By whitebearwrites

Chapter Two: Come on Feet.

Disclaimer: Well as you all should know, Harry Potter doesn't belong to me, neither does The Labyrinth. Harry Potter belongs to the great J.K. Rowling and The Labyrinth belongs to George Lucas and other creators of the movie.

Warnings: This is still AU, a huge AU for both Harry Potter and for the Labyrinth.  I won't be copying the script verbatim.  I'll try and get at least some of the quotes and stuff right, but otherwise it's pretty much left up to memory.  This is still a Harry/Draco Slash Fiction and I hope you're enjoying it.

Author's Notes: Thank You's to K to the T, cindlemain, SnowCrash, Side Project, FantasysAngel, kitty, DarkDragon, Laura Holmes, MorganaRose, tir-synni, KayNeerRay, Rc, Andy Davis, Dez, Rachel R, Saphic Priestess, Jessyka.  Thank You guys for reviewing my story, I'm just sorry it's taken so long to update the darn thing.  To be truthful, with a lot of reviews I get intimidated, not that I don't like them, cause I love them, but I get afraid of disappointing people.  I hope everyone enjoys chapter two.  Also I should warn you, I shouldn't have called it a crossover, it's more like a fusion since I'm putting character's from one story into the settings of another story, I know it's not very original but I always wanted to try it.  *sheepish grin*  Also I'm not copying verbatim, but from memory, so I apologise for any mistakes I make, I'll try and keep it as close as I can though.

Harry bit his lip as he watched the Goblin King disappear before his very eyes then studied the Labyrinth at the bottom of the hill.

"So that's the Labyrinth huh?  Well it doesn't look that tough.  Come on Feet."  He murmured to himself before stubbornly starting down the hill.  He and Dudley may never have gotten along, but what he did know was that if he didn't attempt to rescue the oversized lump then his Aunt and Uncle would probably kill him.  Soon Harry reached the bottom of the hill and found himself in front of the wall to the Labyrinth, he'd gotten there, now he just had to find a way in, and it didn't look as though there was one.  He walked along the wall, trying to find the opening he knew was there somewhere when he heard a trickling sound and found himself near a pond with a tall, red head standing over it.  It looked as though the red head was trying to catch bugs.

"Excuse me?" Harry called softly walking over to the stranger, stopping just short of him.

Ron Weasley looked impassively up at the soft face, having a good idea of who the boy was already.

"Oh it's you."  He murmured quickly going back to exterminating the fairies flying around the garden, Draco liked his garden's too be kept at their neatest, and it was a well known fact that the Goblin King had no patience for fairies, mean, nasty, biting things that they were.

"Can you help me get through this labyrinth?" The dark haired boy asked curiously, Ron looked down at the boy and harrumphed ignoring him, Harry just shrugged and looked at the creatures flying around the beautiful garden, "Oh how sweet."

"57!" Ron counted aloud, rolling his eyes at the obvious naiveté of the boy.

"How could you?" the boy shouted indignantly bending down to pick up the fairy that Ron had just exterminated, Ron just smirked and decided that the boy would soon learn.

"The poor thing, you monster," he cried before the fairy bit him, Ron smirked condescendingly.

"Ouch, it bit me."

"What did you expect fairies to do?" Ron asked with a raised brow.

"I thought fairies did good things, like granting wishes and stuff."

"Shows what you know, don't it?" The red head smirked, "58!"

"You're awful."

"No I'm not, I'm Ron Weasley." The red head introduced himself, "who are you?"

"I'm Harry, Harry Potter."

"I thought so."  Ron grinned before spraying another fairy, "59!"

"Do you know the way into this Labyrinth?"

"Maybe," Ron murmured attempting to exterminate another fairy but getting bitten for his troubles, "why you little…60!"

"How do I get into it?"

"How do you get into what?"  Ron asked confused.

"The Labyrinth?" Harry asked as though talking to his cousin.  "Damn, it's hopeless." Harry grimaced giving up on getting a proper answer from the stranger.

"Not if you ask the right questions?"

"How do I get into the Labyrinth?" Harry asked sighing.

"Now that's more like it." Ron grinned before pointing at a section of wall with an obvious door in it that hadn't been there before, "you get in there.  You're really going in aren't you?" Ron asked as he watched Harry move towards the door.

"I'm afraid I have to, I don't have much of a choice."  The boy explained before stepping through the opening, Ron followed close behind, smirking again when the boy turned around and bumped into him.

"Cozy isn't it?" Ron grinned as Harry clutched his chest, glaring at the red head.

"God dammit Ron, you scared me half to death."

"Hmm…now would you go left, or right?" Ron asked with a raised brow.

"They both look the same," Harry told the red head first looking left then right.

"Well you're not going to get very far are you?"

Harry glared at all the questions the infuriating red head kept asking him, before taking another look.  The corridor he suddenly found himself in was very creepy, with weeds and dead branches growing from the stone walls.

"So which way would you go?" he asked curiously.

"Me?  I wouldn't go either way." Ron told him, Harry noticed that the red head was shaking his head emphatically and had gone strangely pale.

"Well a fat lot of good you are." Harry muttered angrily.  "Well if you're not going to help, you might as well leave."

"You know what your problem is?" Ron told him hotly, "you take too much for granted.  Take this Labyrinth, even if you do make it to the center, you'll never get out again."

"That's your opinion." Harry murmured trying to decide which way to go, he hated being indecisive, but it looked as though he didn't have much of a choice in this Labyrinth.

"It's much better than yours."

"Thanks for nothing Weasel," Harry told the red head before starting off down the right.

"It's Ron," Ron shouted indignantly before stepping out of the labyrinth and shutting the huge door with a loud clunk.

Harry continued moving down the corridor that he'd chosen and was seriously getting pissed off, he'd been alternating between running and walking for at least the last half an hour.

"What do they mean Labyrinth?  There aren't any turns or corners or anything.  It just goes on and on and on." Harry cried angrily leaning against the wall.  After a quick rest he stood up straight and took a good look at his surroundings.

"Maybe it doesn't?  Maybe I'm just taking it for granted that it does?" Harry wondered, suddenly remembering the strange man's words before starting off again.  He didn't get very far before he was suddenly fed up again, briefly he wondered if the Goblin King had cast some sort of spell on him to make him give up, but then shook it off.  He may have been a cold bastard, but Draco didn't strike Harry as the type to cheat him.  Though he had been wrong about people before.

"'Allo," an unfamiliar, cockney accented voice spoke up from somewhere down near his knee.  Harry knelt down and looked around before he spotted a strange little worm looking at him.

"Did you say Hello?" he asked really confused.

"No I said 'Allo, but that's close enough."

"You're a worm aren't you?" Harry asked, and could have kicked himself for stating the obvious; of course it was a worm, a talking worm, but still a worm.

"Yeah that's right."

"Do you know the way through the labyrinth?" Harry asked, wondering if this strange little creature could give him more information than Ron had.

"No, I'm just a worm." Of course he was, Harry thought to himself, he doubted the worm got very far from his little worm hole.

"Oh." Harry sighed obviously disappointed.

"Come in and meet the Missus." The worm suddenly offered causing Harry to look surprised by the invite.

"No, I'd love to, but I have to solve this labyrinth, there aren't any turns or openings, it just goes on and on and on."

"It's full of openings, you just ain't seeing them."

"Where are they?" Harry asked, looking around frantically.

"There's one right in front of you."  Harry looked at the worm like he'd just told Harry that his cousin had just won a beauty pageant, then shrugged and looked in front of him.

"No there isn't,"

"Come inside and have some tea."

"But there's no opening."

"Of course there is, try walking through it and you'll see what I mean."

"What?" Harry was still confused.

"Go on then."  Harry finally shrugged and walked forward too fast, his hands touching the wall.

"It's just wall, there's no way through." Harry cried confused and wary.

"Things aren't always what they seem around here, so you can't take anything for granted." There was that word again, so Harry sighed and moved towards the wall again, this time slower.   Soon he could see that there was indeed an opening there, two of them in fact.  He started towards the left but the worm stopped him.

"Hang on, don't go that way." The worm told him, Harry nodded then turned to go right.

"Thank you, that was incredibly helpful." He smiled before disappearing, leaving the worm to shake his head.

"If he had of continued going down that way, he would have gone straight to that castle."