By whitebearwrites

Chapter One: Harry gets his quest.

Disclaimer: Well as you all should know, Harry Potter doesn't belong to me, neither does The Labyrinth. Harry Potter belongs to the great J.K. Rowling and The Labyrinth belongs to George Lucas and other creators of the movie.

Warnings: This is mega AU, for both Harry Potter and The Labyrinth. This will be Draco/Harry Slash. There will be violence, and mild language. I'm pretty sure that there will be no Lemon's in this fic. Unless I can fit it in somewhere. wink

"Give me the child."

"Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have made my way here to the castle beyond the goblin city to take back the child that you have stolen, for my will is as strong as yours and my kingdom is as great…" Harry spoke up as he walked around the park he was messing around in. To his great delight this was one of the few days during the summer that Harry had been able to spend away from the Dursley's. But right now one of his brows was furrowed in an angry expression. He looked up as he heard thunder and scowled ever more darkly. Damn rain meant that he'd have to return back to The Dursley's, but he wasn't going to do it, until he'd finished the scene.

"For my will is as strong as yours, my kingdom is great," he repeated, forgetting the line he was supposed to say. You see Harry Potter was an aspiring actor at the school he went to. He was practicing for the main role of Sarah in the book called The Labyrinth, you see Harry went to an all boy's school, not by choice mind you, it was a boarding school and The Dursley's didn't mind paying the extra cash if it got one Harry Potter out of their hair for the whole year, "Damn," he cursed, flipping through the book, "I can never remember that line."

"You have no power over me." He almost whispered before another boom of thunder interrupted him.

"Damn," he whispered, closing his book up and stuffing it into the pocket of his jeans, "guess it's back to The Dursley's for me."

Harry ran from the park to his home, but unfortunately it started raining about halfway home. "Oh Man," he moaned, scowling. As soon as he arrived at The Dursley's he was drenched, and it didn't help any that Petunia was standing on the doorstep impatiently, obviously waiting for her wayward nephew to arrive home.

"Where have you been Potter?" she snarled, blocking the doorway, causing Harry to get even more drenched.

"I'm sorry," he mumbled, eyes downcast, drenched to the bone.

"No you're not, here Vernon and I have an important dinner to attend, to negotiate a deal that will set us up for life, and you're off gallivanting around in the rain. Well don't just stand there, come inside, I don't want to have to nurse you while you have the flu. It's bad enough that I have to put up with you since James and Lily passed away 16 years ago. I don't want my Dudders in danger of getting sick. Who knows what else you're carrying." She scolded, moving away from the door to allow Harry in the house, "Mind you I don't know why I don't just put you in the garage, for all the things you've done for me, which totals zero mind you, the only place you deserve to be is out in the garage."

"Yes Aunt Petunia," Harry murmured sullenly, knowing better than to follow his original reaction and mouth off. It would only earn him a beating by Uncle Vernon in the long run.

"Well go on, off with you. I don't want you anywhere near Dudders while you're so wet, and I don't want you on my carpet either. Go and have a shower Vernon and I won't be back till midnight, and if anything happens to my Dudders, I'll be holding you responsible." Petunia ordered, turning around and heading to the kitchen while Harry walked up the stairs to the shower.

"Well, where is he?" Vernon ordered of his wife as soon as she entered the kitchen.

"He's up in the shower, while he's like that I don't want him anywhere near Dudley and I don't want him traipsing puddles all over our new, thousand dollar carpet." Petunia told him, "Though I don't know why we still have to put up with him, he's 17 years old, he should be able to take care of himself."

"Cheer up darling, this is the last summer we have to put up with him. He'll finish this year at school, then we'll never have to see him again." Vernon tried to cheer his wife up.

"Yes well there's that to look forward to. We better leave Vernon or we'll be late." Petunia told him shrilly, checking the clock on the wall.

"Yes dear." Vernon smiled following Petunia out of the house.

Dudley waited until his parents had left the house before deciding to trash Harry's room. He still hadn't forgiven his cousin for taking up his spare bedroom two summers ago. The summer after his fourth year Harry had had a growth spurt and was suddenly to big for the cupboard. He was taller than Dudley who was only about 5 feet 6 inches tall, and Dudley still hadn't forgiven him for it. It also helped that his mother would blame Harry for the room being trashed. He walked into his weird cousins room and frowned, he hadn't been in there before since his parents always seemed to lock it when Harry was away at school, saying they didn't want Dudley contaminated by anything their hopeless nephew might have. He looked around in, almost wonder, it was completely different from what he'd expected. Instead of the empty room he expected he found a nearly full room. He briefly wondered where Harry picked up everything, then remembered that his cousin had a summer job, but Harry was required to pay three quarters of his wages to The Dursley's for board, how could he afford all this stuff? Dudley shrugged his shoulders and being the nosy bastard he was walked around, touching stuff here and there, opening up some of the books Harry had. Dudley laughed, there were books on fairy tales, and fantasy, science fiction, magic, astronomy, astrology. His parent's would kick Harry out if they ever found out about this stuff. They strongly, did not believe in magic and other such nonsense; they would confiscate all those books because they would say that they would give Harry ideas. He placed the book he was holding back in its place and chuckled at everything else. He then saw a book lying on Harry's bed; unable to contain his curiosity he walked over and picked it up, flipping it to a random passage. He laughed hard when he read it aloud.

"Goblin King, Goblin King, wherever you may be, come and take this child of mine, far away from me." He then closed the book up and chucked it back onto the bed, "whoever heard of such nonsense."

Harry finished his shower then stood out wrapping a ratty old towel around his lean waist. He shook his head, what did his Aunt Petunia think he would do with her good towels? Set fire to them. He chuckled then padded out of the bathroom towards his bedroom. What he saw when he arrived caused rage to cross his features.

"And pray do tell, what do you think you're doing with my stuff?" Harry asked his cousin softly. Dudley was sitting at his desk looking at one of Harry's crystals. He had no right to look at Harry's stuff. Dudley scoffed and lifted the crystal in front of his face.

"What is all this junk? Crystal's? I thought they were for girls?" he jeered.

"They're for anyone, who appreciates beauty." Harry told his cousin angrily, quickly snatching the delicate crystal out of Dudley's hand.

"You mean fairy's don't you?" Dudley laughed, and Harry knew that Dudley didn't mean the fae kind.

"No I mean anyone, but then you don't have a delicate bone in your body do you. Wouldn't appreciate true beauty if it was passed to you on a silver platter." Harry sneered.

"Now please leave." Harry told him moving to take the towel away from his waist. Dudley squeaked then hurried out, all the while muttering about what a freak his cousin was.

Harry chuckled to himself but didn't get dressed, continued to stand in the middle of the room in his towel, just looking around and making sure everything was still in place. He turned to his book and saw that it had been moved from the end of the bed to his pillow. It didn't worry him too much, if he got kicked out, hey that was cool. He'd finally be away from his loser of a family. He picked up the book and saw that it automatically opened at one of his favorite quotes; he chuckled slightly, rereading it. "Oh Goblin King, if you really exist, I wish you would take Dudley away, right now."

He shook his head at his own silliness, of course the Goblin King didn't exist, and if he did, why would he do what Harry asked? He gently closed his book and placed it on his chest of draws before bending to get out some clothes. He then heard a harsh scream from downstairs, and ignoring his state of undress, rushed down. Only to be confronted with an empty room.

"Dudley," he called faintly worried, but pretty sure that it was just one of his cousins warped jokes. He looked up in alarm when he heard a flapping of wings against the window and felt his eyes widen at the sight of a snowy white owl beating it's wings at the window trying to get in. He saw as if in slow motion the window open for the owl then watched in disbelief as the owl shimmered into a new shape. That of a man, about an inch taller than himself. He had silvery blond hair and silver eyes. He was fair and his mouth was turned up as if in a permanent sneer. The unnerving silver gaze traveled all over him for head to toe and he shivered involuntarily.

"Well if I had of known you were practically naked Harry I would have come much faster." The stranger murmured, appreciating the near naked Harry.

"You're him aren't you? You're the Goblin King." Harry burst out ignoring the insinuation. The Goblin King smirked and folded his arms over his chest.

"Very good Harry. You're obviously smarter than you look."

"Where's Dudley?" Harry demanded.

"Or maybe not," The man mused almost to himself, "Where do you think Harry? Dudley's in my castle beyond the Goblin City."

"Can I have him back please? It's not that I don't appreciate it, because really I do. It's just that his parent's would kill me if something drastic happened to him."

"Oh Harry, go to your room and play with your toys, forget you're cousin. Look, I have a present for you." The Goblin Kind smiled, showing Harry a crystal he'd plucked from out of nowhere.

"What does it do?" Harry asked in wonder.

"It shows you you're dreams, nothing more or nothing less. But this isn't a gift for a boy that gets treated like a maid."

"I'd love to take it, but I can't. Please bring Dudley back." The man narrowed his eyes then through the crystal at Harry who caught it. Harry screamed as the crystal turned into a snake in his hands. He dropped it then looked around as he heard giggles.

"I'm warning you Harry, don't get me mad. You wouldn't want me as an enemy."

"How do I get Dudley back?" Harry asked ignoring the threat.

"Simple really, just follow this labyrinth and make you're way to my castle. If you make it alive, then I'll return Dudley to you. But despite how fetching you look in that outfit, you might want to get dressed first." The man chuckled causing Harry to blush and look down at himself.

"Damn, you," he demanded pointing at the Goblin King, "wait here, I'll be back soon. Then you can take me to the beginning of this Labyrinth."

Draco chuckled as he watched Harry rush back up the stairs. He really had looked rather fetching in nothing but that tiny towel. Then he scowled, he hated giving people chances like this, but it was part of his fair play clause. He had to at least give them a mediocre chance. Though he couldn't remember the last time someone had defeated his labyrinth and Draco was close to a thousand years old. But Harry was different he could feel it. There was something inherently magical about the young man. He felt that Harry could and would defeat his labyrinth, there was a loophole in his contract that said he didn't have to give magical people the chances he gave mortals, but he would, for Harry. He shook his head ruefully, "Oh Harry the things I do for you." He mused, preparing himself for a day of grueling magic usage. He didn't understand though, why did Harry want to rescue Dudley so much? Draco had had his eye on Harry since the boy was born, he had seen the way Dudley and his parents treated the boy. So why was he so intent on saving the horrid person, when he could be playing with his books and crystals.

"You stayed?" Draco heard Harry call in disbelief as he descended the staircase. He had changed into an old pair of jeans and an old t-shirt, Draco shook his head, he did prefer the way Harry had been previously dressed, or undressed. He chuckled to himself then transported the two of them to the beginning of his labyrinth.

"Of course, you didn't think I would?" Draco asked, vaguely hurt.

"I didn't know." Harry murmured embarrassed.

"Well then Harry, if you're absolutely sure, you have 13 hours in which to rescue your cousin, should you fail then Dudley is mine, forever. Such a pity." Draco smiled and disappeared, leaving his last words on the wind.

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