starts to kiss my neck. I sigh, and tangle my fingers in his hair. He kisses down to my collarbone, then back up to kiss the spot beneath my ear. I moan quietly and pull him closer, if possible. He pulls away enough to whisper in my ear. "I hate to say this, but we should probably get ready. We'll be home in about thirty minutes."


Prim, my mother, Gale. I've missed them so much, it hurts. And I'll be home with them in a matter of minutes.

Just as Peeta says this, Effie knocks on the door and tells us to be ready for the cameras in a couple of minutes. Then the distinct click of her heels as she walks off.

The brakes squeal as the train pulls in to the train station. I can see the flashes of cameras from the window, but I can't see the three faces I so desperately want to see. I close the curtain and go to stand beside Peeta. I take his hand in mine and squeeze it. "Ready?" Peeta asks. I can see the nervousness in his eyes, and I stand on my toes and kiss him gently. "Ready as I'll ever be." A couple minutes later, the train doors open, and Effie goes out first, followed by Haymitch, and finally me and Peeta. Once the crowd sees us, the cameras flash insanely, and we're bombarded with questions. Some of these people are a little too close for comfort, so I move close to Peeta, who immedetly wraps his arm around my waist. The crowd goes insane at this.

Then I hear it.


Out of all the people yelling my name, this one sticks out over all the rest. The last time I heard that voice was at the Justice Building, pleading with the Peacekeepers not to take me.

"Prim! Prim!" I yell over the crowd.

"Katniss!" The crowd parts, and my legs are being tackled by a girl with a braid in her hair much like mine. Her shirt has come untucked in the back, making it look like a duck tail. I almost break down at the sight of it.

Peeta understandably lets go of me and goes to find his own family. I drop to my knees so I can hug my sister properly. "Katniss," She sobs my name into my shoulder over and over again. "I'm here Prim, it's okay," I say, even though I feel like sobbing too. Instead I hug her so tightly I'm afraid I'm crushing her.

Someone taps me on my shoulder, and I look up to see my mother. I let go of Prim and surprise all of us when I fling myself into her arms and hug her as tightly as I did Prim. This goes on for a while, until I hear him.

"Welcome home, Catnip."


I let go of my mother and turn to face my best friend that I haven't seen in almost a month.

I'm about to give him a bone crushing home too, but then I notice the look in his eyes. It's a look of betrayal, hurt, and anger. I don't say anything, because at the moment I am surrounded by cameras, but I make a silent vow to ask him about this whenever I get a chance.

I feel an arm wrap around my waist, and Peeta's whispering in my ear. "The car's here. Are you ready?" I nod, and motion my mother and Prim to follow me. I turn to wave at Gale, and notice him staring daggers at Peeta's arm. He lifts his gaze to me and I see pure hatred in his eyes. Once he sees me looking at him, he drops his gaze. But it's pointless. I've already seen it.

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