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Here's the story behind Hoki and Yuki

Hoki sighed, leaning against the wall as he peered through the window in his room to the back garden within the compound.

It had been several years now since Lord Kyo had taken him in, so to speak, and only a little shorter amount of time was he initiated into becoming one of the eight daitengu. Lord Kyo had only recently beaten his brother Sho to gain rights to become the leader, and including his brother Sho, there was Hoki s brother Sagami, one of Lord Yo's daitengu Buzen, Zenki the leaders brother from the Hiyokuin orphanage, and the triplets Taro, Jiro, and Saburo.

Zenki and Lord Kyo didn t seem to get along too well. Buzen was a playboy, and the triplets were busy studying, but Hoki could tell they were quite useful to have around, each having their own separate strengths. Sagami was as cold as ever.

Hell, he could go to the arctic and be perfectly fine; he'd be in his true environment. Hoki thought begrudgingly. Now that was a little overrated, Hoki berated himself a minute later.

Sure his brother was a little too blunt the majority of the time, and he wasn't afraid to say what was on his mind, but Hoki had to remind himself he was just as emotionless, as his brother about the same amount of time.

Hoki shook his head, feeling the unnecessary need to go and apologize to his brother. Sagami only worked hard, and he had his wife Ayame to take care of when he wasn't by Kyo's side. Of course he d seem a little cold.

Hoki stared outside again, groaning when it started to rain as the temperature in the room seemed to drop automatically. He stood after a minute, straightening his hakama before sliding the door open and stepping outside onto the covered deck. A light mist had draped itself gracefully over the garden already, leaving the flowers in a sort of shadow, as Hoki made his way through the compound. He didn't know where he was going, or why he was walking around aimlessly in the first place. He just felt the need to do something.

Somewhere towards the back, he found the persimmon trees that indicated he was near Ayame's room. Maybe I'll visit her later, Hoki thought, wondering about whether or not his brother had told him that his wife was sick again today. Hoki shrugged, deciding he d try to visit a little later, and continued walking. Eventually he came upon another room and Hoki blinked. He'd never known there was another room, especially so close to his sisters, and was surprised when he saw the window open.

Cautiously, he moved closer, until he was able to look in the window without being seen. For a moment, he didn't notice anybody, until he looked towards the wall he was hiding behind. With dark hair cascading down her back and a shocking color of emerald green for her eyes, she had to be one of the most beautiful girls in the village. She was sitting straight up against the wall, a blanket spread around her legs, reading a book and flipping to a different page every few seconds. She coughed a few times, but never took her eyes away from her book.

Hoki moved forward without noticing his movements, and he quickly stepped back, but she'd already seen him.

"Who's there?" she said, and Hoki bit his lip nervously when he heard her voice, sounding like the most melodic piece of music to his ears.

"Umm Hoki, of Lord Kyo's eight daitengu," he replied, stepping around the corner with a calm and collected exterior, while on the inside he was still panicking, trying to figure out what the sound of her voice had done to him.

The girl smiled at him politely, closing her book after marking her place and setting it in her lap.

"I'm sorry, I didn't notice you were here."

Hoki shook his head. "Oh, no, I was just walking through. I'm afraid I was' t aware you were so near to my sister."

The girl chuckled, covering her mouth with her hand. Her laugh seemed to pierce Hoki s heart, and he could feel his head going in to over drive. What the HELL was wrong with him?

"Most people don' t. I'm afraid I don't get many visitors. I must apologize; I wasn't aware you were Ayame's brother-in-law. You must Sagami's little brother by blood, correct?"

Hoki nodded as the girl seemed to notice the rain falling behind him. She quickly waved him in.

"You don't need to stand outside. Please, come in."

Hoki complied with a small thank you cast towards her, knowing full well he'd like nothing more than to get out of the room and run away as fast as he could.

"So, how old are you Hoki?" Hoki suddenly found that his mouth was dry, and felt like his voice was sticking in his throat.

"Ugh I'm, uh, 13."

She smiled again, and a second and third arrow seemed to catch Hoki somewhere in his chest.

"The same as me. You're quite young to be a daitengu. But then again, the triplets are as well, so I probably shouldn't be too judgmental."

Hoki gulped, wishing he'd stayed outside on the deck.

"Umm, I'm afraid I never caught your name."

The girl blinked, stunned, before laughing lightly. That was it. There were no more arrows to catch Hoki s heart. Her laugh had killed him. He was a dead man walking, and felt as if he needed to go outside and simply scream at nothing in particular.

"I apologize. I've heard so much about you and the others that I completely forgot to mention something so simple. I'm Yuki," she said, bowing slightly from her place on the floor. "It's nice to meet you."

Hoki stared at her for a minute, before letting out a small laugh, moving to sit on his knees, returning her bow. "You as well," He said, smiling lightly.

Yuki returned his smile, before covering her mouth with a handkerchief when a string of coughs overcame her.

"Excuse me," she said when it seemed it had finished. "I'm usually quite ill, but since it's raining there isn't as much pollen in the air, or it would be much worse than this. Today is one of my better days."

Hoki was stunned. She was sick ? Was that why she was in a room so close to Ayame's?

"That must be quite unsettling," he said slowly, unable to think of anything better to say.

Yuki nodded her head, but gave him a meek smile all the same. "It's nice to have someone new to talk to. Usually, if I m not with Ayame, her husband or Lord Kyo visits me. Buzen comes sometimes as well, but his teasing usually gets him kicked out," she said, giggling.

Hoki could only imagine what Buzen would tease her with, and he suddenly found he wanted to punch somebody-specifically HIM-as he grit his teeth. Her smile erased any hatred from him though, and he soon found himself smiling again as they moved on to simpler topics.

He learned that Yuki liked to read, and had only a single sister left from her family who had married a demon from the Kitsune clan.
Yuki learned that Hoki liked to spar, wanting to fight instead of sitting on the sidelines, and his older brother Sagami and his wife were the only official famiy he had, not including Lord Kyo and his own immediate family. Hoki didn't exactly count Zenki as a brother yet.

The rain soon stopped as it began to grow dark, and Hoki suddenly found himself tired, but somewhat uplifted. He hadn't been able to talk to someone outside the daitengu for some time now, and talking to Yuki had really seemed to lift his spirits.

"I'm sorry to say, but I think I might have to leave for now. It's growing late, and now doubt someone is looking for me. I've probably got a lot of paperwork I should be going back to."

Yuki smiled kindly. "Of course. Thank you for spending time with me today. It was nice to meet you after so long of only hearing about you from everyone."

Hoki nodded, dipping his head in a bow. "It was nice to talk to you too, Yuki. Thank you for putting up with me."

Yuki giggled. "Anytime. Please feel free to stop by, even if it s only to say hello."

Hoki grinned. "Of course." And with that, he bowed and stepped out of her room and on to the deck, walking back the way he had come. When he reached his room again, he sighed. Papers littered his desk and his floor, where they had drifted off of the table. The first set all seemed to be from Lord Kyo. All fake papers with the same stupid signature Where the hell were you, I was going to show you and everyone else more baby pictures of Misao!

Hoki only glared at the papers. Damn you. You damn pervert. I hope the Senka Maiden hits you when she finds out.

He shook his head and sighed, tossing that set in to the waste basket before sifting through the others. Hoki found himself surprised when he noticed there was actually more notices, about upcoming events and such about the area of Japan where Lady Misao lived, than actual work for Hoki to put up with. It almost brought a smile to his face. Almost.
So he set to work, lighting a few lanterns around his room before beginning, and when he would get frustrated, he would remember Yuki's smile and go back to work, reminding himself that the sooner he finished, the sooner he'd be able to see her again.

A few hours later, Hoki found himself waking up, still sitting at the table, using his arms as a pillow. He saw the stacks of paperwork and smiled inwardly to himself. He had finished. Finally. Hoki laid his head back down on his arms and closed his eyes, before jolting up when he heard running footsteps going past his room. He hurried to the door, sliding it open, and glanced down the hall. Everyone seemed to be running towards the southern part of the compound, and Hoki could only guess that either another clan had attacked the village, or Ayame had gotten sick again.

An attendant soon ran past again, and Hoki grabbed his arm, ignoring when the attendant went into a bow.

"Excuse me, but what is all the commotion about?"

"M-milady is sick again. It's much worse than we've seen in much time now. Everyone is afraid that she will not make it this time."

Hoki stared at him. "My sister? Is Ayame alright?"

The attendant shook his head. "Not Miss Ayame. I'm talking about Miss Yuki."

Hoki was stunned, and he let the attendants arm fall from his hand, standing still for a minute. But...but how...? Yuki herself said she was alright just yesterday! What could have happened that they would be saying such stupid things like we re afraid she might not make it this time ?

Instead of asking the attendant and waiting for him to stammer an answer, Hoki took off down the hall, sprinting through its various twists and turns before arriving at Ayame's room.

His sister was sitting in the doorway, a worried look on her face as his brother put his arm around her shoulders, comforting her.

"Yu," she said, noticing him. "You must have heard. You probably haven't met Yuki yet. But she's become violently sick. We don't know what happened to her, she seemed fine only a few hours ago, but earlier this morning she wouldn't stop coughing, and then she couldn't hold in her dinner. The vomiting was so awful," Ayame said, a pained look on her face. "At times she almost choked. It was so terrifying. I woke up to attendants already running to her room." His sister shook her head, closing her head as tears tumbled down her face. "It has never been this bad before. No one knows what to do."

"I've met her," Hoki said hurriedly, not noticing the surprised expressions on Sagami and Ayames faces. "Yesterday. She said that since it was raining she wasn't coughing as much, and that it was one of her better days when she wasn't ill. She was fine when I was with her."

The two stared at him incredulously, Hoki's heart thumping erratically inside his chest as his head went in to panic mode. He ran to the next room, trying to push open the door but being held back by another attendant.

"I'm sorry, sir! But you mustn't go in there! The doctors are working as fast as they can; they're doing all they can do!"

"Let me go!" Hoki shouted, hearing Yuki cough violently, the sound coming out dry and painful to Hoki's ears.

After a minute, Hoki stopped struggling, but instead he shouted "YUKI! IT S HOKI-YU! DON'T DIE ON ME, OKAY? YOU CAN DO THIS! YOU'VE FACED MUCH WORSE, YOU TOLD ME THAT! BEAT IT, YUKI! I KNOW YOU CAN! PLEASE!"

The attendents let go of him, shocked at his outburst, as were Sagami and Ayame, as the coughing stopped. Hoki panted, sweat dripping down his face as his knees buckled underneath of him and he slumped against the wall, holding his face in his hands.

"Please..." he whispered, images of Yuki s smiling face flashing through his head.

About an hour later, the door to Yuki's room opened, and Hoki looked up to see Kyo stepping out, shutting the door behind him.

"How is she?" he asked immediately, moving back to his feet in an instant.

Kyo looked at him for a minute, searching his face as if he was looking for something. After a minute, he seemed to find whatever he was looking for and smiled, walking past Hoki as he put a hand on his head, ruffling Hoki s hair.

"Don't worry. She'll be fine. Her cough has stopped, and she's not vomiting anymore. She's got a slight fever, but nothing the doctors can't handle. She's asleep now. And it's all thanks to you, Hoki."

Hoki's eyes widened, and he spun on his heel to stare at his leaders receding figure. "Wait, Lord Kyo! What did you mean it's all thanks to me?"

Kyo stopped, turning enough for Hoki to see the smirk on his leaders face. "Your encouragement gave her the courage to keep fighting. Your voice was all she needed to hear to remind her that she shouldn't give up!" he called back, before turning and disappearing down the hall.

Faintly, Hoki heard Ayame start to laugh, and his brother sighed tiredly. But Lord Kyo's words kept echoing in his ears. Your voice was all she needed to hear to remind her that she shouldn t give up.

Hoki smiled to himself, turning back to Yuki s door, smile softening as he imagined the sleeping girl in her room.

"Please." He said softly, starting to feel exhaustion come over him as the adrenaline finally began to settle down, wishing, but knowing better, that he could go in to her room, smooth her hair back away from her face, and lay a small kiss on her hot feverish forehead. "Get better for me."

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