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With a deep sigh Susan sat at her kitchen table, burrowing her head in her hands. She had just finished yet another fight with her daughter, which ended with Will running from the house. She just didn't know what to do anymore. Her little girl had turned into a rebellious teenager. She wouldn't even talk to her. After thinking about it Susan began to realize that her daughter had begun disappearing more frequently than she used to. Giving up on her silent musing she finally moved to the couch and, giving into its comfort, she turned on Mamma Italia, hoping to find solace in another reality.

Will walked through the cold night, her breath coming out in small white puffs. It was late January and the ground was covered in snow and ice. She was feeling frustrated with her mother. No, not just her mother, herself too. She couldn't explain what was going on no matter how much she wanted to, no matter how much it got her into trouble, no matter how much it strained her relationship with her mother. Because of this, the stress from the guardians, Meridian, and home just kept piling up.

She knew in her heart that there were so many people that were worse off, but how many teenagers get chased around by monsters in a different dimension? How did the previous Guardians ever handle the pressure?

To make things worse, Will had begun having nightmares. It probably came with job of battling monsters, but losing sleep wasn't helping her already dwindling mental health. She prayed that one day all the drama, lies, and secrets would end. Of course, if things continued maybe that day would come sooner than she expected. Since Narissa and Phobos had been defeated there the days were pretty uneventful. There was nothing the Guardians needed to deal with other than the small rebellious outbreaks of Phobos's followers, what little he had left. Even so, the past few weeks had been the most exhausting days Will had ever experienced.

She sometimes caught herself thinking about what would happen if her mom found out the truth. If she found out about W.I.T.C.H. Will always dismissed the thought with a chuckle- her mom would never believe her. What would she even say? 'Hey mom I'm going out to fight evil creatures and protetc the infinite dimensions. Don't worry, I can fly and have special powers. I'll be home for dinner!'

Yeah right.

With a sigh she decided it she should return home. Turning on her heel, she walked in the other direction towards home.

When Will walked inside she found her mom fast asleep on the couch, the T.V blasting. Creeping over to her she turned the TV off and draped a blanket over her Mother before going to her room. Before her thoughts could drift once more, Will put on her frog pajamas, got into bed, and drifted off to sleep.

Will woke to a sharp pain in her head. She couldn't remember the dream she had last night, but it must have been bad because she was covered in sweat. Shaking her head she moved off of the bed and looked outside the window to see the sun poking out of the horizon. It was still early, but going back to bed was out of the question. Taking her time, she dressed for school and sleepily walked to the kitchen for breakfast. Her mother was already at the table staring at her steaming cup of coffee.

When Will entered the room she sat down at the small table. The air was heavy and she shifted nervously from side to side. Her mom, finally noticing her presence, moved to get her some food.

Pancakes and eggs had been made and were already on a plate for her. Will stared at the plate set in front of her surprised. Breakfast normally consisted of cereal and orange juice, if they had it. Not to mention, it was never served to her.

"Thanks" Will mumbled, too uncomfortable to meet her mother's gaze. Susan didn't respond. She just continued to sip at her already lukewarm coffee. There was a moment of silence before Will regained her senses and started to eat. When she scooped up the last of the egg, her mother stood and grabbed her purse, coat and keys. Will watched as her mother walked out of the door towards the car, before scooping up her backpack and following.

The ride to the school was just as silent awkward as breakfast. Will sighed unhappily as the car wheels came to a slow stop at the gate. With slow movements she rose and grabbed her bag. With one last weary glance at Susan, she opened the car door, stepped out, and walked to where her friends stood waiting.

"Hey." Will said as she walked up to where the rest of the Guardians stood.

The others murmured their greetings, still weary from the past couple of weeks and lack of sleep.

"Did anything come up in Meridian?"

"Nope. Everything's gone back to normal now." Taranee answered.

"Yeah. I just wish we didn't have school. I really don't want to be here right now." Will sighed.

"Oh, does that mean you don't want to see me?" A voice sounded behind Will and she whipped around to see her boyfriend Matt standing there. She brightened up at the sight of him and jumped to give him a hug.

"Whoa there." he said surprised as he hugged her back.

"Sorry, I had a rough morning." She said releasing him. "I needed a 'pick me up'."

Matt smiled, kissing Will on the forehead. In the distance they heard the first bell ring and they reluctantly entered the school building, unaware of the danger to come.

This was a very short chapter of a great story to come. It took a month just to finish mainly because I didn't know how to start off so I just ended it a bit lamely. Second chapter may take a while but there is fighting and lots of excitement. :3''

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